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Cosmetics Information
New product

Two types of Ruth powder to finish on mat skin that new sale is careful softly lightly and moist shiny skin on Thursday, March 1.

<Anna Sui>
Anna Sui Ruth powder refill (all four-colored /17g)…For each 3,780 yen
Case (belonging to puff)…1,620 yen

■Whitening * liquid cosmetics that new sale is fresh and young and leads to translucent skin on Thursday, March 1.

White process essence OP (unregulated drug)
(20mL)…6,480 yen
(50mL)…12,960 yen

Gel form cream illuminator to make use of skin original brightness in texture that new sale is fresh and young on Thursday, March 1, and to give brilliant brightness. When we mix with emulsion, sunscreen, foundation and use, we give the whole skin brightness.

Synchronized skin illuminator (all two colors of /40g)…For each 4,104 yen

New color to finish on light skin from new sale cushion compact on Friday, March 2 comes up.

Megacity block BB cushion compact 50
(/ new one color :# 60 berry light /12g with compact sponge)…6,264 yen
Refill…5,184 yen

Foundation for part to cover uneven coloring, shadows such as new sale stain freckles or bear on Friday, March 2, and to finish on light skin.

korekuchuruvisaju (all SPF25, PA+++/ five colors)…For each 6,480 yen
Bread so…3,780 yen

Newly long wear foundation to finish on semi-matte skin with a feeling of bare skin while covering new sale well on Friday, March 2.

<Bobbi Brown>
Skin long wear waitress foundation
(SPF15, PA++/ new nine colors /30mL)…For each 6,480 yen

In the finish which we had a feeling of natural bare skin for while covering part which became new sale mind on Friday, March 2. Foundation all day break-free in spite of being light reckoning feeling.

<Bobbi Brown>
Skin long wear waitress compact foundation
(SPF30, PA+++/ new nine colors)
Refill…For each 5,400 yen
Case…1,080 yen
●Sponge…540 yen

■Soft color that is recommended to make of new sale spring and metallic color taste are appearances on Friday, March 2.

omburuipunosutiro (new eight colors)…For each 4,104 yen

To person not to want to do Sun. desperation when going out of the Monday, March 5 new sale daytime. UV cream which gets soggy lightly without being sticky.

Atmosphere air Lee light UV cream
(SPF50, PA++++/30g)…9,180 yen

Enzyme face-wash powder which balanced wet washing performance that stuck to comfortableness and hand to wash clearly from the depths of new sale pore on Friday, March 9.

Kanebo refreshing powder wash (*32 0.4 g)…3,240 yen

■We give new sale moisture on Friday, March 9 and are liquid cosmetics preparing skin smoothly.

Kanebo smoothing Ceram (100mL)…6,480 yen

Liquid cosmetics for eye to fix in new sale moisture and firm eye on Friday, March 9.

Kanebo re-F inning eye Ceram (15mL)…7,560 yen

Face wash that bubble (mousse) of new sale new sense wraps up skin on Friday, March 9 and washes. We wash off old keratin and dirt, make clearly, and the smooth bare skin can be regulated well.

White – plus blight cleanser (150mL)…4,860 yen

■Ceram foundation to combine skin care ingredient used for new sale liquid cosmetics on Wednesday, March 14, plant oil, and to finish on firm skin. We grow pleasantly, and thin veil adheres to skin.

THREE Angers Rick synthesis foundation Ceram
(all ten colors of SPF38, PA+++/ /30mL)…For each 6,696 yen

■While new sale plant oil gives moisture on Wednesday, March 14, we melt into skin and are stick primer for part to prepare smoothly.

THREE airlift smoothing wand reader…4,104 yen

Mat type comes up to Ruth powder of feel of a material such as new sale powdery snow newly on Wednesday, March 14. We finish on delicate, smooth skin which there is not of a feeling of weight and thick painting while making use of a feeling of bare skin which we made with primer and foundation.

THREE arutimeitodaiafenesurusupaudamatto
(two colors of /17g)…For each 5,400 yen

■Friday, March 16 new sale total aging careNew whitening * basic care comes up of this from "AQ". Translucent skin can be regulated well brightly while being relaxed with comfortable flavor.

COSME DECORTE AQ whitening * emulsion (unregulated drug /200mL)…10,800 yen
(for change)…10,476 yen
COSME DECORTE AQ whitening * lotion (unregulated drug /200mL)…10,800 yen
COSME DECORTE AQ whitening * cream (unregulated drug /25g)…21,600 yen

■New sale whitening * and new Ann finess white of tension come up on Sunday, March 18.

Medical whitening * emulsion to lead to light tension skin.

Ann finess white whitening * pampumiruku
(unregulated drug /200g)…7,560 yen

Medical whitening * lotion to lead to firm tension skin brightly.

Ann finess white whitening * pampuroshon
(unregulated drug /200mL)…7,560 yen

Medical use whitening * liquid cosmetics to prepare to firm skin.

Ann finess white white serge solution
(unregulated drug /40mL)…10,800 yen

Medical use whitening * cream to prepare to firm light skin.

Ann finess white white plant cream
(unregulated drug /30g)…12,960 yen

*We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles.
※It is care depending on age.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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