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Cosmetics Information
Attributive quality

■Popular facial treatment essence during release appears in gorgeous Christmas-limited coffret. <SK-II>
Facial treatment essence red KALAN limited edition…250 points of <limits in total> For each 23,760 yen

[set contents]
・ SK-II facial treatment essence (230mL)
Red / purple / blue KARAN limited edition
・ SK-II facial treatment cleansing gel (15 g)
・ SK-II facial treatment cleanser (20 g)
・ SK-II facial treatment clear lotion (30mL)

■Cleansing oil which is more popular than <Bobbi Brown> during release is appearance at attributive size that we received for normal double. <Bobbi Brown>
sujingukurenjinguoiru (400mL)…<30 points limit> 7,560 yen

Christmas-limited kit which can try basic care of apusoryushirizu during release. <Lancome>
apusoryukurimukitto…<30 points limit> 35,100 yen - 37,800 yen

※We limit apusoryusofutokurimu, rich cream, the body of white aura cream or refill toward the purchase.
※Price varies according to products having you choose.

[set contents]
・ NEW apusoryuessensuroshon (50mL)
・ NEW apusoryuoreoessensu (5mL)
・ NEW apusoryusofutokurimu (15mL)
・ apusoryupureshasuseru UV (SPF50, PA++++/10mL)
・ apusoryusupesharugifutobokkusu

Eight sets of mini-lip which can enjoy favorite combination during release. It is Christmas-limited set which is good to present. <Lancome>
rapusoryurippusetto…<25 points limit> 10,368 yen

[set contents]
・ rapusoryuruju (mini-size /C132, M378, S202, S317)
・ rapusoryurakka (mini-size /134, 323, 378.490)

Rich Christmas coffret which peacock that limited number of release was inexperienced was garnished with on Saturday, December 1. toritomentorippubamu which brings hand cream making feel gorgeous which is good for holiday season and natural redness to set. Of course it is recommended to present to oneself to important person. <Anna Sui>
Treatment coffret…<212 points limit> 4,104 yen

[set contents]
・ buraitoninguhandokurimu (40 g)
・ toritomentorippubamu (5 g)

■An angel like love that heart is satisfied whenever we see limited number of release on Sunday, December 2. Deluxe face powder which garnished refreshing mint green with frame of classical gold kindly. For the feel enchanted by, we finish on smooth skin. <Kanebo>
In press Milan collection 2019
(puff /SPF14, PA++/30g belonging to)…<300 points limit> 12,960 yen
2,019 sets of in press Milan collection
(puff /SPF14, PA++/30g/30g (refill) belonging to)…<80 points limit> 21,600 yen

Mask, spray, holiday-limited set which can charge moisture to pink humidity retention gel which is more popular than limited number of release <Clinique> and skin which is easy to dry on Friday, December 7 with lip.

Moisture serge 72 holiday set…<30 points limit> 7,020 yen

[set contents]
・ moisture serge 72 hydrator (49 g)
・ moisture serge overnight mask (29 g)
・ moisture serge face spray (30mL)
・ chabisutikkumoisucharaijingurippukarabamu ♯ 06 uoppinuotameron

■Release limited number of on Friday, December 7

Fragrance holiday limitation set of flavor of fresh and young citrus floral to be able to enjoy body cream, hand cream, fragrance than "Clinique is happy".

Happy treat…<40 points limit> 5,400 yen

[set contents]
・ Clinique happy gelato body cream (56 g)
・ Clinique happy gelato hand cream (28 g)
Happy ・ Clinique (10mL)

■Release limited number of on Sunday, December 16

If aim at beautiful skin, at first from bare skin care. Kit of cleansing cream and face wash which thought about humidity retention. <COSME DECORTE>
AQ mirioritiripeakurenjingukurimukitto…<60 points limit> 10,800 yen

[set contents]
・ AQ mirioritiripeakurenjingukurimu (150 g)
・ AQ mirioritiripeafominguuosshu (50mL)
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

■It begins in floral flavor in clear such as Wednesday, December 19-limited release grapefruit or lily of the valley and is eau de toilette of flavor that expressed beautiful naiad by leaving smooth, feminine impressions such as umber.

Aude Nin F eau de toilette (100mL)…6,372 yen

Body cream of texture which Wednesday, December 19-limited release is light, and is fresh and young. We grow like thin veil smoothly and quench skin and fix softly. It is wrapped in fresh flavor and creates a winter time gorgeously.

Aude Nin F software body cream (200mL)…5,400 yen

■Light gel cream is familiar like Wednesday, December 19-limited release petal kindly to finger-tip and quenches skin smoothly.

Aude Nin F hand cream (30mL)…1,512 yen

※As attributive quality of publication is available in limited quantities, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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