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Kyoto Wakuden of Tagui Yoshida of the 60th anniversary of Kyoto, the Paris friendship pledge conclusion and stylish talk show

With "Kyoto that is paradise of Tagui Yoshida of the 60th anniversary of Kyoto, the Paris friendship pledge conclusion, in commemoration of Paris" holding, hold talk show in JR Kyoto Isetan 11th floor <Kyoto Wakuden>.

You push out with 2 brands, and, among sake 5 brands that Yoshida chose from Japanese and Western liquors corner where warehouseman 40 storehouses of Kyoto assembled in full force, please enjoy talk that is paradise with lightness by Yoshida in spite of being mine having one article.

In addition, you collect sake, wine of Yoshida select at B1 Japanese and Western liquors corner, and, after talk show, please comment. We look forward to application.

Talk show application was finished.

■The date and time: From Saturday, March 31, Sunday, April 1 / every day 3:00 p.m. (approximately one hour)
■The participation number of people: Every day 46 people
■Rate: 4,000 yen (tax-included)
We push out sake 2 brand, each one cup of bottle and cup and are with one article
※Sake five kinds (another helping) 70 ml one cup 500 yen (tax-included) cash on method
■Offer period: Monday, March 5 10:00 a.m. - 25th Sunday 11:59 p.m.
■Application method: For more details, please confirm from the following application pages.
※I decline participation of one of the minority.

Rui Yoshida profile

1949, Kochi birth.
Bar poet & illustrator

We spend junior high school, high school days in Kyoto. We turn into illustrator after returning home as painter afterwards in activity, Japan based in Paris for approximately ten years. We appear on NHK "radio late-night flight" and, BS-TBS "description of bar roam of Tagui Yoshida," are given a lecture under the theme of bar and trip now in each place. Book "bar compendium of seasonal words" (NHK publication), "style of bar poet" (Chuo Koron new company). Movie open for 2,017 years "is evening, slightly intoxicated bar now", "is challenge for actor of Tagui Yoshida in (distribution: KADOKAWA). It becomes the second book from Chuokoron-Sha on January 22, 2018, and "liquor does not form person on the person" and publishes o.

※It is finished and adds sale as soon as we reach the offer number of people.
※For customers who are driving (two-wheeled vehicle and bicycle included) or under age, please refrain from drinking and sampling.



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