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Recommended product of this month

JR Kyoto Isetan 2017 brand distinction recommended cosmetics

We introduce recommended cosmetics of one year including humidity retention item and make item of this year according to brand.

Oil that flavor of floral citrus is comfortable. We dry and are recommended to listless skin.

W treatment oil (50mL)…4,320 yen

Flavor that is Woody including patchouli in refreshing flavor of champagne citrus and blackberry for point. It is fragrance that imaged elegant, sexy woman.

<Anna Sui>
ranyuiduboemuodotoware (30mL)…6,264 yen

Oil which is usable on not only face but also hair, body. Shiny skin can be regulated well.

Her Baru oil gold (oil /40mL for makeup)…5,400 yen

In plump impression including drying of eye lips. Cream of the soft touch gives moisture and leads to tension skin.

Target effect G(30g)…9,720 yen

We give moisture and luster, and flexible skin can be regulated well softly.

Facial treatment oil (50mL)…17,820 yen

We prevent drying of eye and moisturize with moisture. We give luster and tension and lead to healthy eye.

<Estee Lauder>
Advance knight repair eye concentrate (14 g)…9,720 yen

On skin worried about drying and tension, lack of luster. It is cream to give moist moisture, and to keep at healthy skin.

Activate outlet rate cream (45 g)…10,800 yen

It is liquid cosmetics of two levels of types of water keeping oil and moisture to soften skin.

Skin gross oil water (50mL)…5,400 yen

Liquid cosmetics that gel mixed with good oil of skin familiarity. We prevent drying and lead skin in good health.

Double Salem EX(30mL)…11,880 yen

Powder teak of Barberton daisy type giving natural luster on cheeks. We fit just skin in wet feel of a material.

Teak pop (3.5 g)…3,240 yen

Oil-formed liquid cosmetics to prepare on skin with enriched tension.

meteorittobiyu (all 25g/ four kinds)…14,040 yen

Liquid cosmetics to give moisture, and to prepare on sticky skin with moisture. Moisture skin continues.

Moisture liposome
(40mL)…10,800 yen
(60mL)…14,580 yen

Foundation which makes skin look beautiful. We finish on firm skin that texture was regulated well plumply.

cle de peau beaute salon boteru fonds do tongue (all seven colors of SPF20, PA++/ /30g)…32,400 yen

Lipstick that we fit lips, and color durability is good. WN288 in particular is trendy color of popularity by vivid wine red.

<shu uemura>
ruduanrimiteddo (all 38 colors)…3,456 yen

bamu-formed cleansing oil. We remove dirts of make and pore well while untying skin and fix on bright skin softly.

emingukurenjingubamu (85 g)…6,480 yen

Eyelashes liquid cosmetics X mascara. Though it is light, we are finished gorgeously densely.

<Helena Rubinstein>
Rush CC…4,860 yen

Foundation to give tension, and to prepare to shiny skin. Moist moisture continues.

<Bobbi Brown>
Intensive skin Ceram foundation (all 13 colors of SPF40, PA++++/ /30g)…7,452 yen

Booster liquid cosmetics which are usable toward various skin types. We keep skin in good health.

(30mL)…10,800 yen
(50mL)…14,580 yen

We are familiar with skin lightly and we prevent drying and lead to moist skin.

Squalene (30mL)…2,700 yen
■The first-floor = skin care & hair care

Swab lotion which moderates dry skin. We lead to healthy skin.

Franc Kyn sense water (200mL)…3,672 yen
■The third-floor = natural cosmetics

We wash skin clearly and are powder-formed face-wash to lead to light skin.

<the product>
Facial cleanser (25 g)…1,728 yen
■The third-floor = natural cosmetics

We help with selection of cosmetics!

Beaute concierge

We accept consultation of customer across frame of brand as dragoman to have you use cosmetics more effectively comfortably.
Please order even small inquiry without reserve. (free)

Reservations, inquiry:
The second-floor = cosmetics / Beaute concierge
Telephone: 075(342) 5746 [directly]
(time in: for from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)
※It should be Reservations priority.
※The person in charge may be absent. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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