Introduction of Monday, November 2 / exhibition original goods

©Nintendo postcard…108 yen, magnet…540 yen

All of you hello.
We introduce original goods selling by "work of way Sekka Kamisaka and Taro Yamamoto from *ha" this time.
At first postcard and magnet of "figure of Mario & Luigi screen" of Taro Yamamoto product which is main work of this exhibition.
I am sorry that the arrival becomes slow.

We introduce cake which "Tawaraya Yoshitomi" and Taro Yamamoto of Kyoto famous confection performed collaboration of successively.
It is kompeito and beautiful cake using dry confectionery in motif with 3 works of Taro Yamamoto.
We sell this cake named "heinari*ha" with a limitation of amount.
In addition, this cake has the handling with "Tawaraya Yoshitomi" of JR Kyoto Isetan B1.
"heinari*ha" (approximately 40 g of capacity in 11.5cm X 10.5cm/)
…For each 1,080 yen