Tuesday, October 27 / Doji Shigeyama X Taro Yamamoto RIMPA Wakuden de talk end!

On Monday, October 26, we finished event first "Doji Shigeyama X Taro Yamamoto RIMPA Wakuden de talk" concerned.
Customer who had you participate in plain commentary happily by Taro Yamamoto and Doji Shigeyama (Okura style Noh comedy) listened to seriously while having tea and cake with JR Kyoto Isetan 11th floor "Kyoto Wakuden".

Next "RIMPA Wakuden de talk" is Motoaki Kono (book exhibition supervision / Kyoto College of Arts's president), Kaori Fujino (novelist) X Taro Yamamoto on Takashi Sasaoka Hajime (flower arrangement non-life style Sasaoka head master of a school) X Taro Yamamoto, Thursday, November 5 on Wednesday, November 4! (every day 40 people)
There is tea, cake, book exhibition entering a building ticket and, as well as this time, is now on sale at 1,500 yen (tax-included), Museum "Eki" KYOTO ticket window! Please see this about event in detail.