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Intimate News/17 .08.15 update
Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

We introduce including event and information, the again latest information for the fifth-floor = woman underwear.
Please expect every month as you tell about new information on 15th.

The latest introduction

<Wacoal> raze

... "raze" kurimiifittobura ...

Saying is saying "is light" which do not put on at all; "the softness."

Color variations: Mint blue navy pink cream

(B cup /70 - 80cm, C cup /65 - 80cm)…8,640 yen
(D E cup /65 - 80cm, F cup (70-80cm)…9,180 yen

(M L)…4,104 yen

[other handling items]
●Shorts (boy length)
(M L)
…4,104 yen

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<Wacoal> Incaic civilization rat

... Incaic civilization rat ...

Soft lighting and touch that let frosted glass go through. We express state that seems to fail if we strongly touch in delicate embrace.

Color variations: White beige pink

(C cup /65 - 75cm)…9,612 yen
(D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…10,152 yen

Roller is shorts
(M L)…4,644 yen

[other handling items]
●T back (M)…4,428 yen
●Shorts (M L)…4,212 yen

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... FL103 series ...

We expressed motif of ribbon in Tulle embroidery race.
As back lower side uses stretch race, there is not a feeling of clamping; is comfortable; arrive, and is feeling.

Color variations: Dark red dark green pearl white

(B cup /70 - 80cm)…9,180 yen
(C - E cup /65 - 80cm)…9,504 yen
(C - E cup /85 - 95cm)…10,044 yen
※Only green becomes the handling of B - E cup (70-80cm).

[other handling items]
(M L)…4,428 yen
(LL)…4,752 yen
(3L)…5,076 yen
※Only green becomes the handling of M L.
●Roller is shorts (M L)…4,644 yen
(80-90)…10,260 yen
(95-105)…10,800 yen
※Only green becomes the handling of (80-90).

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<kid blue>

... Lacey flow let ...

Shinsaku of popular cotton spandex cotton jersey material appears.
It is design that cutting race is fresh on floret print.

Color variations: Navy ivory

Non-underwire jar
(M L)…7,452 yen

Roller is shorts
(M L)…4,212 yen

[other handling items]
●Underwire jar (B cup /70 .75cm, C D cup /65 - 75cm, E cup /70cm)…8,100 yen
●Shorts (M L)…4,212 yen
●Shorts non race (M L)…3,888 yen
●Boxer shorts (M L)…4,644 yen
●Camisole (M L)…8,100 yen
●Camisole (M L) with cup…9,180 yen

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<Langeais leak>

... her best show ...

Combination of leaver lace that lace of classical, elegant floral design was woven with special machine delicately and flexible, beautiful cloth woven with extra-fine cotton and linen thread. It is line which expressed scenery of Tokyo that is full of nature of the 1870s.

Color variations: Ivory black red

(B cup /70 .75cm, C cup /65 - 75cm)
…19,440 yen
(D E cup /65 - 75cm)…19,980 yen

T back
(M)…10,800 yen

Non-underwire jar
(M)…15,120 yen

(M L)…10,800 yen

[other handling items]
●Roller is shorts (M L)…11,880 yen
●Slip (80, 85/80cm length)…30,240 yen
●Loungewear dress (M)…36,720 yen
●Loungewear pajamas (M)…41,040 yen

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Intimate News Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.
※Handling color may vary according to size. Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

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