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Intimate News/17 .03.15 update
Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

We introduce including event and information, the again latest information for the fifth-floor = woman underwear.
Please expect every month as you tell about new information on 15th.

The latest introduction

<Wacoal> raze

... Rose garden rosary ...

It is brassiere which the volume improves the upper bust to be worried about, and makes decollete with roundness plumply. We designed a feeling of supreme bliss given gorgeous color and flavor of rose in "feminine is elegant".

Color variations: Yellow pink white black

(B cup /70 - 80cm, C cup /65 - 80cm)
…8,964 yen
(D - F cup /65 - 80cm)…9,504 yen

(M L)…3,996 yen

[other handling items]
T back shorts (M)…3,996 yen
●Roller is shorts (M L)…3,996 yen
●Camisole (80.85.90)…9,180 yen

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<Wacoal> Incaic civilization rat

... chanson (the refined sensuality beauty) ...

It is yozetsu, sensitive, sexy adult collection like woman who imaged diva, Edith Piaf of ballad that spent the fierce life.

Color variations: Brown light gray purple

(C cup /65 - 75cm)…9,612 yen
(D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…10,152 yen

Roller is shorts
(M L)…4,536 yen

(M L)…11,880 yen

[other handling items]
●T back (M)…4,428 yen
●Shorts (M L)…4,536 yen

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... ES306 ...

We use gorgeous leaver lace and stretch satin.
Teddy who can enjoy as arrival at room is appearance.

Color variations: Yellow blue dark brown

(M L)…18,360 yen

[other handling items]
(B cup /70 .75cm)…11,880 yen
(C - E cup /65 - 75cm)…12,204 yen
●Non-underwire jar (M L)…6,480 yen
※It becomes the handling only for yellow and dark brown.
●Shorts (M L)…5,400 yen
●Roller is shorts (M L)…5,400 yen
●T back (M)…4,860 yen
●Camisole (80.85.90)…14,040 yen
●Flare underwear (M L)…8,640 yen

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<kid blue>

... kottommesshuembu ...

It is total race inner series that delicate flower embroidery is gorgeous.
Stretch characteristics are on the length side, and a feeling of comfortable fitting is recommended.

Color variations: Blue white

Non-underwire jar
(M L)…9,612 yen

Boxer shorts
(M L)…5,292 yen

[other handling items]
(B cup /70 .75cm, C D cup /65 - 75cm, E cup /70cm)…10,260 yen
●Shorts (M L)…4,968 yen
●T back (M L)…4,968 yen
●Roller is shorts (M L)…4,968 yen
●Camisole (M L)…11,880 yen
●Camisole (M L) with cup…12,960 yen

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<Langeais leak>

... 23 (twenty three) ...

It is series being aware of comfort giving moisture for daily life.

Color variations: Blue white black

Non-underwire jar
(M L)…9,180 yen

Roller is shorts
(M L)…6,480 yen

(B cup /70 .75cm, C cup /65 - 80cm)…11,340 yen
(D cup /65 - 80cm, E cup /65 - 75cm, F cup /70 .75cm)…11,880 yen

T back
(M)…5,940 yen

[other handling items]
●Shorts (M L)…5,400 yen
●Slip (80, 85/85cm length)…19,440 yen
●Camisole (80.85)…14,040 yen

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Intimate News Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.
※Handling color may vary according to size. Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

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