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Selection of cleansing, face wash

How is cleansing, face wash choice bidesuka?
We choose type to skin state and skin trouble, and let's fix on clean skin.

Because cleansing, face-wash is said to be "the first step of skin care", and the clean bare skin can be regulated well,
It is one of the important points of everyday skin care.

Use point of cleansing

Let's choose cleansing to degree of make of skin type and the Sun.
There are cream type, emulsion type, oil type.

*Characteristic * of cleansing type

●Cream type
There is moderate hardness, and there is merit not to strongly rub against skin; being washed skin with moisture.

●Emulsion type
There are many things which detergency is slightly milder, and are kind to skin. It features fresh and young washing performance.

●Oil type
Detergency is high, and make dirt which pore is easy to be clogged up with is refreshing. It is recommended in season to attach sunscreen well.

By cleansing for point make, we wipe off make of eye, lips with cotton easily beforehand.

We take cleansing to hand or cotton adequately and will let you be familiar with the whole face.

We let you be familiar round and round by soft power using the middle finger and the third finger mainly. Let's move irregularities part such as the wings of the nose in particular carefully to create spiral at finger-tip.

Let's wash away with tepid water (around 30 degrees Celsius) enough. Let's wipe off swab type with tissue and wet cotton easily.

Use point of face wash

Let's follow consumption.

Stand, and let's wash a good bubble with cushion of bubble after doing bare washing in the case of face wash of foaming wash-off properly beforehand.

Expand, and let's inquire into bubble carefully earlier in the circumference of the wings of the nose and part that is easy to become dirty.

We move finger outside from the inside on from bottom, and let's wash to the whole face, decollete.

We rinse out with Wed. or tepid water (around 30 degrees Celsius) well, and let's take moisture to control with towel easily afterwards.

Recommended cleansing & face wash

CleansingSmooth cleansing oil (175mL)…3,672 yen
Face wash115 g of clear cream soaps…(3,024 yen)

CleansingFace washSkin conditioner facial soap N
(standard 100 g in weight)…4,104 yen
(refill)…4,050 yen

CleansingCleansing gel EX(150g)…3,240 yen
Face washkurenjingumarinkeiku (100 g)…2,700 yen

CleansingFacial treatment Gen torr cleansing cream (80 g)…7,560 yen
Face washFacial treatment Gen torr cleanser (120 g)…7,560 yen

<Estee Lauder>
Cleansingadobansunaitomaikurokurenjingubamu (61 g)…7,020 yen
Face washbitaenritchibapurasu (100 g)…3,564 yen

Cleansingkurenjinguessensuenritchido (150 g)…4,104 yen
Face washWashing form (100mL)…3,780 yen

Cleansingsofuningukurimukurenjingu (120mL)…3,240 yen
Face washrifuresshingukurimiiuosshu (120mL)…2,700 yen

CleansingCleansing cream extra comfort (200 g)…5,400 yen
Face washGen torr forming cleanser (125mL)…3,780 yen

Cleansingteikuzadeiofukurenjingubamu (110 g)…4,104 yen
Face washExtra Gen torr cleansing form (125mL)…3,240 yen

CleansingCleansing cream (200mL)…9,720 yen
Face washperuruburanakutibukurenjingufomu (150mL)…6,912 yen

Cleansingcle de peau beaute salon botekuremudemakianto (125 g)…6,480 yen
Face washcle de peau beaute salon botemusunetowaianto A(125g)…5,400 yen

<shu uemura>
CleansingFace washAl Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutikurenjinguoiru
(150mL)…4,752 yen
(450mL)…12,420 yen

CleansingPure cleansing clear (120 g)…3,348 yen
Face washPure Moi strike clear soap (80 g)…2,484 yen

CleansingBalancing cleansing oil (200mL)…4,320 yen
Face washBalancing soap (80 g)…3,564 yen

CleansingAQ mirioritiripeakurenjingukurimu (150 g)…10,800 yen
Face washAQ mirioritiripeafominguuosshu (200mL)…10,800 yen

CleansingNatural cleansing oil (150mL)…2,160 yen
Face washCleansing soap EX(100g)…1,944 yen

<Helena Rubinstein>
Cleansingpyuarichuarukeaimmirukukurenza (200mL)…7,344 yen
Face washpyuarichuarukeainfomingukurenza (125mL)…6,480 yen

<Bobbi Brown>
Cleansingsujingukurenjinguoiru (200mL)…4,860 yen
Face washrazaringuchubusopu (108 g)…3,780 yen

Cleansingapusoryupyuakurimukurenjingu (200mL)…10,584 yen
Face washapusoryu βx cream wash (119 g)…9,720 yen

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Telephone: 075 (342) 5746 [directly]
(time in: for from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)



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