This and that of Wednesday, February 24 / first day

We started "trip of Hiroshige Utagawa"! At first we held gallery talk by Yoshino Moriyama of curator from Hiraki ukiyoe print foundation where we borrowed valuable work from on the first day.
We appreciate your participating in many visitors!

We had you comment on the highlight of work clearly.
The highlight sets up "highlight loupe" this time in meeting place.

The part spreads when we touch screen in this way and sees.
We can see careful description of Hiroshige. Slight commentary enters, too.
As you register 5 works, you touch, and please see.

And in many places of wall of meeting place the something or other shadow of a person…

Do you look for what post town it is drawn person in?

In addition, it is recommended to come over in the first half as it is expected in the latter half for exhibition period that we are crowded!
As we relatively calm down after 4:00 p.m. for from the midday to 2:00 p.m. in particular, it is desire.