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Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)

3F natural cosmetics

■The third-floor = natural cosmetics

Natural & zone where it was simple and was particular about that can discover beauty and healing like oneself.
We introduce items leading healthy beauty of body, skin, heart from blessing of plant.
You can choose skin care hair care body care variously and help with discovery of "the beauty" like oneself.

■Telephone: 075(342) 0066 [natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Introduction of new brand


■From Wednesday, September 5

Cosmetic brand which the cause of thought to "want to send really good thing for skin" suggests made skin care and mineral make that is cleansing-free, and is easy for skin to is debut.

[one product]
●Ceramide skin care Moi's tea rising lotion (150mL)…3,456 yen
●Ceramide skin care Moi's tea rising Ceram (50mL)…4,320 yen
●Mineral UV glow base (SPF37, PA+++/30mL)…4,644 yen
●Mineral clear lip & teak (all three colors)…3,780 yen

Event information of September

<MiMC> makeup advice meeting [Reservations priority]

■The date and time: Wednesday, September 19 / from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (last reception desk 6:00 p.m.)
■Capacity: Seven people (approximately 60 minutes)
■Entrance fee: Free of charge

We advise make from skin care that Takanari Nakanishi of makeup artist matched with trouble of autumn trend and customer, skin type.

■Reservations, inquiry 075(342) 0066 [the third-floor = natural cosmetic direct communication]

New product, attributive article information

■Saturday, September 1 new sale

Shampoo using essential oil of damask rose, pump type of treatment debut. We give hair moisture and lead to hair flexible beautifully like woman.

<good standard>
Good standard shampoo damask rose (600mL)…5,184 yen
iisutandadotoritomentomeduranyutorishondamasukurozu (600mL)…5,184 yen
iisutandadotoritomentokyutikurunyutorishondamasukurozu (600mL)…5,184 yen

■Saturday, September 1-limited release

It is attributive color of whitewash nail in the fall and winter. It is colored limitation of adult-like nuance color that imaged red navy gray and fall and winter. To trendy fashion; and smartly accent.

Whitewash nail limited sum-colored series (all three colors of / for each 10mL) in the fall and winter…For each 1,301 yen

■Saturday, September 1-limited release

Aging care of <dokutahaushuka>It is limited set which attached mini-size of humidity retention mask with cream slightly on day to change color giving fresh and young luster that was born from "rejienshirizu" specialized in this.

Shiny skin set of adult…10,800 yen

※It is care depending on age.

■Saturday, September 1-limited release

Limited article preparing autumn skin on translucency and skin with moisture from popular item "makeup cream" of <nachuragurasse> is appearance. It features usability to fit skin for quiet reckoning feeling.

Makeup cream shear Moi strike (SPF40, PA+++/30g)…3,024 yen

■Saturday, September 1-limited release

Limited article fixing autumn skin on translucency and skin with moisture from "Ruth powder" to finish on soft skin softly is appearance. We realize luxurious moisture powder, and beautiful skin can be regulated well.

Ruth powder shear Moi strike (SPF13, PA++/11g)…4,536 yen

■Saturday, September 1-limited release

It is dry beauty oil giving moisture on skin in the summer which combined plant oil which is rich in carrot oil or karenduraoiru Argan oil.

<franc sila>
Spring suntan oil EX(30mL)…7,344 yen

■Wednesday, September 5 new sale

Renewal high cream foundation of new idea "making in liquid cosmetics" in texture and skin care ingredient. To the saranitsuruntonamerakana finish.

Mine L'Arc-en-Ciel Lee me foundation A (all four-colored /SPF20, PA++)
Refill…5,940 yen
Case…1,080 yen

■Wednesday, September 5-limited release

By skin familiarity such as cream, Rose of limitation releases in made bamu of humidity retention care. It is recommended to dry care in the fall and winter.

essensuhabubamukurimu (Rose /8g)…4,104 yen

■Wednesday, September 5 new sale

Moisturizer that sunscreen, foundation, the groundwork, humidity retention are possible with one. Natural natsuyamekide with a feeling of pearl, lustrous skin with moisture can be regulated well.

<bear mineral>
CR defense moisturizer (SPF30, PA+++/50mL)…5,184 yen

■Wednesday, September 5-limited release

It is luxurious skin care-limited set in commemoration of the release first anniversary of liquid cosmetics of franc Kyn sense combination to give tension on skin. With original tote bag.

In tense complete collection…28,836 yen

[set contents]
・ franc Kyn sense water (200mL)
・ franc Kyn sense in tense concentrate (30mL)
・ franc Kyn sense in tense cream (50 g)
・ original tote bag

■Wednesday, September 5-limited release

Skin familiarity is good and is body lotion to lead to soft tension skin. Feeling is refreshed with bright flavor such as franc Kyn sense or Mandarin, too. It is recommended to everyday care.

Franc Kyn sense & Mandarin body lotion (200mL)…5,184 yen

■Friday, September 7 new sale

From body milk such as fragrance, new flavor debuts. Fruity flavor that sweetness and balance of depth seem to be exquisite women. It is body milk of smooth texture.

nachurarupafuyumudobodimirukupeaberi (230mL)…4,212 yen

■Friday, September 7 new sale

Makeup item with limited package is released by <dokutahaushuka>. It enhances excellent spirits and individuality of adult woman and, from everyday natural make to gorgeous make on special day, directs image that we put together for every scene and purpose.

