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Cosmetics Information
Attributive quality

■It is advantageous kit accompanied by liquid cosmetics and cream to give tension when we have you choose one article (including etanarufuroshirizu) among basic care of base liquid cosmetics that limited number of release became new and <est> on Wednesday, September 5. <est>
Autumn basic care kit…<one hundred limit> 10,800 yen - 18,360 yen

[set contents]
・ SOFINA iP base care essence (90 g)
・ esutozaroshon (140mL)
・ esutozakurimu TR (for six times)
・ advanced essence lift support mini (8mL)

※Photograph is an example.
※Price varies according to products having you choose.

■We give limited number of release moisture on Friday, September 7, and series of moisture serge to be fresh and young, and to prepare on wet skin is prepared limited set. <Clinique>
Moisture serge lotion set…<50 points limit> 6,804 yen

[set contents]
・ moisture serge Hyde rating lotion (200mL)
・ moisture serge Hyde rating outlet rate (15 g)
・ moisture serge overnight mask (29 g)
・ moisture serge face spray (30mL)
・ Clinique pop # 18 papaya pop gift size
・ po chi

Limited set of moisture lotion to prepare on skin which limited number of release is well acquainted with on Friday, September 7. Whitening * emulsion and lip, mascara, porch of the series to set. <Clinique>
Even better brei teressence set…<30 points limit> 7,344 yen

[set contents]
・ even better brei teressence lotion (unregulated drug /200mL)
・ even better brei terMilky lotion (unregulated drug /7mL)
・ rush power mascara long wearing formula (gift size)
・ Clinique pop ♯ 02 bear pop (gift size)
・ po chi

*We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles.

It was done inspire this autumn by trendy easy mark (camouflage pattern) of the fashion world
From luxury color series "LUXE of <Bobbi Brown>," Luc's collection is birth.

Limited palette which we did three colors of high writing powder which gave eye shadow and skin of different earth color of feel of a material gorgeous warmth from limited number of release velvet mat to supakuru on Friday, September 7 in marble design that imaged camouflage handle and set. <Bobbi Brown>
Duck Luc's eye & teak palette (one color of limitation)…<17 points limit> 10,260 yen

■We direct brightness of hue by angle that light reflects back by combining metallic chromic pigment of two colors of limited number of release on Friday, September 7. We grow like velvet smoothly and fit eyelids. It is eye shadow developing beautifully. <Bobbi Brown>
Luc's eye shadow multi-chrome (two colors of limitation)…24 points of <limit> for each 4,536 yen in total

Polishing appears limited nail giving gray accent that limited number of release is chic on Friday, September 7. It is color that is sutaishisshu which looks like violet and khaki in trick of the light. <Bobbi Brown>
We polish nail (two colors of limitation)…Ten points of <limit> for each 2,592 yen in total

Special kit which can experience "Wed. shiny skin" met on Friday, September 14 by Wed. with full of limited number of release. You can choose the groundwork, foundation you like.

LUNASOL base makeup kit 2018…<60 points limit> 8,100 yen - 9,720 yen

[set contents]
One article of ・ foundation either
※You have a choice between glowing water Lee oil liquid, skin modeling water cream foundation, skin modeling powder glow, shear light Ruth foundation.
One article of ・ groundwork either
※You have a choice between water leap Reimer, color primer 01.02, smoothing light pre-makeup.
・ oil in solution II(18mL)
・ po jitibusoryushon (3 g)
・ original porch

※Photograph is an example.
※Price varies according to products having you choose.

Limited set to keep skin care of amount-limited release ekushia AL series on Monday (holiday) on September 17. Firm flexible skin can be regulated well.

ekushia AL Renew Inge selection SV R/ER(2018)
<50 points limit> 12,960 yen

[set contents]
・ Renew Inge Rich milk SV(200g)
Renew Inge extra Rich milk SV(200g)
※You can choose one of the preference.
・ serukuraritikurenjingukurimu (20 g)
・ serukuraritimirukiifomu (20mL)
・ Renew Inge Rich milk SV(35g)
Renew Inge extra Rich milk SV(35g)
※It becomes product same as emulsion which had you choose.
・ Renew Inge lotion SV(35mL)
・ etanarusutemunovakurimu (5 g)
・ extra facial cotton (20 pieces)
※It should be a piece of limit per person.

■Release new aging care limited number of on Wednesday, September 19Kit which can try all 5 items of line "THREE emingu." Skin with enriched tension can be regulated well. <three>
THREE emingutoraiarukitto R…<38 points limit> 9,504 yen

[set contents]
・ THREE emingukurenjingubamu (18 g)
・ THREE eminguroshon (30mL)
・ THREE eminguemarujon (28mL)
・ THREE emingukurimu (10 g)
・ THREE emingusopu (20 g)
・ THREE oganikkukotton (with six pieces)

※Pregnant person, please refrain from use.
※It is care depending on age.

■Kit which can sense 5 items of limited number of release "THREE" which fixes balance of "heart, body, skin", and aims at healthy skin lines bodily on Wednesday, September 19.

THREE trial kit TH R…<75 points limit> 8,424 yen

[set contents]
・ THREE cleansing oil (30mL)
・ THREE treatment lotion (30mL)
・ THREE clear ring form (30 g)
・ THREE treatment emulsion (28mL)
・ THREE treatment cream (10 g)
・ THREE oganikkukotton (with six pieces)

※As attributive quality of publication is available in limited quantities, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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