Monday, January 18 / gallery talk second!

On Saturday, January 16, we held gallery talk by history of Matsubara of Shimizu Sannen-zaka Walk Museum fellow. We had you tell about work in glance only by expert including glaze used for painting and reaction at the time and had you participate in customer that there was many.
All of you who had you participate, thank you! Gallery talk of this exhibition was finished at this time, but, well, as for "fantastic Kyoto Satsuma exhibition," come to Sunday, January 31 by all means as we hold.

"Kyoto famous place figure openwork decoration pot" Hasegawa

With report of event, we are going to answer different topic, question, "we put openwork how" asked well today.
At first, at the time of tender clay state before baking, we form in form of pot and incense lamp. And put line in the basis material, and carve with threads; locate. It is completion of openwork such as display work afterwards when we pierce with drill and gradually fix form. Need concentration and indefatigableness, it may be right said that is craftsmanship!
Please see the real thing by all means in venue!