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We translate by languages more than 40 and are published, and child novel "Paddington" series continues being loved all over the world. Main character of this story is child gumano Paddington. He who went on a trip in only one of them to the U.K. from South American Peru of LondonThere is in this・・We met Mr. and Mrs. Brown at ・ station and were made family, and story that it was to popular person of town with various tales of adventure began from stuffed toy of bear which Mr. Michael Bond of the author (1926-2017) gave wife as present on Christmas in 1956. There may be many people who are playful, and are attracted by story that Paddington that is gentleman develops who wore hat to duffel coat.
By book exhibition which we loaded with memory of the 60th anniversary of the Paddington birth, memorial will to Mr. bond which died at 91 years old again, we introduce the world of Paddington got close to across sex, country to generation by the original pictures such as picture books by each writer and book published all over the world, work tool of Mr. bond which is biological parent or valuable interview picture including familiar Peggy Fortnum in cut of children's book.
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Paddington does in Museum!
To celebrate exhibition opening, Paddington is open in Museum.
The date and time: It is approximately 20 minutes from / 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 8, 2018
Venue: The neighborhood of Museum "Eki" KYOTO entrance

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Academic cooperation Okiko Miyake (Baika Women's University's emeritus professor), Yoshihide Kawano (Daito Bunka University's professor)

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