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Cosmetics Information
Attributive quality

Cool feeling skin care kit which is moistened pleasantly on Tuesday, May 1 if limited number of release is refreshing. We wrap up summer skin with cool flavor. <Kanebo>
kanebofurosutijureroshonkitto…<35 points limit> 4,104 yen

[set contents]
・ kanebofurosutijureroshon (40mL)
・ furosutijureroshon (10mL)

To tension skin which is smooth with lotion reporting moisture to the amount-limited release corner layer on Friday (holiday) on May 4 and emulsion melting away. <Kanebo>
Kanebo moisture Flo lotion kit…<60 points limit> 5,400 yen

[set contents]
・ Kanebo moisture Flo lotion (180mL)
・ balancing emulsion (20mL)

※There is set of Kanebo moisture Flo Rich lotion (180mL), balancing Rich emulsion (20mL), too.

Limited kit that basic care is equal to lotion of limited number of design bottles of release small birds flapping the wings on Thursday, May 10. <SK-II>
SK-II facial treatment essence little red symbol limited edition…<210 points limit> 23,760 yen

[set contents]
・ facial treatment essence (230mL)
・ facial treatment cleansing gel (15 g)
・ facial treatment cleanser (20 g)
・ facial treatment clear lotion (30mL)
・ R. N.A. power air Lee Milky lotion (15 g)

Summer make that it was performed of inspire by beauty of dry color that the natural world brought than <LUNASOL>

Release limited number of on Friday, May 11

Single color eye shadow of cream type to make depth and look with a feeling of omission with dry collar and the smooth touch. LUNASOL cymar color eyes (all six colors of limitation)…<40 points limit> for each 2,700 yen

Eye shadow of four-colored set that vivid accent color creates spicy expression like summer. LUNASOL dry summer I (all two colors of limitation)…<one hundred limit> 5,400 yen

Liquid lip of limitation to grant lips of adult who is kurimiimatto comes up. runasorukurimiimattorikuidorippusu (all three colors of limitation)
<40 points limit> 3,024 yen

Attributive color of nail color that spicy summer finger-tip can enjoy. LUNASOL nail finish N (all six colors of limitation)…<25 points limit> for each 1,620 yen

■Mascara topcoat glittering in sunlight of Monday, May 14-limited release summer is appearance with Mitsukoshi Isetan group-limited color. We color eye gorgeously. <Lancome>
Big color rush topcoat…2,916 yen

Limitation kit with mini-size of pretty porch and rapusoryuruju where make product which was Aiko Nic of <Lancome> was described in to limited number of release foundation you like on Monday, May 14. <Lancome>
Ultra foundation kit…5,616 yen - 14,040 yen

[set contents]
One article of ・ foundation either you like
※apusoryu product is excluded.
・ rapusoryuruju C132
・ Lancome original porch

■It is cool-down with body summer with coldness splitting open like limited number of release cool sparkling wine on Wednesday, May 16. It is liquid cosmetics for body preventing stickiness due to sweat and sebum. <COSME DECORTE>
Do Ravi sparkling body gel n(150g)…<40 points limit> 3,456 yen

Trial kit that 4 steps were bundled from cleansing to beauty emulsion mainly on limited number of release lotions on Monday, May 21. <SK-II>
SK-II piterafururainsetto…<160 points limit> 10,692 yen

[set contents]
・ facial treatment essence (75mL)
・ facial treatment cleansing gel (15 g)
・ facial treatment cleanser (20 g)
・ R. N.A. power air Lee Milky lotion (15 g)

Limited kit which can sense whitening * liquid cosmetics and basic care bodily with limited number of release "la objection" on Monday, May 21. <Shiseido>
La objection-limited kit…<38 points limit> 63,720 yen - 64,800 yen

[set contents]
・ la objection n (unregulated drug /30g)
・ seramukonsantoreekurerushisan (unregulated drug /10mL)
・ kuremudemakianto (20 g)
・ musunetowaianto A(20g)
・ roshonidoro A (unregulated drug /30mL)
・ emulsion pro technique toe squirrel SPF25, PA+++ (unregulated drug /12mL)
・ emarushonantanshivu (unregulated drug /12mL)
・ le co-ton n (with 14 pieces X 2)

*We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles.

■Lip which is stained with Friday, May 25-limited release instantly vivid dim color. We prepare lips which are apt to dry by aloe seawife and raspberry water combination pleasantly.

Water Lipps theine (all three colors)…For each 3,240 yen

※As attributive quality of publication is available in limited quantities, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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