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600-8555 Higashi-Shiokoji Shiokoji-Sagaru Karasuma St. Shimogyou-ku Kyoto City Japan
Phone number
Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

Event information of <migujuari> autumn ■From Wednesday, September 20 to 26th Tuesday ■The fourth-floor = migujuari

It is the first held event in the fourth-floor = migujuari.
We introduce order society and formal wear which are good to the clothing in the fall and winter.
Please come to the store.


We hold order party of the latest mouton coat in the fall and winter.
We have various tastes to elegant kara casual clothes and introduce.



    <Joao Fernandez>

    We plan design which worked of trendy feeling jointly with maker while being simple. Mouton made in Spain features lightness and the softness.


    <Nigel Preston & knight>

    Mouton brand by Nigel Preston and the Brenda night.

    We develop collection using material of the highest quality by design full of imagination.


During period, we give present to one that you ordered by M eye card, the first ten people.

※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.

<peel throw Lee> period limited sale

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Formal brand <peel throw Lee> which is high sense that YOU playing an active part as actress, talent acts as konseputa appears in JR Kyoto Isetan for a limited time!

Constant seller series of outstanding performance is prepared by limited sale in cathedral in new work dress granting dress-up which matched various scenes and ceremony season during this period.

In addition, we offer precedent sale of special item and present to one that had you purchase. Please see the first place of adult who is usually worn by all means at this opportunity.

※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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