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Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

yoga & beauty week of WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES autumn ■From Wednesday, October 17 to 30th Tuesday ■The ninth-floor = sportswear, beauty & relaxation

As for yoga or the beauty that we want to adopt for daily livings,
We hold event to improve beauty of woman.

We practice yoga in the roof of autumn roof yoga Kyoto Station building. The first one is welcome, too.

■Place: Kyoto Station building 11th floor = roof open space ※It is the eighth floor of Kyoto Station building = Higashibiro ground in rainy day
■Capacity: Each every day time 30 people state
■Entrance fee, 500 yen (it includes mat rental, premium)

Held schedule

  Thursday, October 25 Sunday, October 28
Half past 10 a.m. (approximately 60 minutes) ①Relaxation yoga
Junko Nishizawa
③Flow yoga
Akihiro Matsukawa
1:00 p.m. (approximately 60 minutes) ②Wave Of Happiness
Mr. nira surinidi
④Relaxation yoga
Junko Nishizawa

We make Reservations over store or telephone

■Acceptance period: From Wednesday, October 17
■Acceptance place: The ninth-floor = swimming & yoga wear
■Telephone: 075(342) 5787 [directly]

The support: Association of general Kyoto yoga

Instructor person in charge profile

①④ Junko Nishizawa

We are in our twenties and meet yoga in the KBS Kyoto broadcast duty times and are active as instructor at association of international yoga. We stopped activity by marriage, delivery, child care of three children, but acquire yoga therapist qualification again afterwards. We are in charge of relaxation yoga this time. On Sunday, October 28, we send with comfortable electric guitar-based live performance by Totani Hajime.

Mr. nira surinidi

After acquiring Art Of Living breathing method teacher qualification, we hold workshop as the first Indian teacher in the whole country in group. We spread meditation work after yoga teacher qualification, the teacher qualification of meditation.

Totani Hajime

In spite of being electric guitar base, we create the original world by spatial sound warmly. We devote ourselves to yoga and reading, collaboration with various genres including dance other than solo, recital with a musical instrument. We return home from Sapporo that spent 30 years and are resident in Shiga now. We participate this time as BGM of relaxation yoga.

Akihiro Matsukawa

We quit yoga studio Terasu in Kyoto-shi and are active as representative and instructor widely. We get much popularity from beginner to experienced person. We start activity in 2014 as ReebokONE ambassador.

We are introducing autumn new product in introduction shop of recommended yoga wear. yoga life substantial with new yoga wear.

In the ninth-floor = swimming & yoga wear, we find style like oneself and introduce yoga wear and miscellaneous goods to send more comfortable yoga life by total.

Round gentle leaf pattern. Lovely mature wear which we can wear as all-in-one by nuance color that it is easy to use in fall and winter.

<yogi sanctuary>
Ginie underwear (M - L correspondence)…14,580 yen

While there is sweetness, in design tank with healthy Bra, we coordinate leggings of neat silhouette.

Tank top (S M)…11,880 yen
Leggings (S - L)…11,880 yen

Horizontal stripes to be Tops and impact that nuance of sleeve is feminine for accent of coordinates.

<rial stone>
T-shirt (M L)…6,696 yen
Leggings (S - L)…9,180 yen

High quality tank top which aimed at one piece for adult woman to wear. We print feather motif boldly, and slightly longish design is excellent at affinity with leggings.

<in Jan>
Long tank top (M - L correspondence)…9,504 yen
Skinny bottom (M - L correspondence)…14,904 yen

Cool, stylish design. Almighty item that using is usually possible which is usable even if we squeeze hem and shorten. Feeling of fitting leggings and coordinates that there is supporting from waist to ankle well.

<easy yoga>
Tank top (S - L)…10,800 yen
Leggings (S - L)…16,400 yen

Black mat PRO superior in high density, high technology, functionality. Ideal yoga mat which had both best performance and durability that practiced yoga.

Mat (66*180cm)…17,280 yen

Mark of butterfly coordinates bottoms where fluffy silhouette seems to be <Chacott> to Tops of point.

The sleeveless top (S - L)…10,044 yen
Layered gaucho (S - L)…15,012 yen

As well as publication brand, we have from mat and yoga block of <yoga work>, wear including tinsha of <Amana mana> to miscellaneous goods abundantly.

■Contact The ninth-floor = swimming & yoga wear
Telephone: 075(342) 5787 [directly]


During period, we give privilege ticket which purchase, the first 300 people can use by the ninth floor = beauty & relaxation more than 10,800 yen in the ninth-floor = sportswear (tax-included).

Introduction of Special Menu of beauty & relaxation autumn

It is given priority to course reservation particularly

■Reservations period: From Wednesday, October 17 to 30th Tuesday
■Enforcement period: From Wednesday, October 17 to Tuesday, November 6
■The ninth-floor = beauty & relaxation

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

To skin which is easy to shake under the influence of season. It is skin state and special course that you want, and touched short treatment in selectable course from in total four kinds of masks.

<cle de peau botesaron>
Quatre Saison special course…21,600 yen
(face, decollete, neck, hand & arm, scalp, selectable short treatment * /95 share)
You have a choice between eye care, lips care, head & ear care, foot care.

■Reservations, inquiry 075(353) 4155 [directly]:

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

We fix skin balance that is apt to collapse at the turn of the seasons and draw translucency and are special course to lead to smooth skin.

Selectable option facial course…8,640 yen
(cleansing herb hot compress, face-wash, aroma treatment mask, finish, selectable optional * / approximately 60 minutes)
You have a choice between foot treatment, hand treatment, scalp treatment.

■Reservations, inquiry 075(352) 6271 [directly]:

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

It is special course to be able to choose whether you paint with manicure smoothing off pack or nail moisturizing skin which is easy to catch damage for basic nail care in ultraviolet ray well.

<nail bar>
It is nail care course well…4,860 yen
(we fix length, form of nail cuticle, gommage treatment paraffining or nail color correction manicure / approximately 60 minutes)

■Reservations, inquiry 075(344) 3601 [directly]:

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

We offered stimulation of sole and course of oil treatment of calf with special price. Flavor can be chosen from two kinds of blend oil which we put together according to trouble.

<Foot relaxation space REFLE>
Outing refreshment course of REFLE autumn
…4,860 yen
(oil /45 share with regular REFLE, flavor)

■Reservations, inquiry 075(344) 0418 [directly]:

Special event of beauty & relaxation autumn

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<fonds Taine>
Wig coordinator visit

■Saturday, October 20 / from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ■Capacity: Five people

We catch the fashion and always suggest style to draw charm of customer by superior technology.

Short gradation bob that kept room to length. We make antibacterial deodorization processing on net to reduce heat.

<fonds Taine> wig
…270,000 yen (varampuremiamu)


We give wig shopper to of purchase, the first 20 more than 151,200 yen with original hand towel to one that had you try on wig, the first 30 people (tax-included) during period on Tuesday for from Wednesday, October 17 to 30th.

■Reservations, inquiry 075(361) 3034 [directly]:


During period, you see homepage of women activities and give present to purchase, each ten shop first arrival more than 16,200 yen by the ninth-floor = beauty & relaxation (tax-included).

※All prices are tax-included.
※Or, as for plan that we planned by circumstances of diversity and the event, change may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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