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Cosmetics Information
New product

■Friday, October 6 new sale first aging ※Line, M active ga appearance. Firm skin moistened with day and two cream of the night can be regulated well.

M active D cream dry / normal (50 g)…8,640 yen
M active D cream normal / combination (50 g)…8,640 yen
M active night cream dry / normal (50 g)…9,180 yen
M active night cream normal / combination (50 g)…9,180 yen

※It is care depending on age.

■Friday, October 6 new sale is moistened, and it is lustrous. Lip gloss that refreshing chilly feeling is comfortable. We can enjoy other lips and soft and full lips which are in combination plump by one of this.

Tea beep lamp & shine liquid lip (eight colors)…2,376 yen

■Two kinds of cream to new sale skin trouble comes up on Friday, October 13. Firm skin can be regulated well.
Target effect S …We lead to tension skin without slack
Target effect G…We lead to tension skin without wrinkle

Target effect (all two kinds of / for each 30 g)…9,720 yen

■In season to be worried about drying of new sale skin on Monday, October 16, we fill skin with moisture and lead to skin which did lively with moisture.

ekusajubaitarufokasu (40mL)…5,400 yen

Lotion of debuting is comfortable, and it prepares skin in a feeling of tension and fresh texture from series of new sale apusoryupureshasuseru lustrously on Friday, October 20.

apusoryupureshasuserurozuroshon (150mL)…15,660 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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