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2018 swimwear collection ■From Wednesday, June 6 to Monday, August 20 ■The ninth-floor = swimming & yoga wear

Do not want to enter Wed., but want to taste resort feeling!
We introduce expensive resort swimsuit of fashion sensitivity that affected such an adult girl.

Resort swimsuit feature of adult
With the second, we want to go to family and friend and the sea and pool!
We introduce resort swimsuit of adult of outstanding performance in this summer for such an adult girl.
We suggest swimsuit of various styles including dress and swimsuit with pareo.

<sun seeker>

We introduce swimsuit that it kept pattern and coloration to shine in in resort.

Dress which is good to adult resort

Print of whole pattern that coloration is beautiful points. It is sure that we shine in resort, thing!

<sun seeker>
Dress (9.11)…16,200 yen

It is 2WAY specification that strapless-style can enjoy.

<sun seeker>
Dress (9)…16,200 yen

Enliven resort feeling with one piece of article bikini

The Bra top who can make the volume of bust with pad of pneumaticity. Patchwork-style whole pattern design is stylish.
Even setup is separate and can enjoy coordinates with bikini of the same pattern.

<sun seeker>
One piece of article bikini (Bra top /9)…For each 9,720 yen
One piece of article bikini (shorts /9)…For each 7,020 yen

<Coral veil>

We introduce elegant resort swimsuit which charms beautifully while covering line womanfully.

Pareo swimsuit which is fixed elegantly

Pareo dress set of tropical pattern felt resort feeling.
Even bikini is fixed with plain fabric chicly.

Three points of pareo set swimsuit (9)…22,680 yen

Swimsuit with dress full of resort feelings

Three points set of pure leaf pattern that shoulder becomes ribbon of gathers.

Three points of shoulder dresses set swimsuit (9.11)…24,840 yen

Bikini that Malin frill seems to be summer

Malin horizontal stripe Halter bikini. We fit without clamping with non-wire kindly. Resort feeling becomes lively in pareo of the same pattern, too.

Bikini (9)…For each 17,280 yen
Pareo…12,960 yen


We suggest beach-style for adult woman in pursuit of lifestyle like oneself.

Bold botanikaru pattern points. Resort-style of adult is completed if we match with plain bikini.

The one piece of article flare top (9.11)…10,584 yen
One piece of article bikini bottom (9.11)…5,400 yen

Chic adult dress. Cross design points, too.

Dress (9.11)…17,280 yen


It is recommended to adult girl who is simple, and wants to dress well.

Pareo swimsuit which is fixed elegantly

Elegant pareo set using trendy leaf print.
Pareo of set can enjoy coordinates in 2WAY.

Three points of pareo set swimsuit (9.11)…19,440 yen

Miscellaneous goods
Sandals which are indispensable to resort

Sandals having rather high some sole are good to resort!

Sandals (23.24cm)…4,320 yen

It is recommended to town messenger!

Sandals (23.24cm)…4,104 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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