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Christmas of JR Kyoto Isetan

On Christmas of Mitsukoshi Isetan of this year, shopping bag using African textile (cloth of Frisco Corporation) full of warmth of freehand drawing comes up. In addition to innovativeness and fashionability, we aim at new Christmas campaign that human warmth feels.

We decorate entrance with lantern of small Hishiya Chuubee using African textile this time in JR Kyoto Isetan. By one loops "breast bone" which lantern of small Hishiya Chuubee breaks bamboo thinly and made and is "Kyoto, ground tension expression" to bind together, and to fix, and to make frame with several threads.

You can enjoy fusion of small Hishiya Chuubee that is "light brand" of Kojima store which we founded in the generous politics year for Edo period that is particular about Frisco Corporation and "Kyoto, ground tension lantern" which continue producing African wax prints, and have the history more than 100 years on the second floor, the tenth floor.

Christmas special site is this place Christmas campaign of Mitsukoshi Isetan is this

Christmas station

■... Monday, December 25 during holding <last day 6:00 p.m. end> ■The eighth-floor = the stage # 8

It recommends Christmas of this year to decorate in design of feather motif and large ornament. Other than item to display room, we offer item which is good to gift widely.

The length of the branch includes length, tree with three-dimensional impression. Plastic mixed type that the side subject matter is easy to give glory to polyethylene and ornament. Base part of terra cotta has presence.

Christmas tree (approximately 120cm in height)…30,240 yen
※Ornament becomes other selling.
●A lot of ornaments…From 1,404 yen

From Wednesday, November 29, glasswork of <Fine craft> comes up. Although Santa Claus and snowman, tree are delicate, pretty glasswork enlivens Christmas feeling.

In addition, from Wednesday, December 13, we introduce scarf of <Donna Wilson>.
Eyes and nose are embroidered on scarf knit in forms such as fox or raccoon, and a feeling of soft air which expression of one point of one point is different, and drifts in attractiveness in some way is attractive.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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