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Isetan of Kyoto to glow Cal store.

Culture Foodie

2018.12.5 wed.

Book: Tomoko Kawao

To place sensing culture of JR Kyoto Isetan B1 food floor increase floor remodeling opening meal bodily on Wednesday, December 5, it is culture fudi.

It is not only only delicious.
Because we have "culture", it is delicious.
"The stage of meal" largest in Kyoto area that we could experience that could buy selected taste to pass in concept in the world in Culture Foodie was born.

Culture Foodie

Kyoto where we snuggle up to seasonal nature, and traditional seasons and years breathe in life. Kyoto is town with unique culture in Japan. Toward new "glow Cal store" which we could suggest only in Kyoto that adopted value of global standards while valuing sensitivity of such Kyoto, zosho remodeled food floor.

We place floor concept as "Culture Foodie" and send "aesthetics for food culture of Kyoto" that we want to value from now on.

Definition of "it is delicious" has state state, it may be provided that "the truth is delicious" that we included sympathy and a sense of fulfilment if it tastes "culture" that the taste wears. We develop "Culture Foodie" of profound taste not to remain only in "it is delicious" with wish of such us from from Kyoto and the world.

Please enjoy food floor of JR Kyoto Isetan where "world value" only in Kyoto gathered.


"Beautiful story" abreast of tea ceremony
Load cake

Jean-Paul Evan

M.Jean-Paul Evan who is presented with O.F. (the French national best craftsman) in patisserie confit Lee section, and takes the top as patissier as chocolatier. Evan embosses 2 store eyes in Kyoto on here JR Kyoto Isetan newly. What is mind (spirits) of taste, space and Jean-Paul Evan sighing there? We had Evan visiting Japan talk.

Jean-Paul Evan

As for the Japanese confectionery as for the flower,
We tie person and person softly

<Oimatu> Fourth generation present head of a household, Ota / flower artist, Yuki Maeda

Present head of a household of kyokakoshi <Oimatu> publishing reputation in seven in Kyoto, Kitano, Yuki Maeda playing an active part in former announcer as flower artist with Mr. Ota now are talks in "yu*saihiromedokan" close to Kyoto Imperial Palace. It was food culture, and it was in the first branch in in thing, season to know Japanese confectionery and flower and JR Kyoto Isetan, and conversation bounded in peaceful atmosphere including thing of new shop of <Oimatu> happily while enjoying space of permanent building on flavor one day.

Ota / Yuki Maeda

Experience-based eat-in space

Kyoto and the world "ancient and modern times" form a line

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