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Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

BABY & KIDS information Baby & Kids information ■The seventh-floor = baby / children's clothes, article, toy

04.26 update

We send information or event information to be performed on JR Kyoto Isetan the seventh floor.
Please confirm the business hours mentioned above on inquiries such as events.


<ojiko> Limited time shop

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd Tuesday
■= special meeting place on the seventh floor

Parent and child are matching and introduce popular <ojiko> for a limited time. We had mainly on short-sleeved T-shirt which played an active part right now.

<ojiko> T-shirt
Child (80-160cm)…From 3,672 yen adult (Lady's /M, L, men's /M - LL)…From 5,400 yen

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<crown Bambi> <zip work>
Period limited sale

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 14th Sunday
■= special meeting place on the seventh floor

Can enjoy important every day that there is not by parent and child more splendidly only now in whole family. Mainly on matching design which feeling leads to, we suggest pleasure to choose together, and to wear.

T-shirt (child /80 - 135cm, adult /S, M L)…From 2,052 yen


Hold the name; demonstration event

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) /
From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The name enter T-shirt, and Inagaki does the name of child in one that had, in addition, you purchase collaboration T-shirt with Tsuyoshi.
※There is case of person in charge absence by time.
※You may have to wait at the time of congestion.

[Inagaki still Tsuyoshi profile]
We are born in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto and are resident in Kyoto now. While we perform stores, companies, deno events, writing brush letter classrooms of the whole country, private exhibition holding and play an active part on the stage of each country without remaining in Japan in wide field.

Collaboration T-shirt (child /80 - 135cm, adult /S, M L)…From 2,484 yen


※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<towapomu> period limited sale

■... Tuesday, May 2 during holding
■= special meeting place on the seventh floor

Children's clothes brand <3pommes®> (towapomu) which we established in 1973. With design which is particular to the cause, the details of daily nitoiu concept, and went in French Schick, it is clothes of design color that added accent to everyday coordinates.

Handling size: 60-150cm

<Disney> Princess goods fair

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 14th Sunday
■= special meeting place on the seventh floor

Popular <D knee> Princess goods including "Beauty and the Beast" assemble in full force.

a.Jewelry box (approximately 15*12*4cm)…1,059 yen
b.Melamine cup (diameter approximately 8*9cm)…648 yen
c.Stuffed toy (approximately 8*8*19cm)…1,620 yen

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Railroad goods fair

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd Tuesday
■= special meeting place on the seventh floor

Railroad parts which train goods and fan of West Japan Railway are pleased with come up for the first time this time. In addition, we hold child stationmaster experience event only in primary schoolchild at JR Kyoto Station on Saturday, May 20. Railroad enthusiast without passing over.

923 form T5 formation Doctor Yellow rial type chola Q…2,057 yen

Child stationmaster experience event

■Enforcement Sun.: Saturday, May 20 / from 9:00 a.m. to the midday
■Meeting: 9:30 a.m. (= north and south freedom passage side entrance on the second floor)
 Dissolution: About 12:30 p.m. (the JR Kyoto Station yard)
■Object: Child of primary schoolchild

You can explore experiences working such as ticket ticketing experience or train seeing off experience and the backside of JR Kyoto Station that you cannot usually look at.

[participation method]
You can apply only for purchase more than 1,080 yen by the fair mentioned above (tax-included) during period of Wednesday for from Monday, May 15 to 17th.

■It is .7 floor = toy counter Reservations period, place on Wednesday for from Monday, May 15 to 17th
Contact Telephone: 075 (342) 5703 [the seventh-floor = toy counter direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

※Because we reached capacity, Reservations was finished.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Memory school bag special set

■Acceptance period: From Monday, May 15 to 30th Tuesday

Memory school bag special set…13,440 yen

We customize school bag clogged up of memory for 6 years to miniature size by hand of expert craftsman one by one.
(with pass case *1. strap *2)

※School bag becomes handing over approximately three months after custody Sun.
※When we cannot reuse school bag, we may use equal material.
※We cannot leave designs such as embroidery or charm.
※Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

50 adventure> which you should do by <13 years old
Let's challenge mission bouldering

As for this event, positive ground nature school (PENS) produces mission based on contents of "50 adventure that you should do by 13 years old" (pierudominiko bakkarario others work / Jiro Taro Corporation editors).

■Schedule: Saturday, May 6 .7 days Sunday
■Time: From 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (approximately 30 minutes)
■Place: = special meeting place on the seventh floor
■Entrance fee: 648 yen
■Object: Child three years or older (protector companion)
■Capacity: Each every day time three people state
■Belonging: Sports shoes for the room
※Once becomes only for per person.

<99Though arrive; of> custom order beach sandal

■From Wednesday, April 26
■The seventh-floor = child miscellaneous goods

Sandals of <99> go all with handicraft from last to production of sandal thong. One one makes last carefully and we wear sandals which we were particular about to the length of the sandal thong and feeling is good and can wear at not only beach but also various places. Custom order beach sandal of <99> can be chosen by the following contents freely.

Size: 15-28cm ※As for five fingers, 16cm empties.
Pattern: Normal type…Finger-shaped 2,160 yen, five…2,700 yen
Design: You have a choice between all 15 patterns.
Color: As for the base color, all 19 colors, sandal thong color can be chosen from all 12 colors.
The name enter: Two kinds of letter types can be chosen. It becomes to one leg six characters.
※Handing over of product is approximately three weeks later.

<Wacoal maternity>
Fitting fair inner in after giving birth

■From Monday, May 1 to 31st Wednesday
■The seventh-floor = maternity

We introduce girdle for after giving birth when function of the pelvic circumference was updated from inner for after giving birth that we can select to a feeling of favorite wearing, West Shay par to support West intensively.

a.After giving birth girdle (…15,120 yen
b.Soft-headed West Shay (…5,400 yen

During period, we give present to one that had you try on the product mentioned above, the first 15 people.
※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.

BABY & KIDS information Baby & Kids information ■The seventh-floor = baby / children's clothes, article, toy

※Or, as for the event contents, change may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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