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Intimate News/19. 01.15 update
Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

We introduce including event and information, the again latest information for the fifth-floor = woman underwear.
Please expect every month as you tell about new information on 15th.

Event information

Consulting by Intimate Apparel Adviser

We want to choose correct thing as oneself for woman simply because selection of underwear is thing touching skin directly. But we do not understand izatonaruto how to choose. Have you not felt this?
Intimate Apparel Adviser which had knowledge and technique that is specialized in underwear in such a trouble solves trouble of customer!

For example, is there not such a trouble?

①We do not know own size
②We do not know skin is sensitive, and what kind of thing we should use
③We are ashamed that we talk about figure
④We want to do something for curious part!

We answer for the trouble in this way.

①We measure right size.
②We introduce nature material and design which are kind to skin.
③Please consult with adviser having abundant underwear knowledge in peace.
④We introduce item which matched curious part including chest, back, hip.

Besides, for one having various troubles, Intimate Apparel Adviser asks about request of each customer and helps with selection of good underwear. Comfortable time is spent putting on underwear which fitted if all of you are good to you in the body, and how?

[target brand]
<Wacoal> <torimpu>
<kid blue> <Langeais leak> Others

■Saturday, January 26, 27th Sunday / every day
②1:30 p.m.
③3:00 p.m.
④4:30 p.m.
(each time approximately 90 minutes)

■Capacity: Every day four people
■Entrance fee: Free of charge
■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

[we make Reservations over store or telephone]
■Reservations period: From Saturday, January 19 to 27th Sunday
■Reservations, inquiry telephone 075(342) 5662 [directly]:

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Valentine gift feature

■From Wednesday, January 30 to Thursday, February 14
We suggest variety including relaxing miscellaneous goods and foods which are recommended to oneself and friend, Valentine gift to immediate person including family wealthily.


We wear and offer cut and sones of thermal dough which is recommended to box-shaped original package socks and daily trainer with two pieces of good socks of feeling as group.

<going nuts>

Branch simultaneous from shop where is specialized in nuts suggesting "foods-style healthy deliciously happily." It is good to sugar, present of Valentine including nuts and dried fruit of additive nonuse. In addition, we introduce the latest nuts bar.

Nuts bar…For each 480 yen (with three pieces /1 bag)
From the right: Morning banana, lunch mandarin orange, night kiwi

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... inti mate news ...
Spring new work information

We introduce recommended product earlier in spring.


parufaju 95 series

It features design which cut beautiful time when there is a few most which flowers which do not entrust motif with cherry tree in full glory in full bloom bloom suddenly all at once.

Personal fitting Bra (model wearing)
(B, C cup /65 - 75cm)…8,964 yen (D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…9,504 yen,
(G cup /65 - 75cm)…10,044 yen

T back shorts
(M)…4,860 yen

Color: Blue pink gray ivory (in B cup /65cm, G cup suffers only from pink the handling only for pink gray ivory)

Ribbon Bra (the right)
(B, C cup /65 - 75cm)…9,288 yen (D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…9,828 yen,
(G cup /65 - 75cm)…10,368 yen

Color: Blue pink gray ivory (as for B cup, G cup suffers only from pink ivory the handling only for pink blue)

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Bra slim line series of angel

We introduce new work of collection from Bra of popular series angel in the spring and summer. It is design which treated race that ranged so that floret flows through the surface of the water.

Brassiere…For each 8,424 yen
Color: Light blue (B - D cup /65 - 80cm, E F cup /70, 75cm)
Dark blue (B - D cup /65 - 85cm, E F cup /70, 75cm)
Dark pink (B - E cup /70, 75cm)

(M - LL)…3,348 yen
(LL becomes the handling only for dark blue)

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<kid blue>

Early spring series

Nightwear of dot & flower.
With relaxation thyme of feeling wrapped in flowers early spring feeling.

(M)…16,200 yen

(M)…16,200 yen

Bath towel…5,940 yen
Face towel…2,484 yen
Hand towel…1,404 yen
Handkerchief…972 yen

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<Langeais leak>

Deauville series

It is the latest series using stretch leaver lace with beauty that is pretty although being simple.

(80/80 length, 85/80 length)…19,440 yen

T back shorts
(M L)…5,940 yen

Color: Off-white

(B cup /70, 75cm, C cup /65 - 80cm)…11,880 yen
(D cup /65 - 80cm, E cup /65 - 75cm, F cup /70, 75cm)…12,420 yen

High Rise standard shorts
(M L)…7,560 yen

Color: Navy

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Intimate Apparel Adviser

"Intimate Apparel Adviser" which acquired wide knowledge about lingerie looks for lingerie along request of customer.
For more details, please refer over store or telephone.

JR Kyoto Isetan
The fifth-floor = woman underwear
Telephone: 075(342) 5662 [directly]
(from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

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Intimate News Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.
※Handling color may vary according to size. Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

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