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Stationary&Souvenirs information

■The tenth-floor = Stationary&Souvenirs

We send information or event information to be performed in Stationary&Souvenirs.


<Itoya Kyoto store> Shinnyu study fair

■... Tuesday, April 3 during holding

■= special venue on the tenth floor

We have stationery which is necessary for entrance to school of elementary school where pencil and pencil case, <Itoya> including eraser recommend to and introduce. We accept, "the name enter" that we classify the name of child into pencil in pay.
※Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

Event & fair

<Itoya Kyoto store> writing implements fair

■... Saturday, March 31 during holding

■= stationery / Itoya Kyoto store on the tenth floor

<Itoya> which supports your "we write" with every effort. We have approximately 1,200 kinds of writing implements such as domestic and foreign ball-point pens, fountain pens doing work and private more splendidly and, for new life to begin from spring, introduce.

Hina decoration feature

■... Saturday, March 3 during holding

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

Hina doll to display in hope of growth and happiness of young lady. We introduce ornament or bauble to be able to enjoy casually at home.

<Article productshinajina> Moss ball, moss bonsai

■... Tuesday, March 6 during holding

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

We introduce bonsai which is Japanese modern to feel, and to enjoy the four seasons while bringing up than shop <article product> producing bonsai of new style in Jiyugaoka.

<Misasagi hermitagegoryoan> Pouch, miscellaneous goods

■... Tuesday, March 6 during holding

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

We have miscellaneous goods such as pouch or porch using cloth for original and introduce.

Boy's Festival decoration special feature

■From Sunday, March 4 to May 5 (Sat., celebration)

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

Doll for the Boy's Festival in celebration of birth and growth of boy. We have ornament and figurehead of recommended mascot motif including helmet and the dark up and introduce.

<pen mode> Ball-point pen

■From Wednesday, March 7 to 20th Tuesday

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

Ball-point pen which was particular about woodwork, leather, the subject matter including Japanese paper. Craftsmen playing an active part in each field make use of technique and finish to ball-point pen clogged up of feelings. We can classify name into woodwork, leather pen and are most suitable for gift of entrance to school, employment.

<Hirai woodwork turnery place> Fountain pen, ball-point pen

■March 21 Wednesday (holiday) - Tuesday, April 3

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

We process various Thurs. such as Yaku cedar and ebony, rose wood into fountain pen and ball-point pen in traditional technique using potter's wheel (potter's wheel). Writing implements made heartily are most suitable for gift of entrance to school, employment one by one.

Souvenir feature of Kyoto

■March 21 Wednesday (holiday) - Tuesday, April 3

■= special venue on the first floor

Pouch porch book jacket po Mainly on sum accessories such as chi bag or letter paper, we had "the sum with sense of fun" from classic pattern to modern design abundantly. Under the theme of petit souvenir to distribute to friend, it is <Misasagi hermitage> <Chinese poem composed by a Japanese club> We introduce tool for sum accessory, Japanese sentence from this.

<taniyadaihirometaninodaihiro> Moss ball, moss bonsai

■March 21 Wednesday (holiday) - Tuesday, April 10

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

taniyadaihirome (taninodaihiro) he who makes seasonal moss ball, moss bonsai seasonally in among the mountains of Kyoto. We introduce "small nature shining in interior".

Accessory case (mini-clutch), pouch

■From Wednesday, March 28 to Tuesday, April 10

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

<rakukeikobo> which did that we made product which followed "traditional Fumi" who came to Kyoto for a long time "material", and fitted modern living in motto.
We introduce the skill and accessory case (mini-clutch) and pouch utilized wisdom which have been taken good care of.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※Event contents change or it may be canceled. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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