Introduction of Friday, December 11 / goods

All of you hello.
We introduce goods selling this time at venue exit of "world exhibition of fantasy paper-cutting writer aguneta fluke that arrived from North Europe" a little.

Exhibition pictorial record…1,080 yen, postcard…For each 162 yen

In pictorial record, one piece of bookmark appearing in the right side of photograph comes.
As we are sandwiched between places where we turned up several pages by cover, 4 patterns are fun while there is which handle follows!
In addition, we offer pattern of postcard as well as introduction a lot.

2016 desk calendar…1,620 yen, masking tape…For each 573 yen

As for the desk calendar, 12 pieces of patterns that aguneta fluke was chosen as from January through December are used.
You display in home or office, and please enjoy the world that is fantasy.
It is masking tape which can conjugate for arrangement and the decorations such as accessories successively.
We sell pepper glass of garden, kingdom of peace, crocodile land, proposal, 5 patterns of stream hose.

We have various items as well as goods which we introduced and look forward to.