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Cosmetics Information
Attributive quality

■In TSUYA essence preparing amount-limited release skin new product smoothly on Thursday, June 1, it is liquid cosmetics, emulsion of TSUYA series, limitation kit with base. <shu uemura>
・ TSUYA essence (30mL or 50mL)…From <55 points limit> 9,180 yen

[set contents]
・ A/O+ P. M. kuriayusuradiantokurenjinguoiru (50mL)
・ TSUYA emulsion (10mL)
・ TSUYA essence (7mL)
・ block booster (7mL)

■In Al Tim 8 essence to fix on skin with limited number of release tension on Thursday, June 1, it is lotion, liquid cosmetics of Al Tim 8 series, limited kit with cream. <shu uemura>
Al Tim 8 kit…<42 points limit> 14,040 yen

[set contents]
・ Al Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutioiruinessensu (30mL)
・ Al Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutikurenjinguoiru (50mL)
・ Al Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutioiruinroshon (15mL)
・ Al Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutioiruinemarujon (7mL)
・ Al Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutioiruinkurimu (13mL)

■Skin tuner which is good in summer when limited number of release chilly gel prepares skin pleasantly on Friday, June 2. In refreshing texture, we tighten skin tightly and it is fresh and young and fixes on smooth skin. <RMK>
RMK skin tuner cooling gel (150mL)…<200 points limit> 3,672 yen

Limited kit which can choose skin care suitable for limited number of release skin state on Friday, June 2. It is recommended skin care kit in summer when skin change is easy to happen.

ME kit…<500 points limit> 6,156 yen - 11,340 yen

[set contents]
It is selected one article from all ・ ME 17 kinds (refill 29 kinds to include)
…Four kinds of ME regulars (unregulated drug), refill four kinds (eight kinds, for each 175mL in total),
Four kinds of ME extras (unregulated drug), refill four kinds (eight kinds, for each 175mL in total),
ME superior e (unregulated drug) four kinds, refill four kinds (eight kinds, for each 175mL in total),
ME sensitive e two kinds (for each 175mL),
ME arutimeito (unregulated drug) three kinds (for each 50mL)
We choose one article among four kinds of ・ make last jokes (trial size)
…Cleansing oil EX(40mL), cleansing gel EX(50g),
Cleansing cream EX(50g), premium line cleansing warm gel (15 g)
We choose one article among four kinds of ・ face washes (trial size)
…Cleansing fresh form (25 g), cleansing moisture form (25mL),
Sensitive puremiarainkurenjingukurimiipeisuto (30 g), cleansing form (25 g)
We choose one article among three kinds of ・ corner layer care lotions (trial size)
…Clear-up lotion 1 (30mL), clear-up lotion 2 (30mL),
Premiere line lotion Ceram (18mL)
・ silk cotton (with 50 pieces)

Season when we waited impatiently for Friday, June 2-limited release of the sun. <Bobbi Brown> finishes gurourukku where is good to tropical beach vacation this summer. We direct fascinating skin which fully takes summer sunlight, and shines, blushing cheeks, eye and lips which shine as having got wet.

<Bobbi Brown> forozasankorekushon
gurousutikku (highlight / newly three colors, three colors of limitation)…4,986 yen
Eye gross (three colors of eye shadow /-limited)…3,996 yen
irumineitinguburonjingupauda (three colors of teak /-limited)…4,968 yen
Shear color gross (one color of gross /-limited)…3,456 yen

■Whenever use limited number of release on Saturday, June 3; powder for body of refreshing, elegant flavor with a feeling of relaxation. Of course we give skin natural brightness if we wear before outing softly, and bath keeps smooth comfort getting nervous.

In press Milan collection body fresh powder 2017 (belonging to SPF20, two pieces of PA++/32g/ puffs)…<40 points limit> 8,640 yen

■Lotion that cool feeling that Tuesday, June 6-limited release skin temperature falls to straight is comfortable. Cool falls with sticky face and body which flushed and gives summer skin moisture.

THREE aroma lotion U & R(120mL)…5,184 yen

Mist lotion for the outdoors where sunlight of Tuesday, June 6-limited release summer, sticky heat attack. As well as face, we only do efflation to arm, the side, leg worried about sweat and smell and bring refreshment.

THREE aroma refreshment mist U & R(30mL)…3,240 yen

Limited kit with folding fan original in heavy bubble face-wash, akutibetosakyureta where are more popular than limited number of release <est> on Wednesday, June 7.

akutibetosakyureta-limited kit…<50 points limit> 4,860 yen

[set contents]
・ akutibetosakyureta (170 g)
・ original folding fan

Attributive special size is appearance in liquid cosmetics "total V Ceram" to fix on limited number of release firm skin on Friday, June 9.

Total V Ceram (75 g)…<26 points limit> 11,340 yen

■Liquid cosmetics "body fitting" for Friday, June 23-limited release body becomes advantageous kit and appears. We smoothed off the skin surface and gave tension while washing clearly, and each trial size of product which protected skin from ultraviolet ray was set.

Body fitting special kit…9,396 yen

[set contents]
・ body fitting (200 g)
・ smoothing body scrub (30 g)
・ plant shower / bus lotion "tonic" (30mL)
・ spray soleil high protection (SPF50, PA++++/50mL)
・ original porch

Limited base makeup kit which can choose limited number of release foundations you like, makeup product on Friday, June 23.

Base makeup kit…From <170 points limit> 8,640 yen

Makeup product including ・ foundation product you like more than 8,640 yen (tax-included)
※We include UV product.
※apusoryu product is excluded.

[set contents]
・ gurosuinravu 385 (mini-size)
・ bifashiruvisaju (30mL)
・ Lancome original porch

※As attributive quality of publication is available in limited quantities, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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