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agnès b. Photographic Collection
amour,amours...dans ma collection de photographies agnès b.

2017.4.26 WED - 5.14 SUN

Exhibition summary

Global designer, agnis b. which cannot help attracting people of the world since establishment with fashion brand in 1975.
Art and movie, relation with music are close, too and, not only fashion, bring about various projects with many artists regardless of famous anonymity in the life. In addition, nonprofit foundation and foundation are "older brother S turubure known as agnis b." and "gyararidujuru" of Paris, and work of art owns work of well-known artist from many young artists a lot in announcement, the again famous present age.
Exhibition particularly special Golden Week with "KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto international photograph festival" when book exhibition is held every year in Kyoto-shi as combination plan in Museum "Eki" KYOTO is realization. For theme "LOVE of KYOTOGRAPHIE of this year," we exhibit approximately 70 points of photograph works which oneself selected from art collection of her. Oneself performs venue constitution, and please see valuable exhibition that thought of agnis b. was put by all means.

agnès b.

France Versailles birth
Fashion designer. To be Museum curator, interest resisted art so as to go to Versailles Beaux-Arts. We work in editorial department of fashion magazine "ELLE" from 1964. We launch fashion brand in 1975 and develop store all over the world. We perform charity activity energetically, and nonprofit foundation and foundation establish "older brother S turubure known as agnis b." and "gyararidujuru". Management of art collection of agnis b. and this foundation for the purpose of making public facilities for culture of art at the same time to open to the public are mecenat activity and culture, art We perform operation activity, social humanitarian activity, ecology and support in environmental protection.

Is going to exhibit; work

Henri Cartier = Bresson / Olivia B / Jack = Henri rarutigu / Seydou Keita / Dennis Hopper / Nan Goldin / Martin Parr / Marric shidibe / Ryan magginre et al.

Premium Friday visit present plan
Finish work ... slightly early; and a time premium in Museum ~

We present KYOTOGRAPHIE original postcard to 50 customer first arrival that had you enter after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 28.
※We present one piece for one.
※It is finished as soon as we disappear.
※Event contents change or may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Opening time From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (the entering a building deadline: in 30 minutes before closing)
Entering a building charges (tax-included)
 On the dayBooking
The public 900 yen 700 yen
High university student 700 yen 500 yen
The small, junior high student 500 yen 300 yen
Booking sale period

Until March 20, 2017 Monday (holiday) - Tuesday, April 25.
We take request to this museum ticket window (except closed day), ticket PIA (P cord 768-159), Lawson (L cord 56463), Seven-Eleven, CN ticket agency, FamilyMart, E plus, Kyoto Shimbun Cultural Center, Kyoto Station building information.
※As for the customer of student who is higher than high school student, I would like the presentation of student identification card. When there is not student identification card, it is general rate.

Sponsorship Museum "Eki" KYOTO, Kyoto Shimbun
Special cooperation agnès b.

The highlight

Malick Sidibé, Nuit de noel, 1965

Henri Cartier Bresson,
Couple dans le train, Rumanie, 1975 

©of the artist and Collection agnès b.

We are composed of 72 points of photograph works by 24 writers and two points of picture works ※Picture is work for approximately for each 40 minutes.

agnis b. is known as supporter of modern art, and art works which we run more than 30 years and continue collecting are enormous. About tendency of writer collecting she "contemplation strongly appears for youth. We say, it is looking people, people who cannot have conviction, people whom there is in doubt that is people who continue having youth in viewpoint of state of mind and things without meaning youth in age let alone it. (than "collection agnès b." (JRP Ringier 2008)). In addition, about gallery establishment, we speak that I wanted place showing "eyes to see the backside and the side of things". We display photograph work which herself chose among collection this time under the theme of "LOVE". A lot of famous writers are included, but want you to pay attention to unknown masterpiece chosen for original aesthetic sense by all means.

[exhibition writer] ※Plan

Martine Barrt (Martine barra), Olivia Bee (Olivia B), Richard Billingham (Richard biphosphorus gum), Henri Cartier = Bresson (Henri Cartier = Bresson), Bernard Faucon (Bernard Faucon), Gianni Berengo Gardin (Gianni berengo garudin), Gilbert et Georges (Gilbert & George), Nan Goldin (Nan Goldin), Emmet Gowin (Emmet go Win), Dennis Hopper (Dennis Hopper), Louis Jammes (Louis jam), Seydou Keita (Seydou Keita), Jacques Henri Lartigue (Jack = Henri rarutigu), El Lissitzky (El Lissitzky), Man Ray (Man Ray), Ryan McGinley (Ryan magginre), Jonas Mekas (Jonas Mekas), Duane Michals (Duane Michals), Chad Moore (Chad Moore), Martin Parr (Martin Parr), Marion Poussier (Marion ・ pushie), Malick Sidibé (Marric ・ shidibe), Selman Trtovac (cell man ・ torutovatsu), Weegee (Weegee),
Above 24.

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