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Cosmetics Information
New product

Vivid five colors to color eyelashes by new sale color seeing on Tuesday, May 1. We create look with impact. It is waterproof type resisting Wed., sweat, tears.

<Anna Sui>
Anna Sui color mascara (all five colors)…For each 2,700 yen

■Tuesday, May 1 new sale is beautiful to dance gently. Butterfly is new life eyelash curler of motif.

<Anna Sui>
Anna Sui eyelash curler N (with one spare rubber)…1,080 yen
Spare rubber (with two)…324 yen

■It is multi-, and new color comes up in metallic glitter to be able to enjoy as we like new sale on Tuesday, May 1. It is glitter that whole body can wear eye hitting presence, glossy skin, luxurious brightness including gorgeous hair.

<Anna Sui>
Anna Sui multi-glitter (all new four colors / five colors)…For each 2,376 yen

■We cover new sale stain and curious part including bear of eye on Wednesday, May 2 and adhere to skin suddenly. It is appearance in all four colors of orange development that are most suitable for three colors and cover of bear and dullness of eye to external color.

biyondopafekutingusupakonshira (all four colors)…3,024 yen

Water gross that we be totally accompanied in silky feel of a material such as Wed. from popular "Clinique pop" series in new sale <Clinique> on Friday, May 11, and feeling is light is debut. It is all 20 colors from nude system which is nice for daily messenger to vivid system full of trendy feelings. The finish features feeling of pearl nuance which there is and various lineups from kurimii.

Clinique pop splashing (all 20 colors of /3g)…For each 3,456 yen

New foundation of the finish which is hard to fall apart while covering new sale well on Monday, May 14, and dries, and is not thick-painted with.

tanidoruurutorauearikiddo (all ten colors of SPF38, PA+++/ /30mL)
…For each 6,480 yen

Lip oil which blessing of plant keeping new sale, attributive release moisture and brightness on Friday, May 25 is rich in. "Mint" which was colored limitation becomes colored constant seller and appears.

Comfort lip oil (new sale: 06 mints, amount-limited release: 08 blackberries)
…For each 3,456 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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