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3F natural cosmetics

■The third-floor = natural cosmetics

Natural & zone where it was simple and was particular about that can discover beauty and healing like oneself.
We introduce items leading healthy beauty of body, skin, heart from blessing of plant.
You can choose skin care hair care body care variously and help with discovery of "the beauty" like oneself.

■Telephone: 075(342) 0066 [natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Natural cosmetic event of December

Christmas beauty collection

■... Monday, December 25 during holding

We offered recommended skin care item and special coffret make item only for this time a lot than each brand this winter.

[one product]
■Friday, December 1-limited release
Franc Kyn sense Grace full beauty collection…19,440 yen
[set contents]
・ franc Kyn sense in tense concentrate (30mL)
・ facial oil (8mL)
・ original soy candle
・ original porch

■Under limited release
"B is happy!" ukaheaoiru (50mL)…4,968 yen

Christmas gift

■From Wednesday, December 6 to 25th Monday

Appearance had item which was most suitable for gift including delicious granola and chocolate in variety richness even if we ate cutely.

<MiMC> makeup advice meeting

■Friday, December 15, 16th Saturday /
Every day from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (by appointment only)
■Entrance fee: Free of charge

We introduce make that adviser, Takanari Nakanishi under contract to <MiMC> matched with request and make to shine in the party scene. [given priority to reservation]

<the product> Hair arrangement experience meeting

■From Wednesday, December 20 to 26th Tuesday 
■Entrance fee: Free of charge

We introduce hair arrangement that personal staff enjoys the party scene gorgeously with demonstration. [given priority to reservation]

During period, we give with logo towel handkerchief to purchase, the first ten people in hair wax and hair shine Ceram of <the product>.

<nehantoukyo> period limited sale

■From Tuesday, December 26 to 31st Sunday

From bath salts brand which was born in concept by fusion of "elegance if pretty", we had discerning bus item.

Hand & lip care, bath articles feature

■From Wednesday, December 27 to 31st Sunday

We introduce recommended hand cream and lip care, bath articles in this season to be worried about drying.

New product, attributive article information

■Friday, December 1-limited release

Limited kit which body cream, head massage brush, skin oil and bus essence entered to shampoo, travel size of treatment. You have a choice between Rose and two kinds of magnolia. Entering gift BOX.

<of cosmetics>
Christmas special ☆Coffret (all two kinds)…8,424 yen

[set contents]
・ body cream, 02-RO(155g)
・ soap of hair, 1-RO(60mL)
・ treatment of hair, 2-RO(50g)
・ head massage brush Rose
・ gift BOX
・ skin oil 0-RO(7mL)
・ bus essence Rose bouquet (15mL)

・ body cream, 02-Ma(155g)
・ soap of hair, 1-Ma(60mL)
・ treatment of hair, 2-Ma(50g)
・ head massage brush purple
・ gift BOX
・ skin oil 0-HG(7mL)
・ bus essence Rose bouquet (15mL)

■Friday, December 1-limited release

To shampoo, treatment, travel size of hair cream, skin oil and original porch are with. You have a choice between Rose and two kinds of lavender tea tree.

<of cosmetics tex>
Christmas travel ☆Coffret (all two kinds)

Rose…3,024 yen

[set contents]
・ soap of hair, 1-RO(60mL)
・ treatment of hair, 2-RO(50g)
・ base cream of hair, 4 (35 g)
・ original porch (red)
・ skin oil 0-RO(7mL)

Lavender tea tree…2,916 yen

[set contents]
・ soap of hair, 1-TL(60mL)
・ treatment of hair, 2-TL(50g)
・ basecoat of hair, 5 (35 g)
・ original porch (gray)
・ skin oil 0-HG(7mL)

■Friday, December 1-limited release

Cleansing milk and green tea to prepare on wet skin softly are sets of fragrant face-wash gel faintly. It is moist fluent washing performance.

Cleansing plus one kit…4,320 yen

[set contents]
・ KS cleansing milk N GT(100mL)
・ KS face wash gel N GT(20g)

■Friday, December 1 new sale

Though it is jojoba oil, Argan oil, prophecy by planchette including shea butter, it is enriched from good texture of growth with moisture from head to foot. It is flavor of continuing Rose bouquet faintly. Pretty package is recommended to gift.

nachurarupafuyumudobodikurimu (Rose bouquet /180g)…4,536 yen

■Friday, December 1-limited release

Body cream of new sale and hand cream of flavor of elegant Rose bouquet are moistened from finger-tip to whole body with moisture. With with embroidery cotton porch. It is most suitable for gift.