2018/AW-limited makeup purple is light
・ tintopauda <01> (8 g)…6,264 yen
・ aidifaina <07> (1.05 g)…2,916 yen
・ eye shadow palette <01> (5.3 g)…6,264 yen
・ liquid lip color <01> beige pink (4.5mL)…3,672 yen
・ liquid lip color <02> dasutiberi (4.5mL)…3,672 yen

■Monday, September 10 new sale

It is easy to be familiar with skin which we squeeze species of moringa and built up and is oil liquid cosmetics which are hard to be sticky. Skin with fluent moisture can be regulated well with luster.

moringashidooiruseramu (20mL)…5,400 yen

■Thursday, September 13 new sale

We give moisture, and we renew, and conditioner fixing balance of hair is released. We lead to healthy hair with luster softly from the root to point of a brush. Flavor of citrus refreshing brightly of grapefruit rind of a fruit oil and orange flower oil.

<John master organic>
C & N conditioner N
(236mL)…3,132 yen
(473mL)…5,292 yen

■Wednesday, September 26 new sale

Hand care for beautiful hand skin debuts than <Shigeta>. Set which is most suitable for gift prepares in addition to hand cream which is full of flavor of nature, nail oil. Stylish package is attractive.

New series "herbalism"
Hand cream (50mL)…2,916 yen
Nail oil (6mL)…2,700 yen
●Gift set "Thank you my hand"…3,780 yen
・Hand cream (20mL)
・Nail oil (6mL)
・handooshu (50mL)

※As attributive quality is available in limited quantities, forgive on out of stock.

Autumn recommended base make feature

We had recommended item of base make to increase of change needs to seasonal change. It is noichioshi base make item in autumn when we were particular about ingredient.

Argan oil and edelweiss extract having high humidity retention power, baobab seed oil protect skin from drying by ultraviolet ray. It is fresh and young, light reckoning feeling.

Perfect UV cream N(SPF32, PA+++/25g)…3,672 yen

It is mineral foundation developed on a certain translucency Japanese skin to fix to be finished in total while quenching skin with Argan oil and jojoba oil, plant oil such as squalene and plant extract.

Mineral foundation (all three colors of /8g)…3,888 yen

We cover redness and uneven coloring of curious skin while making use of familiar beauty in original external color. In addition, plant extracts such as oil or pomegranate extract of macadamia nut prepare skin. It is texture which is smooth by light car.

Liquid foundation (all two colors of /30mL)…4,860 yen

It is BB cream with full of beauty ingredients with beauty cream, the groundwork, sunscreen, function of natural foundation. It features usability to fit skin smoothly.

Smooth natural foundation (SPF30, PA++/25g)…4,968 yen

Aging care to fix to moisture and tension shiny skin with cover powerIt is foundation. It is smooth and features good texture of growth.

Emollient cream foundation (all six colors of /SPF39, PA+++/30g)…5,184 yen

※It is care depending on age.

It is liquid foundation of light reckoning feeling that is flexible, and was superior in a feeling of fitting to lead to natural mat skin near the bare skin.

<bear mineral>
Bear pro liquid foundation (SPF20, PA++/30mL)…5,184 yen

We age from make and careBut, it is done sunscreen powder. Let alone this season when sunlight is strong, we support the bare skin of woman who wants to be beautiful forever throughout the year still more.

Natural aging care Mineral powder sunscreen (SPF50+, PA++++)…6,804 yen

※It is care depending on age.

With natural color to enhance the bare skin, we prepare skin of adult brightly. To skin which is attractive with pearl creating skin with soft glossiness softly.

Pre-makeup (all two colors of /SPF32, PA++/30mL)…7,020 yen

It is konshira which gives tension and moisture while covering uneven coloring. We can use beige and properly to curious trouble by 2 pink coloration.

<franc sila>
Natural R konshira (beige pink)…7,560 yen

Present campaign


We give balancing face lotion (20mL) to the first 50 people of purchase more than 6,480 yen with product of <Trilogy> (tax-included) during period on Sunday for from Saturday, September 1 to 30th.

<of cosmetics>

We give shampoo treatment (mini-size) for scalp care to the first ten of purchase more than cleansing of skin, 01 (50 g), 9,720 yen to the first 20 people of purchase more than 5,400 yen with product of <of cosmetics> (tax-included) (tax-included) during period on Sunday for from Saturday, September 1 to 30th.

Recommendation of the staff

It is sanitary products of feel that is hard to get a rash, and is warm that uses 100% of natural cotton for topsheet, and realized high polymer absorbent disuse. It is recommended item of the staff spending once a month pleasantly.

・ sanitary napkin (for noon of much Sun.) (with 23.5cm/16 unit with feather)…512 yen
・ sanitary napkin (for normal Sun.) (with featherless 21cm/24 unit)…512 yen
Seat (with 15.5cm/40 unit) for exclusive use of ・ cage thing…648 yen

Introduction of vitamin shop

<Hel sea one>

Professional staff with qualification of dietician, administrative dietitian tells about necessary nutrient and healthy information from lifestyle of each customer and is vitamin shop which suggests supplements such as vitamin, mineral, herb.

[recommended item of September]

Vegetable protein (rice & P) (for 250g/ approximately 14 meals)…5,184 yen

Germination brown rice and protein derived from 100% plant of peas debut. All of you who want to become beautiful! Is protein enough? Simple protein utilized material strongly creates flexible base.


We give two meals of "vegetable proteins" and original shaker toward the purchase more than 12,960 yen with product of <Hel sea one> (tax-included) during period on Monday (holiday) for from Wednesday, August 22 to September 17.


It is <etovosu> from Wednesday, September 5
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<botedusae> <pampyuri> <dense -hisoca> <uka> <gamirashikuretto> <kotoshina> <davinesu> <tongue>
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<Sunao> <good standard> <johanee*> <petit Mystic> <naseri>

It is zone that can feel essence of ... beauty & healthy life. ...

■It is given priority to reservation: Telephone 075(342) 0066 [the third-floor = natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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