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Cosmetics Information
New product

Refresh mist which is usable from new sale make on Saturday, April 1. It is cherry tree, sweet flag, hinoki, four kinds of flavor of citron that combined deep-ocean water with plant oil.

<shu uemura>
Gone Fechter mist (all 50mL/ four kinds)…For each 2,700 yen

■To the finish with Thursday, April 6 new sale compact tension and a feeling of cool luster. It is comfortable usability fitting skin suddenly.

arubionekushia AL lifting emulsion white
(all six colors of SPF47, PA++++/ /10g)
Refill…10,800 yen
Case with mat…2,160 yen

Pre-makeup of medical use whitening * to fix texture while selling newly on Thursday, April 6, and covering, and to fix on smooth skin brightly.

arubionekushia AL whitening * radiantogurouseramu
(unregulated drug /SPF43, PA+++/30g)…7,560 yen

*We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles

Face wash of solid type to remove dirts of skin by new sale clay combination on Friday, April 7, and to wash on tsuruntonamerakana skin. Smooth sparkle such as meringue. It is flavor of her Baru citrus.

Smooth soap bar (standard 130 g in weight)…3,240 yen

Forming soap to wash in carbonated bubble and moisture ingredient (ethyl glucoside) with moisture. Face wash of form type that bubble of the volume comes out to by one push. Dirt is the finish with sticky moisture while dropping well.

Moi strike forming soap
(160 g)…3,240 yen
Refill (160 g)…3,024 yen

Cream soap usable every day to lead to light skin by scrub combination. With bubble that is heavy, and is kurimii, scrub including moisture ingredient (citron extract) and minute scrub cut off dirt and it is fresh and young and washes.

Clear cream soap (115 g)…3,024 yen

■Texture that new sale is rich is postponed till Wednesday, April 12 straight; and to skin that Sarah re-no is comfortable smoothly. We protect skin from strong sunlight and are face protector which there is coherency, and prevents make break.

Balancing UV protector R
(SPF40, PA+++/30mL)…4,536 yen

Protector for body of the finish which we did smoothly quickly without being sticky. It is oriental and is combination with blend essential oil of flavor of peace.

Balancing body UV protector
(SPF50, PA++++/80mL)…5,184 yen

■Waterproof color liner that Friday, April 14 new sale is rainy, and is strong in sweat, tears is debut with all eight colors. In rich vivid color development and feel of a material, we draw smooth line.

<Bobbi Brown>
Long wear waterproof liner
(new eight colors)…For each 3,888 yen

Enzyme powder face-wash to wash on skin which new sale is smooth, and is smooth on Sunday, April 16 carbonate. Net which it is easy to beat that powder is not scattered includes.

(40 g)…3,240 yen

■It is stick-formed medical use whitening * liquid cosmetics to be able to paint place that we aimed at by new sale whitening * active ingredient kojic acid combination on Monday, April 17 with precisely.

arubionekushia AL whitening * intenshibusupottsu
(unregulated drug /4 .0 g)…12,960 yen

*We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles

■Monday, April 17 new sale is medical use whitening * emulsion to prepare on light skin with enriched tension.

arubionekushiaambeajuhowaitoningu * milk
(unregulated drug /200g)…19,440 yen

*We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles

New color comes up than lip gloss to make new sale shake on Friday, April 21, and to soak. By cream mat prescription of light reckoning feeling, we develop vividly.

Mat shaker (new seven colors)…3,240 yen

New aging care of Friday, April 21 new sale vitamin C combinationBut, we appear. Firm smooth skin can be regulated well in face wash for envoy from the Imperial Court and liquid cosmetics of morning and evening.

Fresh presto C seven D system
(for powder face wash 0.5 g *7 / liquid cosmetics 8.5mL *1 /7 Sun. interval)…5,292 yen
Fresh presto C powder cleanser
(for powder face wash 0.5 g *28 /28 Sun. interval)…5,292 yen
Fresh presto C10 daily booster
(for liquid cosmetics 8.5mL *4 /28 Sun. interval)…13,500 yen

※It is care to give moisture on skin depending on age.

Just four articles join daily messenger for suncare series of new sale <Clinique> on Friday, April 21. Regardless of man and woman, it is lineup to be usable toward the wide generation.

SPF 30 Virtue oil body mist
(sunscreen mist /SPF30, PA+++/144mL for body)…4,320 yen
SPF 30 mineral sunscreen fluid four face
(sunscreen emulsion /SPF30, PA+++/30mL for non-chemical prescription / face)…4,536 yen
SPF 30 mineral sunscreen lotion four body
(sunscreen /SPF30, PA++++/125mL for non-chemical prescription / body)…4,320 yen
SPF 30 oil-free face cream
(sunscreen /SPF30, PA+++/50g for face)…4,104 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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