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600-8555 Higashi-Shiokoji Shiokoji-Sagaru Karasuma St. Shimogyou-ku Kyoto City Japan
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Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

"There is heart" tea ceremony event by woman creator of five of project Kyoto of the 20th anniversary of JR Kyoto Isetan

■From Wednesday, September 6 to 12th Tuesday ■2.3 floor = special meeting place

From Kyoto, we send new delight in elegant pursuits to the world!

"There is heart" on the stage of tea-ceremony room dyed ancient ballad color, and five woman creators title to,
We hold event to perform display and talk event of collaboration work, product sale.

The world of delight in elegant pursuits and ancient ballad that five five woman creators charm

From the photograph left: Person of person of cake, Kanako Suzuka / photographer, Yagi evening greens / dyeing and weaving, Yoshioka printed cotton / calligrapher, river tail Tomoko / ceramist, Naoko Kawahara

Words that "delight in elegant pursuits" means pleasure of tea ceremony. It was tea ceremony with image that formality was high in in now, but was warm place of exchange filled with senses of fun to gather tools which oneself liked for old person, and to let guest say a by surprise that we devoted ourselves to. We want modern Japanese who wants to convey pleasure, profundity of "delight in elegant pursuits" in history to feel close. Five woman creators of Kyoto that we thought so about wrestle in "ancient ballad" that is modern "delight in elegant pursuits" through the latest display by collaboration.

We carry out talk show by creators and live production during event period.

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs

Ahead of event holding, we started precedent introduction and sale of event in crowd funding site "Makuake". Article which we can obtain other than tea set feeling warmth including teacake attaching color to tea-ceremony room in creator which he/she supported for activity support who catches Japanese culture at new point of view, and expresses, incense full of flavor of the sum "only in Makuake" prepares.

Crowd funding site "Makuake" enforcement period: Look at this in detail for from Wednesday, July 5, 2017 to Wednesday, August 30, 2017: https://www.makuake.com/project/kokoroi/

Event information

Ancient ballad-colored incense set which incense long-established store Shoei temple offer, five woman creators selected

3,240 yen [limited 400 people] [there is heart, and limit]

It is founded in 1705 (Hoei 2), and, from incense of incense long-established store Shoei temple dealing with fragrance and scented wood, "incense all" including scent bag, five creators select one kind of preference each. Incense plate which we dyed into all five kinds of incense and ancient ballad colors, koritsu teoo are special sets which be accompanied, and did.

※With thank-you letter from five woman creators.

Work of photographer, Yagi evening greens to wall paper

3,240 yen [limited 100 people] [there is heart, and limit]

We record image of ten kinds of photographs which greens take a trip to the world as wall paper to be able to use for cell-phones in Yagi evening and clipped out in original viewpoint from work of greens in photographer, Yagi evening. It is special set which is available only here.

※With thank-you letter from five woman creators.

Specially made "bridge of frost" of the Shogoin Yatsuhashi home office and set of wooden box using dyeing cloth of senshi Yoshio

3,240 yen [limited 150 people] [there is heart, and limit]

Special set which filled wooden box with "bridges of frost" of the Shogoin Yatsuhashi home office which wore sugar with cinnamon (Saigon cinnamon). To wooden box, it is luxurious specifications that used cloth which dyed cloth which senshi Yoshio dyed with cinnamic (Saigon cinnamon) with madder on cover for lining.

※With thank-you letter from five woman creators.

Container set of SIONE which treated photograph of greens in "Yatsuhashi" of the Shogoin Yatsuhashi home office and Yagi evening

5,400 yen [limited 30 people] [makuake-limited]

"Yatsuhashi" of small plate of makuake-limited handle version which did ripple of Wed. by ceramist, Naoko Kawahara who dealt with photograph and SIONE of greens in photographer, Yagi evening in motif and the Shogoin Yatsuhashi home office to set. Yatsuhashi becomes original specifications that designed logo of this event.

In the world only as for nothing! Calligrapher, river tail Tomoko is excellent case by handwriting to furoshiki of senshi Yoshio
There is heart; original furoshiki (paulownia treasuring)

32,400 yen [limited 30 people] [makuake-limited]

Furoshiki which is available only here that colorman, Yoshioka printed cotton deals with with calligrapher, river tail Tomoko. Calligrapher, river tail Tomoko places letter you like by handwriting with platinum (platinum) to four characters. It is available as silk wrapper (we prostrate ourselves) giving tips envelopes.

With with original jujube signature wooden box that gave photograph of greens and ceramist, Naoko Kawahara Friday Aya in photographer, Yagi evening

54,000 yen [limited two people] [there is heart, and limit]

Original jujube (jujube) which is usable as tea caddy ceramist dealing with greens and SIONE in photographer, Yagi evening in tea-ceremony room by Naoko Kawahara. We treat photograph of Yagi evening greens which assumed flow of Wed. motif outward and put Aya of closeness that is one of the features of pattern that Naoko Kawahara describes in inward.

In addition, we exhibit in total nine points in total.

About five creators

Calligrapher River tail Tomoko

Learn book than 6 years old; is a lot of receiving a prize at home and abroad.
We deal with work of NHK TV saga "cherry tree of Yae" opening picture and pursue possibility of book.

Ceramist Naoko Kawahara

It is created to pottery "Kadsura japonica grill" of tea Sue lasting 330 years.
With pitch image production in original technique, we preside over ceramics brand "SIONE".

Person of cake Kanako Suzuka

<Shogoin Yatsuhashi home office> executive director who lasts approximately 330 years.
We launch new brand "nikiniki" while following tradition of Yatsuhashi of business and perform new attempt.

Photographer Yagi evening greens

We mention art and culture in all parts of the world from the childhood period.
We fuse with building in photograph creatively and pursue new possibility of photograph.
Winning Hasselblad prize.

Person of dyeing and weaving Yoshioka printed cotton

We produce in <senshi Yoshio or> continuing from the Edo era.
In 2016, cloth which we dyed in studio is stored permanently at museum of the U.K.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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