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Recommended product of this month

UV care

In season to be worried about ultraviolet ray, we put together in skin state and skin trouble and introduce correct UV care to each one.

◎We will know ultraviolet ray.

Ultraviolet radiation A wave

Gradually make skin black; in wrinkle, cause of slack.

Defense level PA

Ultraviolet radiation B wave

Skin inflames red, and increase drying and melanin, and tan; in causes such as stains.

Defense level SPF



We express strength to prevent invasion of ultraviolet radiation A wave (UV-A).

(as for the notation + - ++++)


Index that can prolong the number by several times as 1 = approximately 20 minutes
20 minutes *20 = 400 minutes
We can protect skin from ultraviolet radiation B wave (UV-B) for = approximately seven hours for 400 minutes.

Selection of recommended UV care

UV shield EX
(SPF50+, PA++++/30g)
…2,700 yen

<Anna Sui>
purotekutibubyutibamu 00
(SPF50+, PA++++/26g)
…3,024 yen

UV face protector 50
(SPF50+, PA++++/50g)
…3,240 yen

Sun shelter multi-protection
(SPF50+, PA++++)
(35 g)…3,240 yen
(60 g)…4,536 yen

Natural UV protection
(SPF30, PA+++/40mL)
…3,780 yen

Balancing UV protector R
(SPF40, PA+++/30mL)
…4,536 yen

Protector daytime shield EX
(SPF50, PA++++/30mL)
…4,860 yen

<shu uemura>
Stage performer block: Booster (SPF50, PA+++/30mL)
…4,860 yen

ibumbetashitiburokkuporyutekushon 40 (SPF40, PA+++/30mL)
…5,616 yen

<Bobbi Brown>
BB cream (SPF35, PA+++/40g)
…5,832 yen

<Estee Lauder>
The Crescent white BB cream & buraitoningubamu N(BB cream, SPF50, PA++++/30g, bamu /1 .5 g)…5,940 yen

UV - plus multi-D screen (SPF50, PA++++)
(30mL)…5,940 yen
■Release limited number of on Friday, April 21
(50mL)…7,884 yen

UV essence Peer BB
(SPF50, PA++++/30mL)
…6,264 yen

Whitening * force D emulsion 50 α, β (unregulated drug) (SPF50+, PA+++/30mL)…6,480 yen
*We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles

Fresh D cream light
(SPF30, PA+++/40mL)
…6,480 yen

Atmosphere air Lee light UV emulsion (SPF30, PA+++/30g)
…8,100 yen

cle de peau beaute salon botekuremu UV
(SPF50+, PA++++/50g)
…9,720 yen

Super UV cut protection D cream (SPF50+, PA++++/50g)
…10,800 yen

<Helena Rubinstein>
P.C. Urban active shield (SPF30, PA+++/50mL)
…12,960 yen

okidean pe real the protector (SPF50, PA+++/30mL)
…20,736 yen

≪Introduction >> [given priority to reservation] of recommended UV care

We introduce UV care that we matched with skin state and skin trouble of time when ultraviolet ray becomes strong.

■From Saturday, April 1 to 30th Sunday
■The second-floor = cosmetics / Beaute concierge
■Entrance fee: Free of charge
■The time required: One approximately 30 minutes

※Event contents may be changed by circumstances.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
※We make Reservations over store or telephone.

Reservations, inquiry:
The second-floor = cosmetics / Beaute concierge
Telephone: 075 (342) 5746 [directly]
(time in: for from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)



※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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