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2017 yukata collection

■... Tuesday, August 22 during popular holding ■The ninth-floor = fabrics for kimono ※It becomes the handling in the tenth-floor Promotional Area on Monday for from Wednesday, July 5 to 10th. "Yukata" which can enjoy hot summer in Japan beautifully refreshingly

Pattern of bamboo gorgeously
At seats such as dinner parties
<dream studio>
Newly made yukata 62,640 yen
Half width zone 13,824 yen
(100% of polyester)
Ornamental braid 4,212 yen

It is modern and arranges flower pattern of *ha.
One piece to be able to enjoy for kimono sense in the summer.
Newly made yukata 37,800 yen
<flower ancient and modern times>
Half width zone 9,504 yen
(100% of polyester)

Yukata which has various ways of enjoying by preference and the scene.
We introduce recommended coordinates, accessory.

<Chisato Tsumori>
Newly made yukata 32,400 yen
Yukata zone 19,440 yen

<Busho hermitage>
Newly made yukata 32,400 yen
Yukata zone 14,040 yen

Newly made yukata 38,880 yen
Yukata zone 13,824 yen

Newly made yukata 42,120 yen
<dream studio>
Yukata zone 30,240 yen

<Keita Maruyama>
Newly made yukata 46,440 yen
Yukata zone 10,800 yen

Underwear that neckband is shown to wear kimono.

Tabi of lace stylish coolly. We can protect foot from new clogs.

When of course what fan when is hot, and can enjoy the cool air points to obi; for accent of wearing.

Yukata underwear 10,692 yen

Race tabi 1,944 yen

Folding fan 2,160 yen

Please offer in total

Accessory which is necessary when we wear yukata

Yukata zone
Yukata slip
Face towel
Waist cord (three)
Front board

Wearing that is more wonderful if there is!

Hair ornament
Bag (including basket bag, drawstring purse) for yukata
Ornamental braid or obi cord
Folding fan


Clothes which he/she wore on the dressing service date, baggage
We deliver to home free.

①Yukata dressing service

 During period, dressing of yukata gives yukata-related accessory free toward the purchase more than 10,800 yen in total yukata (tax-included) in the following schedule.
■The Friday, July 14 .15 days Saturday .16 days Sunday / Gion festival (previous festival)
■Tuesday, August 8 / Lake Biwa fireworks display
■Farewelling spirits bonfire of Mt. Wednesday, August 16 / five
50 every day first arrival

※It is limited to one that had you purchase product after April, 2017.
※It should be limit once per person.
※It is limited toward the woman.
※Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

②Yukata dressing classroom

We hold "yukata dressing lesson" that yukata comes to be worn alone.
■Schedule: Saturday, July 1 .2 days Sunday
■Time: Every day 1:00 p.m. .3 time .6 (approximately 90 minutes)
■Entrance fee: It is purchase more than 10,800 yen with yukata, yukata-related accessory (tax-included)…1,080 yen
One without purchase…3,240 yen

※20 every day first arrival.
※It is limited toward the woman.

■Contact 075 (342) 5728 [the ninth-floor = fabrics for kimono direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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