In item of ukiuki feeling summer, let's be dressed up!
  • The second floor of ... 8.31fri. during holding

    Sunflower motif of limitation like summer

    Sunflower motif <Estee Lauder> carved seal service of limitation like summer

    ■... Friday, August 31 during holding
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics
    Sunflower motif which lets you feel summeriness. We carve a seal with the name toward the purchase with target lip on the spot.

    <Estee Lauder> pyuakaraenvirippusutikku 4,320 yen
    ※You may have to wait at the time of congestion.

  • The ninth floor of ... 8.21tue. during holding

    We offer in variation richness including new work

    We collect yukata to offer in variation richness including new work

    ■... Tuesday, August 21 during holding
    ■The ninth-floor = fabrics for kimono
    Yukata which is good to outing such as summer festivals for woman, gentleman, man and woman child introduce including new work each.

    Woman newly made yukata 41,040 yen (100-percent-cotton)
    Yukata zone 12,960 yen (100% of hemp)
    <Oomi-ya> Girl newly made yukata, waist band set 9,720 yen (yukata: cotton 100%, waist band: nylon 100%)


    During period, we give special complimentary ticket to be able to use yukata for in the third-floor = nails unique Fripp, the ninth-floor = beauty & relaxation / nail bar toward the purchase with the ninth-floor = fabrics for kimono.

  • The sixth floor of 7.18wed. - 31tue.

    Collaborationware with popular designer comes up

    Collaboration wear with popular designer is appearance <pie rudder> X Eijin Suzuki
    Hawaiian shirt period-limited sale

    ■From Wednesday, July 18 to 31st Tuesday
    ■The sixth-floor = authentic casual wear
    <pie rudder> and designer, Hideto Suzuki are collaboration. "Holiday of Southern California" offered the latest Hawaiian shirt commencing with one piece of motif.

    <pie rudder> <8 point of a lot of gentleman Hawaiian shirts limit> for each 41,040 yen (all EIZIN collection / four-colored /M, L)


    It is M eye card with product of <pie rudder> EIZIN collection and, during period, gives <white bamboo temple> original folding fan to of purchase, the first eight.

  • The fourth floor of 7.18wed. - 24tue.

    Style will improve to me like this year

    Style will improve to me like this year <Risa Risa>; up D Thomas chair tile

    ■From Wednesday, July 18 to 24th Tuesday
    ■= special venue on the fourth floor
    We introduce elegance that adult woman finds and dailyware being aware of comfort from lifestyle brand of Ashiya.

    <Risa Risa>
    Woman flower bijou T-shirt 14,904 yen
    (100-percent-cotton /M - L correspondence)
    Basket bag 17,280 yen (rayon 55%, 45% of nylon, handle part: cowhide / approximately 31*46*18cm)

  • The second floor of 7.18wed. - 31tue.

    In step that finds favorite, and seems to be cool

    We find favorite, and resort sandals are fair in cool step

    ■From Wednesday, July 18 to 31st Tuesday
    ■The second-floor = opera pump
    We had various designs including beach resort use and sandals of casual taste available right now.

    <freedom Moses>
    Woman sandals
    ❶4,536 yen (S - L) ❷4, 536 yen (SS - M)

  • The second floor of 7.21sat. - 22sun.

    Popular accessories which are good in summer

    Popular accessories <chima> <pii> accessories popup that is good in summer

    ■Saturday, July 21, 22nd Sunday
    ■The second-floor = woman miscellaneous goods
    It is taken up in SNS and drama, and popular hair accessories come up. Designer comes to the store during exhibition period and sells.

    [an example of product]
    <chima> Barrette 5,184 yen
    <pii> Pierced earrings 5,184 yen

    <chima> We sell ornamental hairpin, barrette to order that had you line up.
    Ornamental hairpin, barrette <each daily statistics one hundred limit>
    ■From Saturday, July 21, 22nd Sunday / every day 10:00 a.m.
    ■= north and south freedom aisle side entrance on the second floor
    ※Purchase of product says that it is to two points of total <chima> ornamental hairpin, barrette in 1 cashier per person.
    ※<chima> There are not sale restrictions of product except ornamental hairpin, barrette.
    ※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.
    ※Payment should be person chisel which was entered.
    ※Forgive hold, order with telephone, collect on delivery delivery.

  • The third floor of 7.25wed. - 31tue.

    Handmade miscellaneous goods to keep seasonal design

    Handmade miscellaneous goods <Tapies tile> Limited time shop which keeps seasonal design

    ■From Wednesday, July 25 to 31st Tuesday
    ■The third-floor = the stage #3
    Handmade accessories which are higher than 40 brands that summer fashion becomes fun in cathedral. In addition, we hold order party.

    <PERNOD mignon> pierced earrings for each 4,104 yen
    <haruno> Smartphone case 3,456 yen (iPhone5, 6, 6s, 7, 7Plus, 8, 10 correspondence)
    ※iPhone is registered trademark of Apple company.
    ※There is no sale of the iPhone body.

    <CHICCA> Glass accessories order society

    ■Wednesday, July 25, 27th from Friday to 29th Sunday / every day from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 (we start at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday on 25th)

    <CHICCA> From order pierced earrings 4,320 yen

    <chune> Headband order society

    ■Sunday, July 29 / from the midday to 4:00 p.m.

    <chune> From order headband 3,564 yen
    ※Order society may have to wait at the time of congestion. ※Handing over of product of headband order society is approximately two weeks later. ※The person in charge may be absent by time.

  • The sixth floor of 7.25wed. - 8.7tue.

    Recommendation is new in summer; wear; feeling

    Recommendation is new in summer; wear, and pop feeling <jojo>

    ■From Wednesday, July 25 to Tuesday, August 7
    ■The sixth-floor = men miscellaneous goods
    New sandals which well-established footwear artisan <few wisteria> dealt with. We are particular about the subject matter and are soft one pair that we wear and finished in feeling.

    <jojo> gentleman sandals
    For each 24,840 yen (S (24cm), M (25cm))
    25,920 yen (L (27cm))

  • The third floor of 7.27fri. - 29sun.

    We understand the trendy hairstyle

    We understand the trendy hairstyle <the product>
    Hair arrangement advice meeting

    ■From Friday, July 27 to 29th Sunday
    ■The third-floor = natural cosmetics
    While contracted adviser uses product of <the product> including hair arrangement looking good on yukata and summer swept-up hair style, we lecture.
    [we make Reservations over store, telephone]
    ■Period From Wednesday, July 18
    ■Telephone: 075(342) 0066 [directly]

If curious thing thing is found,
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