Happy HalloweenHappy Halloween

We introduce taste and item which are recommended to Halloween including pleasure of home life with party and family with friend gathering.

Let's eat up Halloween!Let's eat up Halloween!

  • Halloween collaboration menu

    ■From Wednesday, October 3 to 31st Wednesday
    ■The third-floor = Restaurant Floor 3, 4.6 floor = cafe, 11th floor = Restaurant Floor "Eat Paradise" in front of JR west exit wicket
    We offered Halloween menu at all 4 stores including menu that Halloween ghost floated in burning hot sundubu.
    ❶<Mina Rei> harouinsundubu 1,242 yen
    ※Offer time: From 5:00 p.m. to 9:15
    ❷<Country House Eikoku-ya> zombie finger de beer set 1,080 yen
    ※Offer time: From 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    [other target stores]
    ●<Seioutei> ●<Moretto> ●<Malebranche> ●<Flags Cafe> ●<Kobe Cappuccino Club> ●<prepare> ●<male terrier cherry tree>

  • In the image of lantern ghost

    It is upper soft fresh sweet which imaged "lantern ghost" in connection with Halloween.
    In <Tawaraya Yoshitomi> soft fresh sweets "lantern ghost" 432 yen (nothing)
    [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited]
    ■B1 = Japanese confectionery

  • Pumpkin and ghost are motifs

    It is pretty molasses bonbon associated with Halloween including pumpkin and ghost.
    <Tawaraya Yoshitomi> molasses bonbon Happy Halloween972 Japanese yen (/1 box with 12 drops)
    ■B1 = Japanese confectionery

  • Soup which witch cooked? This comes up, too

    We give bacon and onion filling with dough softly and image soup which topping does mushrooms, and witch makes. In addition, we offered bread which modelled ghost.
    ❶Witch stewed with mushrooms soup for each 357 yen (nothing)
    ❷Ghost cream bun 249 yen (nothing)
    ■B1 = bread

  • Popular Pare chocolate to lollipop

    Appearance is chocolate which is good to present to child cutely, too. I made by pumpkin and ghost, three designs of black cat.
    <Bel Amer> Halloween lollipop
    For each 432 yen (nothing)
    ■B1 = Western confectionery

  • Petit gateau which is recommended to party

    To assort eight kinds of petit gateaus which are just right for Halloween party. We offered for taste only by autumn and classic taste.
    [sale on from Sunday, October 21 to 31st Wednesday]
    <Antenor> Halloween party <60 point limit >2,430 yen (with eight)
    ■B1 = Western confectionery

  • Eyeball which became bloodshot is real forever

    Using mousse of fresh cheese, we expressed pretty ghost with featured cake which we finished visually startled at and mousse of pumpkin.
    [sale on from Friday, October 5 to 31st Wednesday]
    <patisserie kahibiki kanon>
    hakabano eyeball 501 yen (nothing)
    Ghost 401 yen (nothing) of pumpkin
    ■B1 = Western confectionery

  • One eyes ghost using pumpkin

    Garnish Mont Blanc cake of pumpkin with ghost of one eyes. We picked up custard and cream of pumpkin with cocoa sponge.
    [sale on from Wednesday, October 17 to 31st Wednesday]
    <JOUVENCELLE> 648 yen (nothing) that pumpkin thing does not try to be
    Period on from Wednesday, October 17 to 26th Friday [JR Kyoto Isetan precedent sale]
    ■B1 = Western confectionery

We will give glory with Halloween!We will give glory with Halloween!

  • For accent of Halloween coordinates

    Variety including broach and earrings had the latest accessories which created Halloween mood wealthily.

    <positive Vendome>
    ❶Earrings 10,800 yen
    ❷8,100 yen (pumpkin)
    ❸5,940 yen (ghost)

    Halloween motif accessories feature

    ■From Wednesday, October 3 to 31st Wednesday
    ■The second-floor = accessories

  • Arrangement using mini-pumpkins

    We introduce arrangement of limitation that treated pick of mini-pumpkin of Halloween motif.

