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3F natural cosmetics

■The third-floor = natural cosmetics

Zone that was particular about natural & Shin pull which could discover beauty and healing like oneself.
We introduce items leading healthy beauty of body, skin, heart from blessing of plant.
You can choose skin care hair care body care variously and help with discovery of "the beauty" like oneself.

■Telephone: 075 (342) 0066 [natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Event information

<perfume oil factory> period limited sale

■From Wednesday, June 21 to 27th Tuesday
■The third-floor = the stage # 3

We introduce perfume of "oil" which flavor of alcohol, Wed. nonuse leads to for a limited time. You mix mainly on essential oil and can enjoy flavor to spread elegantly and blessings of nature wrapped up kindly. To seasonal change, do you not change flavor either?

<naseri> period limited sale

■From Wednesday, June 28 to Tuesday, July 11
■The third-floor = natural cosmetics

We introduce brand presenting cleansing gel which was particular about naturally derived color and flavor.

New product information

■Thursday, June 1 new sale

To hair which gave coloring. We let color of color last a long time and keep hair in good health. Flavor of jasmine and damask rose.

Intensive shampoo EB (250mL)…1,944 yen

■Thursday, June 1 new sale

To hair which gave coloring. We moisturize hair and give luster. We give the softness and tension and we prevent split hair, sharpness hair and keep in good health.

Intensive conditioner EB (200 g)…2,106 yen

■Thursday, June 1 new sale

Makeup item of <dokutahaushuka> comes up in wide color variations. It renovates package in triangular form of deep mauve color and plays an active part from natural in the scene where mode, dramatic made are various.

To skin which fixes external color including uneven coloring, and is smooth in nature. Compact type that it is easy to use to repair Japanese-Chinese make.

Compact powder (all 8g/ three colors)…4,752 yen

Collar which is mat and two colors of palettes with a feeling of luster. Powder teak which gives natural color and three-dimensional impression, and creates the bare skin beautifully.

Brush Duo (all 5.7g/ three colors)…4,104 yen

Lip color to create vivid color development and feeling of natural luster. Almond, plant oil including apricot protect lips from drying.

Lipstick (4.1 g)…4,104 yen

■Thursday, June 1 new sale

In trouble of "water deficit" summer skin to "be worried about stickiness." Liquid cosmetics of the silky touch that flavor of rose is comfortable. We tighten skin and lead to skin with moisture.

Oil-free Moi strike up Ceram (30mL)…6,480 yen

■Thursday, June 1 new sale

It is face soap of moist type that combined true oil of tea.

<Koto China>
KS green T soap leaf in 50 (60 g)…3,024 yen

■Wednesday, June 7 new sale

Eye shadow base that we came up with the idea of from external color. We give eyelids nuance and patronize external color. We protect from sunlight and are recommended for make in summer.

<bear mineral>
5 in 1BB cream eye shadow (SPF15, PA++/ new three colors /3mL)…3,240 yen

Attributive article information

■Thursday, June 1-limited release

Toothbrushing paste of light aftertaste. It is limited release at advantageous price.

We polish, and her Baru pastes (75mL)…501 yen

■Wednesday, June 14-limited release

Shower gel for the after sun washing hair and body after sunburn easily.

SU hair and bodywash (250mL)…2,592 yen

■Wednesday, June 14-limited release

To hair which fully bathed in summer sunlight. Good flexible hair according to finger can be regulated well.

SU hair mask (150mL)…3,564 yen

■Friday, June 16-limited release

In small mist, we give skin moisture and prevent drying and unpleasant stickiness and fix refreshingly. When we want to be refreshed, we can use for swish and whole body anytime during day including the bath up.

Mist lotion (150mL)…2,160 yen

■Thursday, June 22-limited release

Jumbo size of limitation is appearance in baby lotion of fragrant frank usability Mandarin and essential oil of chamomile faintly.

Baby lotion (500mL)…5,940 yen

■Thursday, June 22-limited release

Gel mask to prepare on fresh and young, soft skin with moisture. We are relieved with lavender, geranium, flavor of bergamot. For the chilly touch, it is recommended for hydration of skin in the summer.

Moi strike charge gel mask (75 g)…4,104 yen


We give skin oil (7mL) toward the purchase with soap of hair, 1-M, treatment of hair, 2-EC, soap of body, 01-G, vegetable water in <of cosmetics> from Thursday, June 1.

※Skin oil becomes one of skin oil O-HG, skin oil O-RO.
※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.

Base make target than Thursday, June 1 in <MiMC> toward the purchase,
We give exclusive puff or one sponge.

※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.

We give "franc Kyn sense cleanser" (25 g) to the first 50 people of purchase more than 6,480 yen in <niruzuyadoremedizu> (tax-included) from Thursday, June 1.

※As it is available in limited quantities, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Recommended item of June

June begins and is already imminent in the rainy season. It is humid by rain and moisture, and unpleasant days continue. We spend such a season comfortably,
We introduce recommended item. It is recommended to gift.

Mist which is usable on both lemon, hair of refreshing flavor including pachuri and body. It is recommended as time and deodorant Myst that want to make feeling that is refreshment.

nachurarupahyumudobodiandoheamisutohowaitoshipure (80mL)…2,160 yen

It is body soap to lead to refresh feeling while giving skin moisture for clear usability.

Shower gel SF (320mL)…2,592 yen

Bus milk of flavor of herb with refreshment. It is recommended in bathtime after work and sports.

Arnica bus milk (200mL)…3,024 yen

Oil control milk which suppresses makeup deterioration, and makes rice cake better. We can use as the makeup groundwork.

Oil control milk (SPF23, PA++/30mL)…3,024 yen

Mist for room spray which blended lavender, Nero re-orange, essential oil of calm, gentle flavor including pachuri. When we want to refresh flavor of room.

busshufurawaessensumisutokamu & clear mist (50mL)…3,240 yen

To such a hair which rainy Sun. opens, and undulates. We finish to defense, good hair of moist fascinating unity from moisture. Light oil that growth is good lightly. It is refreshing flavor such as lemon, eucalyptus, mint.

Hair oil Rainey walk (50mL)…4,320 yen


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It is zone that can feel essence of ... beauty & healthy life. ...

When we want to know state of hair and scalp? <of cosmetics> hair check service

Using apparatus for exclusive use of hair, we advise care while confirming state of scalp.
■The time required: Approximately 30 minutes

■It is given priority to reservation: Telephone 075 (342) 0066 [the third-floor = natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on absence of goods.

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