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Swimming wear collection 2017 ■From Wednesday, June 7 to Tuesday, August 22 ■The ninth-floor = swimming & yoga wear

"Effortless, theme of this year is chic".
We introduce chic design that beauty of adult stands out without being too sweet to richness.


During period of from Wednesday, June 7 to Tuesday, July 11, we give soft serve (nothing) exchange ticket which purchase, the first 50 people can use fashion swimsuit, miscellaneous goods for more than 15,000 yen in total (tax-included) in Suvaco JR Kyoto Isetan <Nakamura wisteria 𠮷 Main Store Kyoto Station store NEXT>.

2017 San-Ai swimsuit image girl kumako*yui
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Bikini of atmosphere that is ethnic
It is excellent at trendy Cloche Tops and affinity this year!

①<Ai> natural up Bra bikini (9)…15,120 yen

Match with various bikinis in lei yard
We can coordinate.

②<Ai> Cloche Tops (M)…8,100 yen

Design that tie-dyed pattern gets a lot of looks.
Trendy high neck type will show the chest clearly.

<Jill Stewart> bibb Halter bikini (7-11)
…15,120 yen

In atmosphere that is casual by denim-style print.
Strap of shoulder is removable.

<Jill Stewart> one shoulder bikini (7-9)
…15,120 yen

It is 2Way swimsuit using Liberty print. It is worn as one-piecer and is design which you can wear in resort long dress style in skirt.

Dress (9-11) with <Coral veil> skirt…24,840 yen

Pattern of wedge sole part points.
With heel of approximately 8.5cm style up.

<ipanema> sandals (US6: approximately 23cm, US7: approximately 24cm)
…6,264 yen

Large bag which is reliable even if there is much baggage. It is sure that we play an active part in beach, thing!

<Roxy> bag…6,264 yen

Towel of use of microfiber. It is available by round type in various scenes

<OP> round towel…3,132 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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