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Cosmetics Information
Attributive quality

■Trial-limited kit which can experience care more basic than limited number of release <CLARINS> on Friday, August 4 comes up. Aging care available to skin ageIt is three kinds of series.
※It is care depending on age.
M active trial kit…<seven points limit> 2,700 yen

[set contents]
・ M active treatment essence lotion (50mL)
* Multi-; active D cream (15 g)
* Multi-; active night cream (15 g)
・ original porch

Farming EX trial kit…<11 points limit> 3,780 yen

[set contents]
・ farming EX treatment essence lotion (50mL)
・ farming EX D cream (15 g)
・ farming EX night cream (15 g)
・ original porch

Surpra trial kit…<seven points limit> 4,860 yen

[set contents]
・ Surpra treatment essence lotion (50mL)
・ Surpra D cream SP (15 g)
・ Surpra night cream SP (15 g)
・ original porch

■Attributive design which let sense of fun work for design that limited number of release is chic on Friday, August 4 colors popular product of <Clinique> and appears. Stylish item including compact slim foundation compact is prepared in four make brushes set and porch of size easy to carry around. <Clinique>
Clinique pop JA (all lip color seven colors)…<for each three points limit> 4,320 yen
riddopoppu JA (all eye shadow / three colors)…<for each three points limit> 3,456 yen
Teak pop JA (all teak / two colors)…<for each three points limit> 3,888 yen
The lux brush collection JA
(belonging to make brush set / porch)…<three points limit> 7,020 yen
Pretty side-by-side compact JA (compact)…<25 points limit> 1,620 yen

Eye shadow of four-colored set drawing individuality by neo-futuristic color based on amount-limited release white on Friday (holiday) on August 11. Artistic expression is born with mode. <RMK>
RMK future eye shadow palette
(all / five kinds with tip)…<300 points limit> for each 4,320 yen

■It is limited kit of foundation creating the finish such as the limited number of release bare skin on Friday, August 18.

Smart skin berry rare kit…<two kinds for each 50 points limit> 5,400 yen

[set contents]
Rare ・ smart skin berry (with SPF33, PA+++/-limited case mat)
※You have a choice between 01 or 02.
Rare ・ smart skin berry (/100 (limitation-colored / luminous pink) with SPF33, PA+++/ case)

Limited kit of new beauty emulsion to prepare to shiny skin selling limited number of release on Monday, August 21.

SK-IIR.N.A. pawaearimirukiroshommagunetikkukittoradikarunyueiji…<133 points limit> 14,040 yen .19,980 yen

[set contents]
・ SK-IIR.N.A. power air Lee Milky lotion (50 g or 80 g)
※Price varies according to size to have you choose.
・ magunetikkubusuta (nothing)

Limited kit of liquid cosmetics to prepare on skin with enriched tension.

SK-IIR.N.A. pawaessensumagunetikkukittoradikarunyueiji…<30 points limit> 15,120 yen

[set contents]
・ R. N.A. power essence (30mL)
・ magunetikkubusuta (nothing)

Case, puff, porch of limited design which imaged moment to feel happy o to comfortable Jyr who be seen through softly, and finishes limited number of release on skin on Monday, August 21 are-limited collection of set.

COSME DECORTE easy Tulle KOIHADA collection
<20 points limit> 5,076 yen

[set contents]
All ・ Ruth foundation N(SPF20, PA++/ seven colors)
※You have a choice between all seven colors.
・ foundation case (attributive design)
・ face puff (attributive design)
Porch (attributive design) for ・ carrying

-limited coffret of face powder starting cream foundation to finish on limited number of release "moisture luster skin" on Tuesday, August 22 and a feeling of tsuruntoshita luster. Mini-size that can try lotion of new skin care series of release and emulsion for the daytime quickly is set at September.

Autumn moisture luster skin coffret…<one hundred limit> 10,800 yen

[set contents]
・ cream foundation essence Moi strike (all SPF25, PA++/ six colors)
※You have a choice between all six colors.
・ long-lasting Ruth powder (all two kinds)
※You have a choice between all two colors.
・ esutozaroshommini (30mL)
・ esutozapurotekushommini (9mL)

※As attributive quality of publication is available in limited quantities, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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