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<Royce antiques> collection

■From Wednesday, May 17 to 30th Tuesday <last day 6:00 p.m. end> ■The eighth-floor = stage #8

We introduce functional furniture which also had beauty which we purchased in various parts of Europe led by the U.K. for a limited time. Please enjoy mixed style only by <Royce antiques> at this opportunity.

We introduce original item which performed oriental textile and collaboration of <Keita Maruyama>.

It is Belgian glass standard lamp that glass parts of prop create feminine sao. Glass becomes one light that round silhouette is very feminine in clear state. As this uses metal and glass, taste that is Xavi in gentle-looking atmosphere is expressed exquisitely, and flower of large pattern directing a feeling of foreign country is beautiful design.

Use of KEITA MARUYAMA Arty stick flower

<Royce antiques> X <Keita Maruyama>
Glass standard lamp (approximately 54*54*167cm)
<one point limit> 194,400 yen
[JR Kyoto Isetan-limited]

Product made in Denmark, armchair by Hans Jorgensen ueguna. Comfort, beauty of design are made carefully, and what fit body that slightly harder urethane foam and way Bing tape under cushion break up load and sink features this armchair.

Use of KEITA MARUYAMA vintage Rose

<Royce antiques> X <Keita Maruyama>
Armchair (approximately 80*74*74cm, bearing surface high approximately 43cm)
<one point limit> 302,400 yen
[JR Kyoto Isetan-limited]

Gypsy table which it is said to that it was spread as table for fortune-telling. It is item which seems to play an active part in every scene including cocktail table.

Gypsy table (approximately 44*44*47cm)<one point limit> 70,200 yen

Bookcase of rare design sloping in the upper part.

Bookcase (approximately 78*23.5*135cm)<one point limit> 199,800 yen


Gate leg table (about 47/107 *76*71cm)

Folding table.
We can use with three phases of size by adjusting top plate of both ends.

Chair (approximately 44*42*99cm, bearing surface high 48cm)

Dining chair that decoration was made on back part, and twist was full of design generally again in origin of leg if-formed.
Bearing surface part repapered in vinyl leather is removable.

Table set (one table, two chairs)<two sets limit> 200,001 yen [special plan product of the 20th anniversary of the opening of a store]

※Because of furniture of one point, size may be a little different.
※All the products without mail insurance are reference products.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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