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Recommended product of this month

Selection of foundation

In March, the turn of the seasons, sunlight begin to become strong, too.
To preference of skin state and the finish, we recommend that foundation which went with skin is used.
We introduce recommended foundation from each brand.

Let's choose to type of 1 skin

The whole make shines by base make beautifully when we choose foundation depending on condition and trouble of skin.

Let's choose to 2 lifestyles

It is hard to fall apart, and there be and can keep the vertical beautiful finish when we use foundation which fitted lifestyle.

It is shu rimashiyo with skin from 3 ultraviolet ray

Quantity of ultraviolet ray increases in March, too. We put together in life scene, and let's choose UV index.

List of brand recommended foundations

<IPSA> rirakkusudeifandeishon (SPF25, PA++/20mL)…4,320 yen

<RMK> liquid foundation (SPF14, PA++/30mL)…4,860 yen

<Clinique> even better glow makeup 15 (SPF15, PA++/30mL)…5,184 yen

<Albion> smart skin white rare (SPF40, PA++++) refill…Case with 4,320 yen, mat…1,080 yen

<Kanebo> LUNASOL glowing water Lee oil liquid (only in SPF25, PA++ (CL SPF18, PA++)/30mL)…5,400 yen

<Anna Sui> powder foundation M(SPF10, PA++) refill…3,240 yen, case…1,296 yen

<shu uemura> pedal skin cushion foundation (SPF25, PA+)
Pre-set…5,940 yen, refill…4,536 yen, puff…540 yen Thursday, March 1 release

<Bb Laboratories> clear-up powder (12 g)…6,480 yen

<Bobbi Brown> skin long wear waitress foundation (SPF15, PA++/30g)…6,480 yen Friday, March 2 release

<CLARINS> ever lasting cushion foundation (SPF50, PA+++)
The body…6,480 yen, refill…5,400 yen

<Guerlain> peruruburanraitobusutakompakuto (SPF20, PA++) refill…7,020 yen, case…2,376 yen

<three> anjurikkushinsensufandeshonseramu (SPF38, PA+++/30mL)…6,696 yen Wednesday, March 14 release

It is SPF29, PA+++) refill SPF50+, PA+++/L <Lancome> buran essence Peer cushion compact H/L(H…5,616 yen, case…1,404 yen

<est> powder foundation sill Keith mousse (SPF25, PA++) refill…5,400 yen, case…1,620 yen

<MiMC> mineral essence Moi strike EX(SPF50+, PA++++)…7,020 yen

<Estee Lauder> The Crescent white BB cushion compact (SPF50, PA++++/12g)…7,020 yen, refill…5,616 yen Friday, March 9 release

<COSME DECORTE> ever crystal powder foundation (SPF26, PA++) refill…5,940 yen, case…1,620 yen

<Helena Rubinstein >P.C. Compact (SPF30, PA+++) refill…9,180 yen, case…1,944 yen

<SK-II> kuriabyutikurisutarusukimpafekutingufandeshon (SPF40, PA+++) refill…10,800 yen, case…1,620 yen

<Shiseido> cle de peau boteru fonds do tongue (SPF20, PA++/30g)…32,400 yen

We help with selection of cosmetics!

Beaute concierge

We accept consultation of customer across frame of brand as dragoman to have you use cosmetics more effectively comfortably.
Please order even small inquiry without reserve. (free)

Reservations, inquiry:
The second-floor = cosmetics / Beaute concierge
Telephone: 075(342) 5746 [directly]
(time in: for from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)
※It should be Reservations priority.
※The person in charge may be absent. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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