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Clothes @ JR Kyoto Isetan "hatarakimononofuku" which we want to wear if we become adult ■From Wednesday, November 15 to 21st Tuesday ■The third-floor = the stage #3

As store real magazine "clothes which we want to wear if we become adult,"
Appearance first in JR Kyoto Isetan.
Items easy to coordinate with other clothes that familiar brand pushes "grouper rakee thing" and large seal with magazine form a line.

Clothes 01 Permanent Age which we want to wear if we become adult

<permanent Eiji>
Owner: Yukio Hayashi, Takako

Select shop in Nishimiyaichi, Hyogo.
Various items that sense of Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi shines and hospitality full of senses of closeness are attractive.

Here is grouper rakee thing!

Vest which we want to wear in conjunction with Milan rib jacket attaches small pocket in rear in full bloom, and sense of fun is plentiful. Even one piece of article can be worn in a variety of situations in lei yard.

<permanent Eiji>
Jacket (hair 100% /7 - 13)…23,760 yen
Best (hair 100% /7 - 13)…16,200 yen

Clothes 02 Daja which we want to wear if we become adult

Director: Naoko Itakura

Select shop of traditional taste-based Matsue-shi, Shimane. Let alone select by director Naoko Itakura, her wearing technique attracts many fans. Recommended mix-and-match item is fulfilling.

Here is grouper rakee thing!

From one mile to foreign countries, coat dress which we can wear without choosing the scene is elegant while being washable. He/she strongly widens width of wearing.

Coat dress (44% of cotton, 42% of polyester, polyurethane 14% /7 - 11)…<five points limit> 48,600 yen

Clothes 03 GRANDMA MAMA DAUGHTER which we want to wear if we become adult

<Granma mom daughter>

It is simple and is sometimes pretty casually. It is made with clothes inherited with memory to from grandmother to mother and daughter to aim. motta lineups including of thought form a line.

Here is grouper rakee thing!

Blouse using wool fabric that luster is beautiful. Tuck enters and can wear in anteroposterior 2WAY.

<Granma mom daughter>
Blouse (hair 100% /S, M)…24,840 yen
Underwear (hair 100% /S - L)…27,000 yen

Clothes 04 ANTIPAST which we want to wear if we become adult

Designer: Mr. jinushijunko, Kyoko Kato

<Antipasto> which suggested socks which were daily necessities as accessories which were indispensable to fashion. We introduce archive collection.

Here is grouper rakee thing!

We add sense of fun to Bucks tile of line socks of casual atmosphere plonk. It is one pair creating attractiveness of adult with chic color plonk that held the volume in check.

Socks (70% of hair, 30% of acrylic)…For each 3,024 yen

Clothes 05 Prit which we want to wear if we become adult


<puritto> which makes clothes of natural posture that there can be person wearing "basic daily wear that is worn without being eager" in concept like oneself. It keeps item of comfortable adult.

Here is grouper rakee thing!

Feminine style that put skirts with a feeling of drape together in cut and sone that it was cotton material, and the inside had good skin hit, and was warm.
Color of mustard warm is coordinates of easy impression.

Stall (100% of hair)…7,452 yen
Cut and sone (dress material: hair 75%, nylon 25%, lining: cotton 100% /S, M)…7,020 yen
Skirt (hair 100% /M - L correspondence)…14,904 yen

Clothes 06 Plantation which we want to wear if we become adult


We come to choose comfortable thing and thing of nature material whenever we repeat age. Brand which presents natural modern wear for such an adult. We introduce mainly on outer which is indispensable to lei yard in the fall and winter.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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