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Greatest great master Pablo Picasso (1881-1973 years) produced work of enormous numbers by the extraordinary creativity in the 20th century. Attractive one of Picasso art will include expression changing at will by the times. He showed rich talent in print production. We produce print work nearly 2,000 points in fictionization more than 70, and copperplate engraving, lithograph, linoleum, technique and the subject matter including woodcut diverge into many branches, too.
By book exhibition, we expose light to various print works of Picasso from collection of national library (Bibliothèque nationale de France, BnF) possession in France, and he introduces by approximately 100 points that put works of affected great masters together in the world of original expression full of challenge feeling.

French national library

France storing artistic science-like document, global library in Paris. There is Royal Family library founded in the 14th century by the Charles fifth in the beginning of the history. Content of collection diverges into many branches and collects 15 million points of documents reaching coin, video, multimedia, accessories, costume from book and printed matter, manuscript, print, photograph, map, score and introduces.

Work list is this


Gallery talk
"Talks with Picasso - great masters as woodblock artist"
■Lecturer: Satoshi Murakami (art curation representative, the book exhibition supervision)
■Venue: Museum "Eki" KYOTO
■The date and time: Friday, September 7 / ① 11:00 a.m. ~② 2:00 p.m. ... (each time approximately 30 minutes)

※While it travels the venue, using microphone, we comment.
※Prior application is not necessary. Participation is free, but Museum entering a building ticket is necessary.
※When it was crowded, we may set a limit to entering a building.
※Event contents change or may be called off. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Exhibition period It is without holiday during exhibition period on Monday (holiday) for from Friday, September 7, 2018 to October 8
Opening time From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (the entering a building deadline: in 30 minutes before closing)
※But we follow for business hours of department store and may be changed.
Entering a building charges (tax-included)
The public 1,000 yen (800 yen)
High university student 800 yen (600 yen)
The small, junior high student 600 yen (400 yen)

※() It is rate of person of the presentation and one companion with inner ha booking and "disability certificate".

Booking sale period

Until from Thursday, July 5, 2018 to Thursday, September 6.
Request this museum ticket window (except closed day), ticket PIA (P cord 769-016), Lawson ticket (L cord 53844).

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■Sale place: Only in the Museum "Eki" KYOTO ticket window


Museum "Eki" KYOTO, Kyoto Shimbun


French embassy / ansutichu Francais Japan in Japan

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