JR Kyoto Isetan the tenth floor = Promotional Area

The first from Wednesday, February 1 to 6th Monday second from Tuesday, February 7 to 10th Friday
The third February 11 (Sat., celebration) - 14th Tuesday

Theme of this year
Seminar & demonstration application
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Chocolatier patissier

LaLaLa ChocoLat!With you and chocolate and the life.

Festival of chocolate which is pleasant so as to want to sing. We offer products which crossed thing and tradition using material of Kyoto in commemoration of the opening of a store 20th anniversary in JR Kyoto Isetan. In addition, we provide special two weeks when chocolate of chocolatier patissier representing inside and outside the country gathers.

What is Salon du chocolate?

Festival of chocolate which started in France Paris in 1995. It is held every year in own country in October, and brand exhibits from all the countries of the world. Chocolatier patissier of all the countries of the world gathers in meeting place and shows technique and knowledge by seminars. It is event full of much chocolate fans.