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BABY & KIDS information Baby & Kids information ■The seventh-floor = baby / children's clothes, article, toy

07.26 update

We send information or event information to be performed on JR Kyoto Isetan the seventh floor.
Please confirm the business hours mentioned above on inquiries such as events.


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Eric Carle fair

■From Saturday, July 29 to Tuesday, August 29
■= special meeting place on the seventh floor

In American picture book writers of "starving green caterpillar"
We offered goods of Mr. Eric Carle of author whether it was full of variety.

a.Tote bag (approximately 38*49*15cm)…3,456 yen
b.Taper tumbler (approximately 8*8cm)…972 yen
c.Wash towel (approximately 35*34cm)…702 yen
d.A lot of hand towels (approximately 35.3*34.5cm)…For each 411 yen

During period, we give present toward the purchase more than 3,000 yen (tax-included) in the seventh-floor = Museum "Eki" KYOTO and two places of special meeting place in total.
※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.


<Wacoal be B> inner fair

■... Monday, July 31 during holding
■The seventh-floor = maternity

Inner wear comes up from <Wacoal> newly. Underwear, rompers, sleeper had "comfort special for important baby" in concept a lot.

●Underwear (from 50cm)…From 1,620 yen

During period, we give present to of purchase, the first 15 more than 7,560 yen with baby innerware <Wacoal> product to include (tax-included).
※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.

Introduction of summer Kids Festa workshop

■... Tuesday, August 22 during holding
■The seventh-floor = toy

Commencing with the making of popular gel candle, we offer menu which is left in memory of summer vacation including the making of sweets decorations.

>> Digital catalogue

World brain toregemufea

■From Wednesday, July 26 to Tuesday, August 22
■The seventh-floor = toy

Thought type game to win many prizes in each country gathers. Board game attracts attention as education tool learning power to think about and can actually experience used games such as "giga Mick Corporation" or "sink fan Corporation" as the teaching materials during period.

Game used in the training of game and businessman learning programming comes up in meeting place. Family is everybody all together, and rest will do brain tray experience in this summer!

<sink fan company>
Gravity Maize…5,443 yen
Solid gravity maze game to think about way which ball goes along from start decided by attached problem card to goal! With 60 problem cards.

※Pink, dark-blue become release in October.

<Wacoal> fasutomamingu
Purchase fair

■From Wednesday, August 9 to 22nd Tuesday
■The seventh-floor = maternity

Feel of the whole strap and cup becomes kinder, and fasutomamingubura where you can bring before product in all scenes of after giving birth in childbed appears as new design. Please sense bodily at this opportunity.

During period, we give gauze handkerchief to the first 15 people toward the purchase more than fasutomamingubura, bottom, 21,600 yen including one of diamamingushotsu (tax-included).
※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.


kumanogakkou fair

■August 11 Friday (holiday) - Tuesday, September 12
■The seventh-floor = toy

You take stuffed toy and stationery of appearance character, and, including picture book of "kumanogakkou" where story of bear, Jackie and older brother bear of mischievous girl was described in, be prepared.

①Bulky Jackie S smile…1,944 yen
②Happy milk of Jackie…2,484 yen
③Picture book "happiness of Jackie"…1,404 yen

We give present toward the purchase more than 1,620 yen with target product (tax-included) during period from Friday (holiday) on August 11.
※Present has a limit to number.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
(color of base to be able to choose becomes one color)

<nails unique flip>
Kids nail experience

■Saturday, August 19 .20 Sunday
■The seventh-floor = infant clothes / re-style Kids
■The time required: One approximately 15 minutes

Using water-soluble nail color to be able to cut down on in Wed., we do nail of child smartly cutely.

Water-soluble manicure coloring + nail art (two)…864 yen
※Art can be chosen from approximately ten patterns.

[we make Reservations over store or telephone]
■It is .7 floor = infant clothes / re-style Kids Reservations period, place from Wednesday, August 16
■Reservations, inquiry 075 (342) 5706 [child miscellaneous goods direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.):

<beipukizzu ®> Limited time shop

■From Wednesday, August 23 to the end of February, 2018 plan
■The seventh-floor = infant clothes

Opening popup store of Kids line <beipukizzu ®> of <abeishingueipu ®> for a limited time. In addition to main Kids, baby item, we had junior miss (150-160cm) this time.

Measurement society of foot of <Asahi shoes> child

■Saturday, August 26 .27 days Sunday /
 Every day from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00
■The seventh-floor = child miscellaneous goods

Discerning shoes thought about for foot of Japanese child perform measurement fair of foot by popular <Asahi shoes>. We photograph sole digitally and measure length, width of foot, width of the arch of a foot and can do selection of more appropriate shoes.
※You may have to wait at the time of congestion.

BABY & KIDS information Baby & Kids information ■The seventh-floor = baby / children's clothes, article, toy

School bag and desk digital catalogue of Kids

※Or, as for the event contents, change may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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