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Swimming wear collection 2017 ■From Wednesday, June 7 to Tuesday, August 22 ■The ninth-floor = swimming & yoga wear

"Effortless, theme of this year is chic".
We introduce chic design that beauty of adult stands out without being too sweet to richness.

2017 San-Ai swimsuit image girl kumako*yui
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Hot Sun. continues every day.
Do you not enjoy summer play in leisure of pool and the sea?
We had swimsuit or rush guard to play an active part for waterside play with family abundantly.

<sun seeker> of the JR Kyoto Isetan's first appearance.
Tinge is swimsuit brand that bright hue and unique design are stylish.

<sun seeker>
One piece of article bikini (9)…9,720 yen
One piece of article shorts (9)… 7,020 yen

<sun seeker>
Dress (9)…16,200 yen

Cup of drop type
You can see chest neatly.

Bikini (S - L)…14,040 yen

In swimsuit and matching pattern
We can enjoy coordinates.

Board shorts (S - L)…6,480 yen

Bikini characterized by fluffy flare. In impression that is cute like girl.

Flare bikini (9-11) with skirt…17,280 yen

The tank top bikini type of this year of popularity. Figure cover is recommendation with with skirt in where we can do it and do not want to show skin, too!

<Coral veil>
Three points of tank top bikini set with skirt (9-11)…19,440 yen

Silky comfort points. It is rush parka which is convenient when there is one piece for sunburn measures.

①<inlet> rush parka
(M - XL)…7,452 yen
②<OP> rush parka
(9-13)…5,292 yen

In the step for fashion! We offer in variation richness from sporty sandals to pretty sandals.

<Roxy> beach sandal
①…2,376 yen
②…3,240 yen

Men's swimsuit

It is rush guard corresponding to active movement without disturbing movement such as raising and lowering of arm by three-dimensional pattern design. It is recommended for marine sports.

Rush guard (M - XL)…5,940 yen

botanikaru pattern is the stylish first place.

<quick silver>
Surf trunks (S - XL)…5,940 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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