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Cosmetics Information
Attributive quality

Drawstring purse type that limited number of release shows cute on Friday, December 1. Nail color kit which has mini-cosmetics porch of 2WAY which chain can remove. <Anna Sui>
Nail color kit…<220 points limit> 2,592 yen - 3,240 yen

※Price varies according to products having you choose.
※We limit two points of product either nail-related toward the purchase.
[target product] Nail color A, topcoat A, basecoat A, peeling off basecoat, nail care oil N, quick-drying coat, nail color remover N

[set contents]
Two points of ・ nail items (you have a choice between the target product mentioned above)
・ mini-cosmetics porch

■Refreshing pro-citrus fruit flavor of release grapefruit limited number of on Friday, December 1, lemon leaf, Mandarin leaf to set. We prevent drying and hand rough weather, dryness and, based on shea butter and sesame, lead to flexible money to finger-tip. <CLARINS>
Hand / nail treatment cream-limited set (*3 kind of 30 g)
<45 points limit> 3,888 yen

Limited color is appearance for lip soft-headed Fechter to moderate drying of limited number of release lips on Friday, December 1, and to lead to shiny lips plumply. It is sponge tip of tube type that is easy to let you be easily familiar quickly. <CLARINS>
Lip gone Fechter-limited package (two colors of limited /10g)
<for each 21 points limit> for each 3,780 yen

Humidity retention cream for body of three types of gorgeous flavor available to limited number of release feelings on Friday, December 1. Thick cream quenches skin approvingly. It is recommended to reward to gift and oneself to important person. <Clinique>
Clinique happy gelato set (with three kinds)…<15 points limit> 5,400 yen

[set contents]
・ Clinique happy gelato body cream (Clinique happy shugadopetaruzu berry brush / for each 60 g)

■Hand cream which is smooth in limited number of release skin familiar good Rich on Friday, December 1. We fix on moist skin without being sticky and are usable as nail cream. <Clinique>
Deep comfort hand & cuticle cream (72 g)
<15 points limit> 2,700 yen

Humidity retention cream for body of release shea butter combination limited number of on Friday, December 1. Give plentiful moisture without being sticky, of elbow, knee, heel is smooth, and fix being stiff with moisture. <Clinique>
Deep comfort body butter (194 g)…<15 points limit> 5,184 yen

Face powder characterized by comfortable feel that Friday, December 1-limited release is fluent. The natural finish utilized good foundation can be set. Compact of design reflecting the image of romantic butterfly. <COSME DECORTE>
Marcel Wonder's collection
Face powder VII(SPF15, PA++/18g *2)…27,000 yen

■It is-limited size of liquid cosmetics representing P.C. series to lead to smooth, healthy luster skin with a feeling of limited number of release tension on Friday, December 1. <Helena Rubinstein>
P.C. sukimmyu two tiseramu-limited size (75mL)…<30 points limit> 33,480 yen

In night care for Sun. which abused limited number of release eyes on Friday, December 1 and sleep-deprived morning. Eye mask that we give a good moisture, and intensive treatment does eye. <Helena Rubinstein>
ripurasutiaimasuku (*6 set of 4mL)…<30 points limit> 12,960 yen

Attributive deluxe size comes up to cleansing oil washing dirt and make of limited number of release pores clearly on Friday, December 1. With flavor of lavender, we bring cleansing thyme of peace at the end of day. <Bobbi Brown>
sujingukurenjinguoiruderakkususaizu (400mL)
<60 points limit> 7,344 yen

Palette that teak of pink Rose was bundled with brown-based eye shadow of eight colors of limited number of release on Friday, December 1. It is two steps type limitation palette which is possible from natural to make of modern impression by putting eight colors together. <Bobbi Brown>
ittsuyuapatiai & teak palette…<13 points limit> 10,800 yen

Limited set which was clogged up with make item that limited number of full make of release <Bobbi Brown> style was finished on Friday, December 1. <Bobbi Brown>
Instant pretty set…<seven points limit> 10,800 yen

■Mascara to finish to eyelashes opening like limited number of release Ougi on Friday, December 1, limited coffret of "gurandiozu." <Lancome>
Noel mascara coffret…<114 points limit> 4,860 yen

[set contents]
・ gurandiozu (10mL)
・ crayon Coe Renoir (mini-size)
・ jienifikkuadobansutoaiseramuraitoparu (5mL)

Face powder to finish on smooth translucent skin while covering for the limited number of release moist fluent touch on Sunday, December 3. Compact of design such as jewel box which garnished clean blue with gold. <Kanebo>
In press Milan collection 2018 SPF14, PA++ (puff /30g belonging to)
<one hundred limit> 12,960 yen
In press Milan collection 2018 SPF14, PA++ set () for puff /30g+30g (nail substitute belonging to)…<15 points limit> 21,600 yen

■Christmas of <SK–II> of release this year limited number of on Tuesday, December 5 "let's change Change Destiny = fate"; three bottles which expressed in o design. It is limited coffret keeping skin care to fix on the smooth bare skin. <SK-II>
SK–II facial treatment essence change destiny limited edition coffret (I, II, III)…<50 points limit> 23,760 yen

[set contents]
・ facial treatment essence (230mL)
・ facial treatment cleansing gel (15 g)
・ facial treatment cleanser (20 g)
・ facial treatment mask (one piece)
・ skin signature 3D Liddie F inning mask (one bag)

※Design bottle of facial treatment essence can be chosen from three kinds.
※Photograph is an example.

Limited face powder to finish on skin which limited number of release is bright, and shines on Tuesday, December 5. <SK–II>
SK–II buraitoninguparufinissha (refill)
<40 points limit> 6,480 yen

※Compact is other selling.

Attributive size of clear lotion to prepare on limited number of release tsuruntonamerakana skin on Tuesday, December 5 comes up. <SK–II>
SK–II facial treatment clear lotion (230mL)
<70 points limit> 9,828 yen

※As attributive quality of publication is available in limited quantities, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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