    <Chikiriya garden> Halloween-limited arrangement 3,780 yen
    ■The first-floor = flowers arranged

    Seasonal bowl flower hits! Weight expectation event of jumbo pumpkin

    ■From Wednesday, October 17 to 23rd Tuesday
    ■The first-floor = flowers arranged
    ※We get successful announcement with shipment of prize.
    ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

  • Favorite lip in Halloween specifications

    For popular carved seal service, witch motif comes up for a limited time. Let alone oneself trainer, it is recommended to slight present.

    <Estee Lauder> pyuakaraenvirippusutikku 4,320 yen
    ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    <Estee Lauder> carved seal service<Estee Lauder> carved seal service
    ■From Monday, October 1 to 31st Wednesday
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics
    ※You may have to wait at the time of congestion. ※We carve a seal by purchase with target lip free.

  • For autumn outing with kimono sense of fun

    We introduce bag which we made decorative collar and embroidery with cute pattern including pumpkin motif on, obi buckle, obi.

    Obi buckle❶Bag 51,840 yen
    (silk 100%/ approximately 26*29*11cm)
    ❷Decorative collar for each 7,560 yen
    (decorative collar: polyester 100%, embroidery thread: rayon 100%)
    ❸Obi buckle for each 6,480 yen
    (copper sheet, Shippo glaze, bribe tool: brass)
    ※String is reference product for three minutes.
    ■The ninth-floor = fabrics for kimono

We will make with Halloween!We will make with Halloween!

  • Popular kitchenware which modelled pumpkin

    Popular Halloween-limited product arrived every year.

    <Le Creuset> pumpkin dish ❶4, 320 yen (M)
    ❷For each 2,160 yen (S)
    ❸Petit pumpkin for each 3,564 yen
    ■The eighth-floor = kitchen appliances

  • It is delicious pretty &! Halloween butterfly wedge bread

    Do you not cook butterfly wedge bread which is recommended to Halloween party? We offer recipe in store.
    <TOMIZ Tomizawa Shoten>
    ●Super camellia 476 yen (1 kg)
    ●Pumpkin flake 400 yen (100 g)
    ●yotsu leaf butter 972 yen (salt nonuse /450g)
    ●Black cocoa powder 292 yen (100 g)
    ●A lot of dekochokopen 108 yen (white chocolate /9g)
    ●Canned Al tight corner deko 1,512 yen (21cm)
    ■B2 = fresh market
    ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

  • Let's make Halloween card

    It is set of masking roll sticker and masking tape which we can turn up by one piece which Halloween motif was drawn on.
    <Vendee> Halloween set 648 yen (roll sticker: 12 handles /1 unit, tape: one)
    ■= stationery / Itoya Kyoto store on the tenth floor

Present & service for a limited timePresent & service for a limited time

  • We upload balloon in SNS, and let's take cake

    We upload balloon in SNS, and let's take cake

    ■From Wednesday, October 17 to 31st Wednesday
    ■The seventh-floor = baby / children's clothes, article, toy
    ■Object: Child who is lower than primary schoolchild
    You have you purchase Halloween balloon selling on the seventh floor, and you soak hashtag "# Halloween # Kyoto Isetan", and please post image which you photographed on SNS. We give cake to one that had you show contribution screen at = toy counter on the seventh floor, 30 every day first arrival.
    ※We offer Halloween clothes to 120cm tall.

    Service that is advantageous in <rabarokkuguriruterumekyoto>

    ■From Wednesday, October 3 to 31st Wednesday
    ■= opening view restaurant on the seventh floor
    ■Object: Child who is lower than primary schoolchild
    To child who had you purchase Halloween balloon which you sold on the seventh floor, we offered one drink service or service of Kids menu special treatment in <rabarokkuguriruterumekyoto>.
    ※One drink service is limited to person who ordered meal menu.
    ※It applies to one child because of one Halloween balloon purchase.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. ※You may have to wait at the time of congestion. ※Or change may be called off event contents. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. ※Person in charge may be absent by time. ※Drinking of children under 20 is prohibited by law.

If curious Halloween is found,
Let's leave for SNS right now!

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