Food charge having title of "Chevallier"
Ishiyama selects carefully!Scene distinction recommended wine.

Of great vintage
2015 when call is high-pitched by daily life

Scene1 is casual
shatodoguranjarudan 2015

Historical chateau founded in 1860. Garnet color that characteristic is pure. Taste to feel faint spice in fruit taste thinks that hard system cheese and aspect characteristics native to the eastern part of France are good.

shatodoguranjarudan 2015
1,620 yen (red /750ml) ※Product made in France

[cheese on the table]
Comte 18 months 918 yen (100 g) ※Product made in France

We match any dish
Calm acidity

Scene1 is casual

Sweet flavor such as tropical fruits. Acidity is calm and seems to be correct during meal. With gratin of French local cuisine, please enjoy combination reflecting the image of French dining table.

2,700 yen (white /750ml) ※Product made in France

[epubantaiyu | Osaka] Gratin of Ise lobster sauce
1,296 yen (one portion) ※Product made in Japan
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Girls-only gathering as for the appearance as for the taste
Sense is important

Scene2 girls-only gathering
shatodoguranjarudan 2015

Smooth sparkle and flavor including chamomile are atmospheres feminine softly. You match with general pie dishes in France, and please have a heated girl talk.

arekushisurishinukuremandoborudo 2,160 yen (white foaming /750ml)
※Product made in France

[demonstration] [comfortable re] Pie of smoked salmon and spinach
486 yen (nothing) ※Product made in Japan

We attach color to dinner
Pink bubble

Scene3 dinner

Vivid aroma mainly composed of Pinot Noir is recommended for accent of toast and dessert of beginning of dinner. As, in rose Champagne, popularity increases around Europe; by all means check.

8,640 yen (rose foaming /750ml) ※Product made in France

[demonstration] [Mediterranean Sea dining M here | Tokyo] Bouillabaisse
1,620 yen (one portion) ※Product made in Japan

We create special day
mei* wine

Scene4 memorial day

Adjacent to chateau Margaux of mei* wine production center, quality is certified. As for fresh fruit taste and feeling of alcohol which we did well, taste patronizes taste of duck condensed into.

5,400 yen (red /750ml) ※Product made in France

[ramezondoshienu] Prosciutto ham of duck
864 yen (per 100 g) ※Product made in Japan

We are glad in Sun. gathering in great numbers
Six set

Scene5 party

We made bubble, white, red that individuality of land could taste from Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, Alsace, Loire, mei* 6 production center of Rhone of France set.

Six French tour variety set 10,800 yen

([Champagne baud Monde clay ale] bomongurandorezeruvuburyutto, [porujanguranjie] Alsace lease link ゛ 2015, [domenudegyuiyon] somyuruvandeyunoru 2014, chateau lower Blanche 2011 taking the ease, [serekushompatorikkukurerujie] Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2015, [goneperuefisu] station wagon Tula Janet 2014/ white foaming *1, white *2, red X 3/ for each 750 ml) ※Product made in France

※Drinking of children under 20 is prohibited by law.

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