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Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

Design week Kyoto 2018 in JR Kyoto Isetan

Of design week Kyoto 2018 held at place of manufacturing of each site in Kyoto
Information counter, sale corner come up!

■From Saturday, February 17 to 25th Sunday ■The first-floor = special venue / design week Kyoto information, sale corner ■The second-floor = special venue / opening factory introduction panel, kurafutoson product display


Kyoto where manufacturing that industrial arts, design, building, high technology is cultivated during long history, and has been refined is performed.
In studio and factory, the spot of a variety of manufacturing in each site in Kyoto including store, something is produced every day.

We assume this year, theme to reach the third "open factory" and open studio, factory floor around the Kyoto city for a limited time. In Kyoto, it is in place of creation sending interchange with leading figure of manufacturing and domestic and foreign people visiting there, new culture to in design week. Information counter and the only sale space during period come up one day earlier from current exhibition period in JR Kyoto Isetan. In addition, we introduce studio, factory, store of open factory by panel display.

The first-floor = special venue / information counter, sale corner

Information service of open factory of Kyoto does product sale from factory in information counter again in design week to start on Sunday, February 18.
First appearance <itohen universe> ■<oharibako> ■<*haru*en> ■<hiromemakotodo> ■<cord> ■<Kiyomatsu Sato store>
■<Osamu beauty company> ■<so*kama> ■<Sue an> ■First appearance <Nishimura store> ■<Fukuoka textile industry> ■<book indigo dyeing Miyabi weaver bunch>
First appearance <Miura Buddha statue sculpture place> ■<Yamamoto dyer ground>
※Product of <Nishimura store> becomes sale from Sunday, February 18.

An example of product

Snacks work ornamental hairpin

Cherry tree Miwa clip…5,940 yen

Octuple plum broach…4,104 yen

<Miura Buddha statue sculpture place>
Production of wood carving Buddha statue for Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine or individuals and restoration of old Buddha statue

Kannon (13,2cm)
<one point limit> 108,000 yen
●Death of Buddha Buddha (7cm), evil-quelling Buddha (9.4cm)
<for each one point limit> for each 108,000 yen

Miroku (5cm)
<one point limit> 32,400 yen

<itohen universe>
West camp cloth with splashed pattern, handweave, hand dyeing thing

Stream cloth with splashed pattern cushion (red, black)
<for each one point limit> for each 21,600 yen

Stream cloth with splashed pattern cushion indigo plant
<one point limit> 23,760 yen

Square One stall (50*200cm)
<one point limit> 28,080 yen

Ceramics, tea service set, jewelry mainly on celadon porcelain

Drop series of time
Pierced earrings (nothing)
(nothing)…7,020 yen
(two)…14,040 yen

Japanese yen - grain and others -
Large…6,480 yen
Medium…5,400 yen
Small…4,320 yen
※There are pierced earrings, earrings, too.

aojihikanasan tsu foot bowl (the left)
oshokuhikanasan tsu foot bowl (the right)
<for each two points limit> for each 8,640 yen

<Osamu beauty company>
Paper-products, Japanese paper, stationery

"Interesting print laboratory"
Calendar…1,501 yen

Stars notebook…540 yen

osoibi "print trial book"
…1,001 yen

The first-floor = special venue / information counter, sale corner

※= special venue image scenery of the second floor

●≪kurafutoson (*1) product "will give Sat.." About >> trial product display

Product of "Kyoto ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware" over crowd funding (*2) "will give Sat.." in = special venue on the second floor We display trial product of this. Technique, material of craftsman participating in open factory of Kyoto as for this trial product in design week of kurafutoson feature the theme, and team is made by a variety of participants, and is product which perform creation, measure, presentation of product idea, and was chosen. We display trial product by <*haru*en> Kyoto ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware folkcraft person Shinichi Takashima and chosen team "TAMATE" this time. Please see technique of craftsman and idea of various participants by all means.

※*1 kurafutoson: Craftsman and the public chosen by open call for participants create idea of new product development jointly
※*2 crowd funding: Person with original idea and project calls through exclusive Internet site in (this time makuake site: on Saturday, February 17 publicly https://www.makuake.com/project/tamate/), the world and is method to gather funds widely.

●Open factory participation factory, studio, store (extract)

・ Ando doll shop (Kyoto young bird, Kyoto-doll), shiko (Nishijin brocade), length husband kiln (Kyoto ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware), bamboo Studio joy clause (bamboo)
・ Osamu Nishida dyer ground (dyeing), Yamamoto dyer ground (dyeing) others (all 22 companies)


※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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