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Swimming wear collection 2017 ■From Wednesday, June 7 to Tuesday, August 22 ■The ninth-floor = swimming & yoga wear

"Effortless, theme of this year is chic".
We introduce chic design that beauty of adult stands out without being too sweet to richness.

2017 San-Ai swimsuit image girl kumako*yui
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Almost summer!
Was plan to go out of this year made yet? Summer events including the sea and pool and seaside barbecue are varied. It is active and introduces swimsuit and men's swimsuit which can work this time. In addition, as for the aftercare of skin after having played with all one's might in perfection. We introduce recommended cosmetics.

It is recommended this year to dress trendy cross bikini well by adult-like color!

<Ai> natural up bikini (9)…15,120 yen

Embroidery of the chest is accent. With high-necked design bikini for fashion.

<Ai> high neck bikini (9)…15,660 yen

Figure is three points of sets which we can cover cutely.

<Jill Stewart>
Three points of tank top bikini set swimsuit (7-11)…17,280 yen

We can enter Wed. with T-shirt on. It is recommended swimsuit for person who does not want to show skin.

<Roxy> T-shirt three points set swimsuit (7-11) with
…15,120 yen

It is rush parka helping prevention of sunburn.

<Roxy> rush parka (7-11)…9,720 yen

①Impression that Kirikomi of both sides is sporty. It seems to be summer with cool hue.

<Roxy> board shorts (7-11)…6,480 yen

②It is easy to match underwear of cloth for knit with any swimsuit, and we wear, and feeling is outstanding, too!

<Roxy> board shorts (7-11)…5,940 yen

It is beach sandal which it is easy to wear at light weight.

<Roxy> beach sandal
(23-25cm)…1,944 yen

To footwear which is stylish in conformity to resort dress.

<Glenda> sandals…4,104 yen

Colorful accessory porch makes an outstanding performance in beach. Using sail (sail cross) material of yacht, we are superior in water repellency, quick-drying.

<jib> porch
Medium…3,456 yen
Small…For each 1,296 yen

Men's swimsuit

T-shirt to put in the Wed. with wearing.

<quick silver> land and water for two uses T-shirt
(S - XL)…4,320 yen

Bright blue that surf trunks of floral design gets a lot of looks in beach.

<quick silver> surf trunks
(28-34 inches)…9,504 yen

Introduction of cosmetics recommended in summer when sunlight is strong ■The ninth-floor = beauty & relaxation / Jurlique

Three kinds of super fruit berries

It is sunscreen which it is moistened while protecting skin from ultraviolet ray and takes care of by not only protecting skin from sunlight, but also combining three kinds of super fruit berries.

<Jurlique> sun protection cream
(SPF40/PA+++) (sunscreen: body / face)…5,184 yen

Keratin care cleaning charges for body which removes old keratin while giving moisture. It is beautiful from sandals to point to look in. On part worried about care and roughness such as elbow, knee, heel, decollete.

bodiekusuforieitingujieru…6,480 yen

①Seat mask of shiny skin "pyuahowaitikorekushon" charming. Care intensive on skin after sunburn for ten minutes.

Pure why Thijs Kyn facial mask (*5 piece of 20mL)…7,020 yen

②Intensive spot care to remain on part to be worried about for a long time. Natural luster and moisture.

Pure why Thijs Kyn S treatment…5,076 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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