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Cosmetics Information
New product

■We can find out one looking good with oneself from 18 colors by new sale original impression analysis tool most on Friday, August 4. We let feeling of the Sun. and image to want to become do fitting and can distinguish color that seems to be oneself.

Lipstick (all 18 colors)…For each 3,456 yen

■Collection "GRAPHIK" is appearance in autumn in Friday, August 4 new sale, 2017 to draw beauty of your features to totally than amount-limited release <CLARINS> describe painting. It keeps artistic autumn make from base to point make.

Liquid eyeliner of felt type that new sale is big, and line just as wanted can draw delicately thin powerfully.

Graphic eyeliner (all one color)…3,456 yen

Eye palette of color variations to let you feel arrival of limited number of release autumns.

Four color eye palette (one color of limited (06 Forest))…<eight points limit> 6,480 yen

Three colors of rich limitation to color lips of limited number of release autumns comes up.

(three colors of limitation (754 deep red .755 lychee .756 guava))
<for each eight points limit> for each 3,780 yen

It is lip pencil of good long-lasting type of limited number of release color development.

kureyonrevuru (two colors of attributive (05 raspberry .06 red))
<for each eight points limit> for each 3,024 yen

Limited teak color of Golden pink that limited number of release gold powder is inlaid the whole with and color cheeks softly gently.

burasshupurodiju (one color of limitation)…<nine points limit> 5,184 yen

New color to adjust to the bare skin from new product BB cream Hydra tongue is appearance.

BB cream Hydra tongue (SPF30, PA+++/30g/00 light beige)
…5,940 yen

Wash-off unnecessary 2in1 cleansing face wash that not to rub, and Friday, August 4 new sale is easy and to easily wipe off and drop. Smooth skin can be regulated well after face-wash with moisture.

2in1 kurenjingumiserajieru & light makeup remover (148 g)…3,240 yen

Collection "EYE LOVE VIEW" comes up than amount-limited release <three> new sale in 2017 autumns on Wednesday, August 9. It keeps eye make item to finish in beautiful eye.

New sale, eyeliner which boldness can also describe line just as wanted in with fluid texture that amount-limited release is rich and chewy brush precisely.

THREE kyaputibeitingupafomansufuruidoairaina
() limited number of two colors in all five colors ()…136 points of <limit> for each 3,564 yen in total

Nuance black mascara which new sale, coloring that becomes loose in amount-limited release black, and was crowded impresses with streamline of eyelashes.

THREE atto- MOS feh Rick definition mascara
() limited number of one color in all three colors ()…77 points of <limit> for each 4,320 yen in total

New sale, amount-limited release po Eye color to brighten by glitter that is jitibu still more. Gorgeous color and glitter are sensual, and they color expression of eye while being chic.

THREE sima ring color veil statement
() limited number of one color in new four colors ()…<94 points limit> for each 3,780 yen

We finish to lips with flexible glossiness in color development that limited number of release is heavy and creamy texture.

THREE amplifier re-Fido spectrum lip crayon (three colors of limitation)
<133 points limit> for each 3,240 yen

From new sale skin tone to deep color. New color that is sensitive, and is full of expressions comes up.

We polish THREE nail (new five colors)…For each 1,944 yen

■Aging care that is more popular than new sale <Albion> on Friday, August 18But, we renew.
※It is care depending on age.

Cleansing milk to be fresh and young, and to polish up to make and familiarity, plump tension skin on the basis of mellow milk lightly.

Ann finess eliminate cleansing milk (200 g)…4,860 yen

Sticky heavy bubble adsorbs dirt of texture and pore and is eliminated. Creamy face wash which protects moisture and flexible tension skin.

Ann finess deep force wash (120 g)…4,104 yen

Emulsion to have body, and to prepare on firm skin which is thick in Rich.

anfinesudamapampumiruku (200 g)…7,560 yen

Hyaluronic acidLotion to give skin fresh and young moisture by combination, and to prepare on lustrous firm skin.
※Hydrolysis hyaluronic acid acetyl hyaluronic acid Na [humidity retention ingredient]

anfinesudamapampuroshon (200mL)…7,560 yen

Collection comes up than amount-limited release <LUNASOL> new sale in 2017 autumns on Friday, August 18. We express comfortable calm expression with beautiful color to let you feel autumn breath performed of inspire by sunshine filtering through foliage.

Eye shadow of four colors of new sale set. While there is depth by repeating one color of one color thinly, we finish in impressive look with a feeling of omission.

<Kanebo / LUNASOL>
Shine fall Aizu (all three kinds)…For each 5,400 yen

Limited eye shadow of two colors of limited number of release set. We direct lustrous eye letting you feel natural depth.

<Kanebo / LUNASOL>
Aizu (three kinds of limitation) light for shine fall…<50 points limit> for each 4,320 yen

New color of new sale and straw or lipstick to fit to take to, and to wrap up lips for feeling. We finish to warmth like autumn and lips with a feeling of moisture.

<Kanebo / LUNASOL>
Full grammar Lipps (six colors of new colors)…For each 3,240 yen

Eyebrow powder of five colors set which creates three-dimensional eye zone as well as the new sale eyebrows on Friday, August 18. It is usable as eye shadow and eyeliner.

<Kanebo / LUNASOL>
Styling eye zone compact (all one kind)…4,536 yen

Mascara for the eyebrows to change color of the eyebrows for to color of hair. We finish on the bold eyebrows although being natural.

<Kanebo / LUNASOL>
Styling eyebrow mascara (all two colors)…3,024 yen

Two kinds of eyebrow pencils come up. We type thin rumen which the delicate eyebrows can describe in flat type that the natural eyebrows can draw and soft touch by light touch.

<Kanebo / LUNASOL>
Styling eyebrow pencil (flat round / for each two colors)…For each 1,620 yen
※Styling eyebrow pencil holder sold separately…2,160 yen

Liquid foundation to finish to light shiny skin with pigment reflecting new sale light on Friday, August 18. We are familiar so that light texture melts into skin.

ibumbetaguroumekuappu 15 (all ten colors of SPF15, PA++/ /30mL)…5,184 yen

Luxury foundation which shows skin itself created through idea that new sale is new on Monday, August 21 beautifully. We finish on luster to feel until tension, skin that texture was regulated well plumply.

<Shiseido / cle de peau bote>
cle de peau beaute salon boteru fonds do tongue (seven colors of /30g)…32,400 yen

New beauty emulsion to prepare to shiny skin that new sale was enriched on Monday, August 21.

SK-IIR.N.A. power air Lee Milky lotion
(50 g)…12,420 yen
(80 g)…18,360 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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