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Intimate News/17. 12.15 update
Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

We introduce including event and information, the again latest information for the fifth-floor = woman underwear.
Please expect every month as you tell about new information on 15th.

The latest introduction

<Wacoal> parufaju

... side refreshing chest fluffy ribbon Bra ...

New crop appears for collaboration of M/mika ninagawa and parufaju which Mika Ninagawa playing an active part as photographer, movie director deals with. Wear unit-related fragrant flowers for feeling that is art.

Color variations: Red ivory yellow

(B, C cup /65 - 75cm)……7,560 yen
(D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…8,100 yen
(G cup /65 - 75cm)…8,640 yen
※G cup becomes the handling only for red.

Shorts (boy length)
(M L)…3,780 yen

[other handling items]
●T back (M)…3,240 yen
●Shorts (M L)…3,780 yen
●Camisole (80.85)…12,960 yen

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<Wacoal> torefuru

... Allure Inc. 39 groups ...

Dance girls bewildering people with gorgeous review at night. We expressed the bewitching mood with applique and lam thread of velvet errand. Skirt of long camisole finishes with hand pleats.
Red color uses chambray chiffon which color turns into by angle to see.

Color variations: Red black

Long camisole
(80.85)…43,200 yen

[other handling items]
(C cup /65 - 75cm)…19,440 yen
(D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…20,304 yen
●T back shorts
(M)…8,640 yen
●Shorts (M L)…8,640 yen
●Camisole (80.85)…30,240 yen

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... furorare 503 series ...

Glossy embroidery thread which harks back to "brightness of light" that is origin of the name of "Christmas rose." It is series to overflow in easy attractiveness.

Color variations: Dark red dark blue light yellow white pink

(B cup /65 - 75cm)…8,424 yen
(C - E cup /65 - 75cm)…8,748 yen
(F cup /65 - 75cm)…9,072 yen

(M L)…4,320 yen

[other handling items]
●T back (M)…4,104 yen
●Roller is shorts
(M L)…4,320 yen
●Camisole (80-90)…10,260 yen

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<kid blue>

... flower box ...

Race trainer of the front desk where camisole imaged gift to season theme "giving flower" for is point.

Color variations: Pink lavender

(M L)…8,532 yen

Roller is shorts
(M L)…4,212 yen

[other handling items]
●Brassiere (B cup /70, 75cm, C D cup /65 - 75cm, E cup /70cm)…8,100 yen
●Non-underwire jar
(M L)…7,452 yen
●Shorts (M L)…4,212 yen
●Boxer shorts (M L)…4,644 yen
●Three minutes length shorts (M L)…5,940 yen
●Camisole with cup
(M L)…10,260 yen
●Bellyband (M L)…3,888 yen

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Intimate News Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.
※Handling color may vary according to size. Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

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