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Genius illustrator, Kyosai Kawanabe who lived in the Meiji era from the late Tokugawa period.
Kyosai Kawanabe (from 1831 to 1889) is illustrator who lived in the times of turbulence of Meiji from the late Tokugawa period.
After having become a disciple of Kuniyoshi Utagawa of ukiyoe artist at 7 years old, we learned from Kano group, and akatsukisai where we drew frog at 3 years old for the first time finished study with 19-year-old youth.
We devoted ourselves to painting so that it was called itself "image ogre" by rotation and described in various law of painting that we learned from Buddhist painting to caricature widely. We attracted Briton architect Josiah Conder who was famous for design of Rokumei-kan period and did overwhelming image power including accuracy of the power of observation, power of expression, writing brush of akatsukisai to pupil and attracted foreigner.
By book exhibition, we look back toward medicine and so* kimade full of laughable humor, painting of akatsukisai which is really rich in variety from print, legitimate Japanese painting including picture diary from original painting with possession work of Israel Goldman having one of the world's best akatsukisai collection unintentionally.
Please thoroughly enjoy akatsukisai world loved more than difference in words and culture.
※Pornography work is exhibited at book exhibition partly. Protector, adult of leading, please judge about view of small child.

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Lecturer: Mr. Shigeru Oikawa (book exhibition supervisor, Japan Women's University's emeritus professor)
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