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Cosmetics Information
Attributive quality

■It is advantageous limited eye shadow palette which Saturday, April 1-limited color of 13 colors of release and three colors of attributive colors entered. <shu uemura>
Shu palette - fresh nude…12,960 yen

Limited base make kit to protect skin from ultraviolet ray of limited number of release spring on Friday, April 7, and to prepare to fair skin. Foundation adjusts to skin state and use scene and can choose. <IPSA>
Base make kit…<240 points limit> 7,884 yen

[set contents]
・ fandeishon
※We choose one article among six kinds
①rikiddoraitofandeishon (SPF20, PA++/25mL/6 color)
②rikiddofandeishon (SPF25, PA++/25mL/6 color)
③kurimufandeishon (SPF15, PA++/25g/6 color)
④rirakkusudeifandeishon (SPF25, PA++/20mL/3 color)
⑤paudafandeishon (SPF25, PA+++/9g/6 color)
⑥Pure protection liquid compact (SPF20, PA++/12g/6 color)
・ control base (SPF20, PA++/20g)
※It is one article from blue, pink, three colors of yellow
・ make last joke
※We choose one article among three kinds
①Cleansing oil EX(40mL)
②Cleansing gel EX(50g)
③Cleansing cream EX(50g)
・ corner layer care lotion (trial size)
※We choose one article among two kinds…Clear-up lotion 1 or 2 (for each 30mL)
・ the thyme R lip essence (SPF18, PA++/4 .5 g)
※Image is an example.

Limited lipstick which is fresh and young though limited number of release is vivid, and develops shear on Friday, April 7. We direct lips which look cool, and are light in colorful color variations. <IPSA>
rippusutikkuruminaijingukara LG
(six colors of /2 .2 g)…300 points of <limit> for each 3,024 yen in total

Cleansing, limited kit two kinds of face-wash are appearances than limited number of release <COSME DECORTE> on Sunday, April 16.

COSME DECORTE AQ mirioritiripeakurenjingukurimukitto
<30 points limit> 10,800 yen

[set contents]
・ AQ mirioritiripeakurenjingukurimu (150 g)
・ AQ mirioritiripeakufaminguuosshu (50mL)

COSME DECORTE AQ mirioritiripeafominguuosshukitto
<40 points limit> 10,800 yen

[set contents]
・ AQ mirioritiripeafominguuosshu (200mL)
・ AQ mirioritiripeakurenjingukurimu (30 g)

aiguroujiemu of nude pearl type to color eye where limited number of release is gorgeous on Sunday, April 16. It is colored limitation that can enjoy unusual nuance make.

(two colors of limitation)…<for each 50 points limit> for each 2,916 yen

Limited color mascara which colors summer to give eye gorgeous glitter by effect of limited number of release light on Friday, April 21.

Luminous rush modeling mascara
(four colors)…190 points of <limit> for each 4,320 yen in total

Limited kit of gorgeous floral package letting you feel spring from limited number of release <SK–II> on Friday, April 21 is appearance.

SK–II full-line trial kit floral version
<one hundred limit> 10,692 yen

[set contents]
・ facial treatment essence (75mL)
・ R. N.A. power (15 g)
・ facial treatment cleanser (20 g)
・ facial treatment cleansing gel (15 g)
・ original porch

SK–II jienoputikusuoraessensutoraiarukitto
Floral version…<60 points limit> 17,280 yen

[set contents]
・ jienoputikusuoraessensu (unregulated drug /30mL)
・ facial treatment essence (30mL)
・ R. N.A. power (2.5 g)

SK–II jienoputikususupottoessensukofure
Floral version…<50 points limit> 16,200 yen

[set contents]
・ jienoputikususupottoessensu (unregulated drug /50mL)
・ facial treatment essence (30mL)
・ atmosphere air Lee light UV emulsion (SPF30, PA+++/2 parcel)

SK–IIR.N.A. power radical New Age coffret
Floral version…<one hundred limit> 18,360 yen

[set contents]
・ R. N.A. power (80 g)
・ 3D mask (2 packs)

Sunscreen emulsion which protects skin from limited number of release ultraviolet ray or drying on Friday, April 21. Smooth texture prepares skin smoothly.

Jumbo size screen-limited in UV - plus multi-D
(all three colors of SPF50, PA++++/ /50mL)…40 points of <limit> for each 7,884 yen in total

■It is limited kit which limited number of release lip products and the UV groundwork that became new can try on Friday, April 21.

Rose lip kit…From <one hundred limit> 5,940 yen

[set contents]
It is purchase more than 5,940 yen with makeup product including lip product you like (tax-included)
・ Lancome original porch
・ UV essence Peer BB(SPF50, PA++++/10mL)

※As attributive quality of publication is available in limited quantities, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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