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Cosmetics Information
Beaute concierge communication

Party make feature

This season to refrain from Christmas close, and to create gaiety to night.
We introduce recommended make item shining in party look than Beaute concierge.


The groundwork

We direct translucency with brightness to skin. We prepare skin smoothly with moisture and make makeup seaweed better.

Electronic flash cream pink light (all five colors of /50mL)…4,860 yen


We include liquid cosmetics ingredient and balance lightness with delicate cover power. We finish on fresh and young, lustrous skin.

<Shiseido / cle de peau bote>
Tongue cushion Eclat (all six colors of /SPF25, PA+++)…9,720 yen

Face powder

Be set, and activeness is created with pearl by shiny skin. sarari is the completion of transparence fair skin gently if we let skin wear.

AQMW face powder 80 (all five colors)…5,400 yen

1point item

Treatment stick which was made from beauty oil which was moistened from make anytime, and could care. By minute pink pearl combination, we cover dullness and bear by diffusion effect of light. Make is recommended item to repair.

Instant treatment stick (2.5 g)…4,104 yen


Eye shadow

Eye shadow which creates look filled with brightness such as jewel. Carving deepens so as to repeat, and luster and glitter that got wet are born.

jiemineitoaizu 05 (all two colors)…5,400 yen


Eyelashes open with nature beautifully and are wide volume mascara to greatly finish to dignified impression.

<Helena Rubinstein>
Rush queen feh phosphorus elegance 01…5,724 yen


To each person's image to want to become, it is eyebrow palette to be able to describe the eyebrows which are good to oneself in.

Eyebrow creative palette…4,536 yen

1point item

Positive one item which lets eye become more attractive with powder getting more like shining lam and killer. Pearl of gold creates more gorgeous expression.

Elegance Cruise eye color wind MN02 (all 15 colors)…1,944 yen



Fine particles pearl pigment "cymar" adds good-quality brightness. We direct skin with a feeling of refined luster.

<Bobbi Brown>
Cymar brick Rose (all five colors)…6,264 yen

1point item

We finish shiny skin which got wet, and skin tone is created still more by clear. We reproduce luster and translucency to be when we finished make in morning when we use to repair.

Sima ring glow Duo (all two colors)…4,860 yen



"Red" of heavy fascination lip. Lip of new mat feel of a material of reckoning feeling that is comfortable in light texture. It is most suitable for shading off lip.

<M, A, C>
Powder kiss lipstick lasting passion (all 16 colors)…3,240 yen

1point item

We fix appearance of lips smoothly, and curious vertical jiwa cares plumply, too. It is positive one item making durability, color development of lip color better remarkably.

<M, A, C>
Prep prime lip…2,916 yen

We help with selection of cosmetics!

Beaute concierge

We accept consultation of customer across frame of brand as dragoman to have you use cosmetics more effectively comfortably.

●Oneself does not know the correct cosmetics…
●We do not know what brand I should go to…
●It is hard to go to the first brand a little…
●We do not understand the color of makeup to fit oneself…
●We want to look for gift of cosmetics…nado

Please order even small inquiry without reserve.

Reservations, inquiry 075(342) 5746 [directly]:
(given priority to reservation)
Time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

※The person in charge may be absent by time.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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