We finished /RIMPA Wakuden de talk on Friday, November 6

"RIMPA Wakuden de talk" which we held on Thursday on Wednesday, November 4, 5th event was finished in the prosperity. Customer who had you participate, thank you.
Wednesday is talk of Takashi Sasaoka Hajime (flower arrangement non-life style Sasaoka head master of a school) and Taro Yamamoto for four days. Flower this side by head master of a school was shown before talk.
Backed by this flower, pleasant talk of two people advanced.

Thursday is also talk of Mr. Motoaki Kono (book exhibition supervision / Kyoto College of Arts's president) and Kaori Fujino (novelist) and Taro for five days.
For plain commentary of Mr. Kono, we had you hear seriously while all of you nodded.

It is future event, but performs gallery talk by Taro Yamamoto in Museum on Saturday on Sunday, 21st on Saturday, 15th on Saturday, November 7, 14th.
We come over to guest every time. As for the detailed information, please see this.