Future exhibition

Eric Carle exhibition

2017.7.29 SAT - 8.27 SUN

Exhibition summary

Pop! Approximately 50 years quitted this after small green caterpillar was born from egg.
It will be still that child meets this green caterpillar for the first time world somewhere. Picture book writer Eric Carle (1929-) on behalf of the United States walked rich way with small green caterpillar for a long time. By book exhibition, we still look back toward the world of Eric Carle who does not lose brightness with approximately 130 points of original pictures, works. The world where color is rich in for children who just met Carl, adults who achieved reencounter as parent, all people meeting curl will be that it is opened.

Premium Friday visit present plan
Finish work ... slightly early; and a time premium in Museum ~

We present "Eric Carle exhibition" original postcard to 50 customer first arrival that had you enter after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 25.
※We present one piece for one.
※It is finished as soon as we disappear.
※Event contents change or may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[the end] Book exhibition formula pictorial record & original tote bag ticket 2,800 yen (tax-included) belonging to <300 points limit>

It is advantageous ticket with book exhibition exhibition pictorial record (2,200 yen) and original tote bag (article not for sale, the body: approximately 34.5cm *35.5cm *10cm) to general advance ticket (600 yen).

Sale period: From Saturday, June 10, 2017 to Friday, July 28
Handling ticket agency: Ticket PIA (P cord 768-291)
Lawson ticket (L cord 58446)

※As for the ticket with goods, as for the handling in Museum "Eki" KYOTO, there are none.
※Goods become exchange at limit, product sales corner in Museum within opening time during exhibition exhibition period.
※As number is limited, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
※Image is image, and a design may be changed.

Fryer image (we increase when we click)

Opening time From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (the entering a building deadline: in 30 minutes before closing)
Entering a building charges (tax-included)
 On the dayBooking
The public 800 yen 600 yen
High university student 600 yen 400 yen
The small, junior high student 400 yen 200 yen
Booking sale period

Until from Saturday, June 10, 2017 to Friday, July 28.
Request this museum ticket window (except closed day), ticket PIA (P cord 768-291), Lawson (L cord 58446), Kyoto Station building information.

※As for the customer of student who is higher than high school student, I would like the presentation of student identification card. When there is not student identification card, it is general rate.

Sponsorship Museum "Eki" KYOTO, Eric Carle picture book Museum, Yomiuri Shimbun
The support Dai Nippon Printing
Cooperation Japan Airlines, KAISEI-SHA, kosumomachandaizuingu

= Museum "Eki" KYOTO product sales section on the seventh floor

We sell "Eric Carle exhibition" exhibition venue-limited original goods.

3 pockets clear file (three kinds)…For each 590 yen
Clear file of A5 size that pocket was divided into three.
Illustration changes little by little when we sandwich paper inside.

Letterset (two kinds)…For each 700 yen
Two kinds of lettersets of "the sea" and "field."
We matched textile of Eric Carle design with envelope.

The right: punipuni seal…700 yen
The most moving passage made message green caterpillar and fruit on seal that comfortable shiipunipunide was colorful.

The left: Magnet to be able to separate…700 yen
It becomes specifications that six can separate.
We cut in place you like and can use.

T-shirt (four kinds of / size S M)…For each 3,024 yen

Acrylic diorama (two kinds)…For each 1,620 yen
It is diorama made of acrylic which reproduced the world of picture book.
It is wonderful even if we display as interior happily even if we assemble.

= center escalator side special venue on the seventh floor

Eric Carle fair
■From Saturday, July 29 to Tuesday, August 29 ■= special venue on the seventh floor
We memorialize "Eric Carle exhibition" holding and hold "Eric Carle fair".

Variety offered goods of Eric Carl of author of "starving green caterpillar" in American picture book writers wealthily.
Starving green caterpillar
①Towel with aiamu green caterpillar foods…1,620 yen
②GOGO ride (approximately 22.5*36*31cm)…10,800 yen
③Both hands straw stainless steel mug compact super light weight…3,240 yen
④Cool tote bag…2,052 yen
⑤tebatambura…972 yen

※All prices are tax-included.
※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

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