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Ancient city tweed ride

Introduction of "ancient city tweed ride" & interlocking movement event

With tweed ride,
Event to tell about pleasure of importance and bicycle of safe run, pleasure of fashion by lying across town in dress code with tweed by bicycle.
We leave JR Kyoto Station this time and hold "ancient city tweed ride" around each place for the first time.
In addition, we hold POP UP SHOP of <heijientorumankafe> presenting vintage tweed jacket and British cycling wear brand <verobichi>, various events that linked ancient city tweed ride including display of vintage bicycle.


Ancient city tweed ride

■The date and time: It is approximately three hours from / 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 25
■Place: JR Kyoto station square special meeting place
■Entrance fee: 8,640 yen (belonging to original goods ranch)

※Application for participation closed.
Thank you for your understanding.


Hey Gentleman Cafe

■From Wednesday, November 15 to 27th Monday
■= special meeting place on the sixth floor

Limited time shop of shop <heijientorumankafe> presenting traditional vintage of both British American styles comes up. We introduce tweed jacket or coat which we purchased abroad.

During period in the event as for the limited plan!

<adjuster bulldog costume> period limited sale

■From Wednesday, November 15 to 27th Monday

Brand which reproduces style of the 1920-40 generation. Kazuki Odaka of designer comes to the store on Sunday for from Friday, November 24 to 26th, too.

※There is case of designer absence by time.

<high pe Rion> jacket coat order meeting

■From Wednesday, November 22 to 26th Sunday

Chihiro Uemura with experience of several decades comes to the store through Japanese popular dressmaker and accepts order.

※We may be absent by time.


<verobichi> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, November 22 to 28th Tuesday
■= special meeting place on the second floor

British cycle wear brand <verobichi>.
It is the founder of Velobici (verobichi), and Chris Putnam of owner and designer continues with "Made in UK" with faith.

There was strong will of Chris to want to spread "simple, cool" cycle wear that design of <verobichi> was concept of brand in the world. The style does not need to watch LOGO and is simple and functional design which trimmed waste by limit while being original so as to be recognizable with <verobichi> definitely.

Strong feelings to style of Chris who is designer are expressed there.


Vintage bicycle display

■From Wednesday, November 22 to 28th Tuesday
■= special meeting place on the second floor

We display vintage bicycle in commemoration of ancient city tweed ride holding. Bicycles which continue still giving off charm after long time after being made. You can see <pederusen> cycle and <mall ton> of vintage including "ordinary type bicycle" made approximately 100 years ago by this display.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

※Event contents change or may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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