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Intimate News/18. 01.15 update
Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

We introduce including event and information, the again latest information for the fifth-floor = woman underwear.
Please expect every month as you tell about new information on 15th.

The latest introduction

<Wacoal> parufaju

... 83G

It is exceptionally lovely like corolla of memory.
We seem to smile at flowers with full of senses of fun unintentionally.

Color variations: Pink yellow blue navy

Personal fitting Bra
(B, C cup /65 - 75cm)…8,964 yen
(D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…9,504 yen
(G cup /65 - 75cm)…10,044 yen
※In B cup /65cm, B cup /70, 75cm, G cup /65 - 75cm suffer only from blue the handling only for pink blue.

Boy length shorts
(M L)…4,536 yen

[other handling items]
●T back shorts (M)…4,860 yen
●Shorts (M L)…4,212 yen
●Camisole (80.85)…9,720 yen

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... 84G

Brightness of the surface of the water changing expression boldly, flowing curve are dramatic.

Color variations: White pink black

(C cup /65 - 75cm)…9,504 yen
(D - F cup /65 - 75cm)…10,044 yen
(G cup /65 - 75cm)…10,584 yen

T back shorts
(M)…4,212 yen

[other handling items]
●Shorts (M L)…4,212 yen
●Camisole (80.85)…9,720 yen

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... FL104 series ...

Applique of embroidery race reflecting the image of flower of Lily displays cup. As back appearances become the disposal in reply, it becomes hard to encroach.

Color variations: Vanilla light green satin pink dark pink

(B, C cup /70 - 80cm)…9,180 yen
(D E cup /70 - 80cm)…9,720 yen

(M L)…4,428 yen

[other handling items]
●Roller is shorts (M L)…4,644 yen
●Camisole (80-90)…10,260 yen

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<kid blue>

... Doe bulldog flower ...

Combination of two kinds of floral design is cute series.
Variety of colors of yellow lavender is fresh, too.

Color variations: Lavender yellow

Non-underwire jar
(M L)…7,452 yen

Roller is shorts
(M L)…4,212 yen

[other handling items]
●Brassiere (B cup /70, 75cm, C D cup /65 - 75cm, E cup /70cm)…8,100 yen
●Shorts (M L)…4,212 yen
●Boxer shorts (M L)…4,644 yen
●Camisole (M L)…8,100 yen
●Camisole (M L) with cup…9,612 yen
●Leggings (M L)…8,532 yen

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<Langeais leak>

... YADWIGHA yadoviga

It is lingerie of elegant feel of a material that we expressed as silk original delicate *yokusozai in beautiful leaver lace.

Color variations: Blue gray ivory rosewood

3/4 cup brassiere
(B cup /70, 75cm, C cup /65 - 75cm)…19,440 yen
D, E cup (65-75cm)…19,980 yen

(M L)…10,260 yen

(80.85)…32,400 yen

[other handling items]
●Non-underwire jar (M L)…15,120 yen
●Boxer shorts (M L)…10,800 yen
●T back shorts (M)…9,720 yen

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Intimate News Women's underwear and intimate apparel news ■The fifth-floor = woman underwear

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.
※Handling color may vary according to size. Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

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