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SHUYA OKINO Black to Kuro Shuya Okino collection & creation exhibition

■From Wednesday, April 11 to 17th Tuesday ■The the second-floor = special venue / opera pump section

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Shuya Okino who dealt with CD case, travel bag, sunglasses, produce of product such as hat only as musicians such as person of selection of music, composer, commentator so far.

We hold "Black to Kuro - Shuya Okino collection & creation exhibition" in commemoration of sale of JR Kyoto Isetan-limited Shuya Okino model original shoes. We exhibit by curation that featured the theme of 〝 black "which is his trade mark from various collection thing that became inspiration spring of creative activity of Okino.


Person of person of music producer / selection of music / composer / writing / multi-creator. We have the results that have been invited in DJ and band in 140 city of the world in 40 countries until now. In book, autobiography has "occupation, DJ, 25 years" "skill in DJ selection of music" and "introduction to club jazz". In June, 2017, we release jazz project, second album "UNITY" of Kyoto Jazz Sextet than blue note. Is in charge of program navigator now in InterFM "JAZZ ain' t Jazz"; (every Sunday 16:00). We supervise "Shuya Okino presents Music in The Room" with I-12 channel in cable broadcasting. It is GQ Japan official blogger.

Shuya Okino model original shoes sale ■The second-floor = opera pump musician, Shuya Okino X folkcraft person, Yasumasa Shigeno (Kyoto dyeing of dapples)

Limited shoes by musician, Shuya Okino X Kyoto dyeing of dapples folkcraft person, Yasumasa Shigeno.
It was modern and, to concept of JR Kyoto Isetan toward glow Cal store which featured the theme of tradition and innovation, expressed "black" that was symbol of sense of beauty in Kyoto ancient times. By the softness only by new "KURO" where was born simply because was this collaboration and deerskin wore, and good point of feeling came true.

Yasumasa Shigeno profile

We study in the United States and we deepen judgment of language study, culture and return home. We enter S D fabric and are engaged in dyeing of domestic apparel brand. Country designated traditional industrial art object "Kyoto dyeing of dapples" dyeing section, the folkcraft person acquisition. We are authorized in 2015 by Kyoto-shi traditional industry "future eminent scholar". We are particular about one article of hand dyeing as "diaphragm senshoku*sakura MAO". We make "the continuation, development of traditional culture is not possible without interchange of the different work" motto.

Shoes (woman: 22.5-24.5cm, gentleman: 25.0-27.0cm)
…The left: The 35,640 yen right: 37,800 yen

Shoes (woman: 22.5-24.5cm, gentleman: 25.0-27.0cm)…37,800 yen

(woman: 22.5-24.5cm, gentleman: 25.0-27.0cm)…35,640 yen

Slip-ons (woman: 22.5-24.5cm, gentleman: 25.0-27.0cm)…32,400 yen

Shuya Okino collection & creation ■= special venue on the second floor

We display collection product of Okino feelings, approximately 25 points. From enormous collection articles of Okino who always receives inspiration of own creation, black fashion item and miscellaneous goods which are this theme "Black to Kuro" line up.

Bitto moccasins of <Gucci> which Shuya Okino model referred to this time.

Painting jacket of kozosen. It is art work of Kazuhiko Takakura.

Form most favorite in black vase. Molding of modernism is beautiful.

TOP3 favorite from many hat collection. Necessities which are trademark of Okino.

Shuya Okino talk event

Shuya Okino who continued being active for bold idea and original sensitivity so far. Meet him and guest with friendship, "feelings to Kyoto", about "black," "hold talk show listening to "about exhibits".

■From Wednesday, April 11, 14th Saturday, 15th Sunday / every day 2:00 p.m. (each every day time approximately 30 minutes)
■= special venue on the second floor
●Wednesday, April 11 musician / Shinichi Osawa
●Saturday, April 14 designer / Koichi Watabe
●Sunday, April 15 calligrapher / Tomoko Kawao

Wednesday, April 11 Shinichi Osawa

Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO)

Musician, DJ, producer, person of selection of music. It is hand or kicks work of various artists by produce work including re-mixture and is produced advertisement music, space music and sound track. We produce music bar which we focused on analog record and play an active part widely.

Sunday, April 15 Koichi Watabe

Koichi Watabe

Designer of fashion brand "RAINMAKER" of Kyoto.
We are affected by father who is commercial facilities designer and learn design. We learn design and production in "MORIKAGE SHIRTS KYOTO" in 1998. We launch "N4" in 2008 and acquire experience as designer. In 2013, we launch own label "RAINMAKER".

Saturday, April 14 Tomoko Kawao

Tomoko Kawao

We learn book than 6 years old and win a lot at home and abroad. We study under sagashushi from 2004. We develop "21st century consecutive cotton" writing English from top to bottom, and "forming a human letter series" that oneself becomes a part of the letter pursues possibility of book. "There is heart" event of tea ceremony in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of JR Kyoto Isetan in 2017; no member.

※Or, as for the event contents, change may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Shuya Okino Official Blog

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