JR Kyoto Isetan JR Kyoto Isetan

600-8555 Higashi-Shiokoji Shiokoji-Sagaru Karasuma St. Shimogyou-ku Kyoto City Japan
Phone number
Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

International photo festival "KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto international photograph festivals" a little in Japan held on the stage of one of the world's best culture cities, Kyoto. We can meet valuable work and excellent photograph collection of photographer playing an active part in the world in temple and normal closed landmark architecture, special space called modern close modern architecture.

Zanele Muholi,Bester1,Mayotte, 2015
©Zanele/Stevenson/Yancey Richardson

Photography by TOILETPAPER: Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

It was held every year in spring since 2013 and won favorable reception whenever we repeated times and met approximately 250,000 visitors so far.
In fifth and 2017 to be, dozens of artists participate, and display is held in 16 places. A lot of allied events are held at the same time and are festival that can sense profundity and possibility of photograph bodily from every angle.

JR Kyoto Isetan 2F information booth establishment ■From Friday, April 14 to Sunday, May 14

We establish information booth on JR Kyoto Isetan the second floor. kyotogurafi which is started on Saturday, April 15 in 16 meeting places in Kyoto-shi. Other than information for each meeting place, we sell kyotogurafiorijinarukatarogu, passport ticket.

kyotogurafi 2017 catalogue…2,160 yen
View passport sale
●Passport (only for each one time during exhibition period enters in all meeting places except Museum "Eki" KYOTO)
The public: 3,000 yen
Student (university, high school, specialized life): 2,000 yen
※Student, please show student identification card.
●General petit passport (effective only for 3 meeting places, one day except Museum "Eki" KYOTO): 1,500 yen
※The receipt of money should be cash chisel.
※A lot of special treatments are excluded. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

During exhibition period, it is visitor of purchase more than 20,000 yen (tax-included possible receipt adding up) in JR Kyoto Isetan
We give kyotogurafiorijinarutotobaggu
to the first 50 people.
※We add up only receipt of the day.

Museum "Eki" KYOTO exhibition information agnis b. photo collection ■From Wednesday, April 26 to Sunday, May 14 kyotogurafi formula HP

Olivia Bee,Pre-Kiss,2010©of the artist and Collection agnès b.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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