From head to foot moist kit…6,264 yen

[set contents]
・ body cream (Rose bouquet /180g)
・ hand cream (Rose bouquet /50g)
・ shell porch

■Wednesday, December 6-limited release

To skin care soap fixing balance of skin, flavor of gorgeous Rose comes up by limitation with beauty.

gamirashikurettowairudorozu (115 g)…3,564 yen

■Wednesday, December 6-limited release

Hot Stone sets to beauty oil of aroma combination such as franc Kyn sense Rose Nero re-jasmine. We give dry skin tension and moisture.

<franc sila>
Franc Kyn sense AG oil-limited set…9,396 yen

[set contents]
・ franc Kyn sense AG oil (40mL)
・ hot stone

■Tuesday, December 26-limited release

Attributive size comes up in humidity retention bamu for whole body of limited release that combined cocoa butter beeswax lavender oil in the fall and winter.

Baby butter jumbo-limited kit…4,212 yen

[set contents]
・ baby butter jumbo (100 g)
・ wooden spatula
・ original refilling portable case

Under favorable reception-limited release

■Friday, December 1-limited release

It is advantageous set which skin foods to prepare on two kinds of popular hand cream and moist skin in <vereda> entered.

Hand cream collection…2,160 yen

[set contents]
*2 ・ zakuro hand cream (10mL)
・ hippofanfurutihandokurimu (10mL) *2
*2 ・ skin food (10mL)

Hand & nail care feature

We introduce hand & nail care to quench hand skin in this season to be worried about drying.
It is recommended to gift.

It is hand & nail cream to give hand skin and tiptoe moisture by olive oil and chamomile combination, and to protect from drying, and to lead to beautiful hand.

Hand & nail cream
(20mL)…324 yen
(75mL)…864 yen

We combine shea butter and aloe and are hand cream which growth leads to well flexible hand skin.

Hand cream (lavender chamomile /59g)…1,620 yen

It is hand cream of a lot of flavor of flower which combined shea butter and honey, sesame oil.

nachurarupafuyumudohandokurimu (Rose bouquet /50g)…2,052 yen

Hand cream which is recommended in season to be worried about drying. It is recommended to hand pack to fully attach to wrist, and to wrap in towel, and to put for five minutes.

rejienhandokurimu (50mL)…4,536 yen

It is fresh and juicy hand & nail cream to lead at hand which blended flavor of jasmine ylang-ylang peppermint.

<bread with a zing re->
saiamizuuota UPL hand & nail cream (75mL)…3,888 yen

Hand cream to lead at hand which prevents skin roughness and drying, and is smooth. It is flavor that orange and Nero re-no is fresh.

Hand cream (75mL)…2,376 yen

Hand cream of jojoba oil and ceramide combination to prevent hand rough weather, and to console hand skin easily. It is flavor of lavender tea tree.

<of cosmetics>
Medical hand cream, 204-TL (unregulated drug /42g)…2,430 yen

It is nail oil to lead to relaxation feeling with flavor of lavender and vanilla.

ukaneiruoiru 24:45 (niyonyongo /5mL)…3,240 yen

It is nail oil of brush type usable easily that drying raids curious nail and cuticle.

zakuro nail brush (2.2mL)…1,944 yen

Hand cream to lead to smooth skin with moisture that combined Argan oil and rice rice bran oil, Rose water. It is comfortable flavor that increased accent that is Woody in sweetness of citrus fruit system.

Hand cream AW (40 g)…2,106 yen

It is treatment oil for nail that plant oil such as rose oil or sweet almond oil gives plentiful moisture to nail and cuticle (cuticle) and keep in good health.

<cure bazaar>
Rose cuticle oil (10mL)…5,184 yen

Liquid cosmetics for nail of combination such as vitamin E, humectant. Drying is recommended to curious person.

Better nail Ceram (10mL)…3,240 yen

Recommended beauty foods of this month

<dense -hisoca->It is beauty support drink which this is not particular about age, and was developed for woman who wants to spend time in good health. We combine herb extract and condense the Orient and Western material. We lead with five kinds to be able to choose to "beauty" to want to become of woman neatly (pear, royal jelly / West plum, Houttuynia cordata / pomegranate / bogberry / ginger). Ginger is recommended in coming season.

[recommended comment of stylist]
With hot water is recommended in coming season. It is beauty support drink which is easy to drink, and is delicious to be able to drink in sea breams with breath anytime relievedly before sleeping at time when we got up in the morning.


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It is zone that can feel essence of ... beauty & healthy life. ...

When we want to know state of hair and scalp? <of cosmetics> hair check service

Using apparatus for exclusive use of hair, we advise care while confirming state of scalp.
■The time required: Approximately 30 minutes

■It is given priority to reservation: Telephone 075(342) 0066 [the third-floor = natural cosmetic direct communication] (from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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