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A lot of cats gallery

■From Wednesday, October 11 to 24th Tuesday <last day 6:00 p.m. end> ■The eighth-floor = the stage # 8

We introduce work of unique writer with fictionization as motif in cats.
There is visit of writer during period, too.

※By time, there is case of writer absence.

■From Wednesday, October 11 to 17th Tuesday

<dirt glasses by Ryo Tsutsui>
Derby set (five stamps set)…5,400 yen

<atelier three kinds of existence>
Message board
…10,800 yen

<Alisa "tales&treasures"Arisa tail & treasure>
mikeburochi which has got twisted up…6,048 yen

<Shin Kosugi>
NECODAMA…7,560 yen

Cat ring which coils itself around finger…19,440 yen

<Emi Fukumoto>
Eyes cat
Tote bag
…2,160 yen

<mameda studio>
It is mew barium…4,860 yen

■From Wednesday, October 18 to 24th Tuesday

<Tatsuo Eguchi>
Oh, expand; cat broach pendant (with chain)
…32,400 yen

<S, Y studio>
Order clock of pet…From 21,600 yen

<HIKOSEN CARAhikousenkara>
kuroneko apron…6,264 yen

<Maron Nao Yamashita beauty>
Three kittens (wool felt, nose-touching part of a headstall)…86,400 yen

Wool felt pouch bag…30,240 yen

Other exhibition writer & studios ■From Wednesday, October 11 to 24th Tuesday

<IceCrack+Ice crack>
Edo cut glass glass
(sunset cat +3 chrysanthemum filler crest)…51,840 yen

<young girl box>
Be; cat shoulder bag…8,640 yen
Be; cat multi-case…5,400 yen

<Mayumi Kazama>
Cat hanger-on pretty around…1,080 yen

<Michiyo Kojima>
Cat apprentice to a priest…For each 10,800 yen

<JKO SHOPjieikeoshoppu>
Fastener porch "Mangetsu"…2,700 yen

<Mitsuko Nishino>
Stability cat with crepe hexagon carpet…37,800 yen

<Chieko Hara>
Class five matryoshka dolls (very much)…10,800 yen

<hiko shop>
Tissue & mask case…486 yen

<Fukushima clams>
A3 wall hangings calendar…2,484 yen
A6 desk calendar…1,458 yen

<mountain cat>
Board which "we ask for right?"…1,620 yen

<yun glassJung RAS Yuko Takehara>
Pendant (glass accessories) which is slope
…4,860 yen

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※Event contents change or it may be canceled. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product including a piece of thing by writer, forgive on absence of goods.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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