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600-8555 Higashi-Shiokoji Shiokoji-Sagaru Karasuma St. Shimogyou-ku Kyoto City Japan
Phone number
Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

3F natural cosmetics

■The third-floor = natural cosmetics

In natural & Shin pull which can discover beauty and healing like oneself
Zone where we were particular about.
We introduce items leading healthy beauty of body, skin, heart from blessing of plant.
You can choose skin care hair care body care variously and help with discovery of "the beauty" like oneself.

■Telephone: 075 (342) 0066 [natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Natural cosmetic event of March

<COCOLO KYOTO> period limited sale

■From Friday, March 10 to 14th Tuesday
■= special meeting place on the second floor

Granola which is full of variety is introduced by store specializing in Kyoto granola <COCOLO KYOTO>. We had recommended product in flavor nadochotoshita present only in Kyoto.

<kazura seiroho> period limited sale

■From Wednesday, March 15 to 21st Tuesday
■= special meeting place on the second floor

We had hair care and skin care, sum miscellaneous goods which reported thought beyond the times including camellia oil to lead from Gion, Kyoto <kazura seiroho> to beautiful hair.
In addition, we introduce including brewing maker <Yamamoto head family> of Fushimi, Kyoto and cosmetics which we developed jointly.

New product information

■Wednesday, March 1 new sale

In good smooth texture of growth, it is recommended on not only the makeup groundwork but also body. It is available with flavor of lavender orange lemongrass refreshingly and can wash away with face wash.

Natural UV protection (SPF30, PA+++/40mL)…3,780 yen

■Wednesday, March 1 new sale

Plant oil and UV milk of texture which is light while being moistened of rice flour combination are new sale. It is available on not only face but also decollete and body.

UV protection base (SPF43, PA+++/30mL)…3,024 yen

■Wednesday, March 1 new sale

Beauty oil which was developed in consideration of climate of Japan. We lead to bright skin while fixing balance of oil content, moisture in silky light texture.

Trilogy RHO light blend oil (30mL)…7,020 yen

■Wednesday, March 8 new sale

Mineral powder foundation with two characteristics that "cover power and a feeling of bare skin" disagreed with as one. You can adjust to the favorite finish by using core coverage brush (separate sale).

<bear mineral>
Bear pro powder foundation (all SPF15, PA++/ eight colors)…4,536 yen

■Friday, March 24 new sale

Beauty drink "lift plus" is renewed. We combined beauty ingredient abundantly and were reborn to more deluxe one. For pineapple flavor that it was easy to accept, it became easy to carry bottle smartly, too.

<Hel sea one>
One laboratory story lift plus
(*5 20mL)…4,752 yen
(*10 20mL)…8,640 yen

Attributive article information

■Wednesday, March 1-limited release

Oil of limited release comes up only in spring in every year when vitamin E entered. It is recommended in the present season when ultraviolet ray becomes strong.

<franc sila>
Spring suntan oil kit…12,960 yen

[set contents]
・ spring suntan oil (30mL)
・ cleansing emulsion (150mL)
・ facial water mini (30mL)
・ sunscreen AG cream mini (5mL)

■Wednesday, March 1-limited release

Set which basic skin care item entered in season when there are many both feeling and one to make review of skin care newly in new life is limited release. At this opportunity, do you not begin skin care of Dr. haushuka?

<Dr. haushuka>
Spring skin care basic set…7,236 yen

[set contents]
・ kurenzukurimu (50mL)
・ facial toner (100mL)
・ cleansing milk (30mL)
・ cotton porch

■Wednesday, March 1-limited release

Big size bottle first than <Koto China> is released for a limited number. We combine green tea ingredient of Uji, Kyoto and humidity retention ingredient of true oil of tea. With flavor of green tea, we wash hair and the skin calmly easily.

<Koto China>
KS shampoo relaxation BIC bottle GT(500mL)…6,696 yen

■Friday, March 10-limited release

Humidity retention cream quenching hand skin for "edelweiss UV protection" to be available on the makeup groundwork, and to be able to lose with soap, lotion of hydration to set. UV protection is available to both face and body.

UV protection set…4,536 yen

[set contents]
*2 point of ・ edelweiss UV protection (50mL)
・ skin foods (10mL)
・ wild rose moisture lotion (10mL)

■Wednesday, March 15-limited release

Sunscreen of spring and summer-limited powder type comes up by limitation. In SPF50, PA++++, we protect skin from ultraviolet ray becoming strong from now on. It is available easily again and again in the daytime to repair foundation finisshingupauda make.

Super mineral powder sunscreen (all SPF50, PA++++/ two colors)…6,480 yen

Recommended product of March

We introduce foundation which is kind to skin of the handling in natural cosmetics.

To skin moistened with mineral ion gel pleasantly. It is foundation to lead to skin care.

<bear mineral>
CR tinteddojierukurimu (SPF30, PA+++/35mL)…4,104 yen

Do without seeing without seeing by light car, and be accompanied; feeling nino liquid foundation. We give skin moisture and tension.

fandeshompyure (all SPF25, PA++/20mL/ three colors)…4,104 yen

We protect skin from spring sunlight and are BB foundation of powder type to be hard to fall apart, and to keep moisture.

All mineral essence Moi strike EX(SPF50+, PA++++/ two colors)…7,020 yen
(limited release in the spring and summer)

It is mineral organic foundation which is kind to the bare skin.

Mineral foundation (all 14g/ two colors)…4,968 yen


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It is zone that can feel essence of ... beauty & healthy life. ...

When we want to know state of hair and scalp? <of cosmetics> hair check service

Using apparatus for exclusive use of hair, we advise care while confirming state of scalp.
■The time required: Approximately 30 minutes

■It is given priority to reservation: Telephone 075 (342) 0066 [the third-floor = natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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