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600-8555 Higashi-Shiokoji Shiokoji-Sagaru Karasuma St. Shimogyou-ku Kyoto City Japan
Phone number
Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

Stationary&Souvenirs information

■The tenth-floor = Stationary&Souvenirs

We send information or event information to be performed in Stationary&Souvenirs.


<*> Kurume cloth with splashed patterns and Ojiya linen crepe collection

■From Wednesday, June 20 to Tuesday, July 10

■= special venue on the tenth floor

We are particular about the subject matter and introduce wear which was particular about design. Commencing with pattern order, the first place that customer had is surely found.

Event & fair

Hiroko Tachibanatachibanahiroko <mother cotton> dress

■... Tuesday, June 5 during holding

■= special venue on the tenth floor

Using floral design of Liberty print and checked dough, we want adult woman who does not forget heart of girl to wear
We have dress in cathedral and introduce.

<Maro crestmaromon> T-shirt

■From Saturday, June 2 to 28th Thursday

■= stationery / Itoya Kyoto store on the tenth floor

We introduce T-shirt of new design with Japanese pleasant various things as form called "crest".

<studio Mami land> wear accessories

■From Wednesday, June 6 to 12th Tuesday

■= special venue on the tenth floor

We introduce attractive, individual item selected by the owner including ethnic clothes, AXA sherry, miscellaneous goods. Please enjoy view of the world that totally upset jewel box.

<taniyadaihirometaninodaihiro> moss ball, moss bonsai

■From Wednesday, June 6 to 19th Tuesday

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

Tanino University Hiroshi making seasonal moss ball, moss bonsai seasonally in among the mountains of Kyoto. We introduce "small nature shining in interior".

<Ann-LeeAng Lee> original wear bag

■From Wednesday, June 13 to 19th Tuesday

■= special venue on the tenth floor

We introduce clothes, accessory that all processes of design pattern, sewing were dealt with in-house and, using original material (mainly linen), heard semi-order such as size design, dough change.

<Chinese poem composed by a Japanese club> Japanese paper product

■From Wednesday, June 20 to 28th Thursday

■The tenth-floor = friendship miscellaneous goods

We set up shop in Kyoto, Kodai-ji Temple. We have sealed letter issued by a shogun book or Pochi bag, versing paper which we are particular about design and made in cathedral and introduce.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※Event contents change or it may be canceled. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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