Introduction of Tuesday, March 15 / exhibition original goods

All of you, hello.
We introduce goods selling at venue exit of "trip of birth 220 years Hiroshige Utagawa" a little.

At first it is two kinds of tote bag (for each 1,800 yen).
As for the dark-blue, work of "metropolis Article 3 Ohashi" is unbleached, and traveler running after popular splashed shade drawn on "three folds of Yokkaichi River" is designed.
As approximately 36*35* gusset 10cm, ecru are size to contain exhibition pictorial record (2,376 yen) at approximately 38*33cm (there is no gusset) completely both, as for the size, how about dark-blue in total?

Then, we introduce charm (for each 600 yen) and masking tape (for each 500 yen).
The left charm is family coat of arms type dyed in encampment drawn in "sekihonjinsoritsu".
We put "together among" field "and" for Tanaka who was maiden name of the father's side of Hiroshige and were graphically designed in court-cow-carriage crest.
Right charm pulls out traveler chasing flown shade which becomes tote bag in a hurry.
Masking tape is dark blue and is design of comical travelers that red comes up in work in post town of 15 of popularity from fifty-three stages of the Tokaido.
With masking tape which can conjugate for lapping and the decorations, how about arranging notebook and letter with work of Hiroshige?

Please drop in at sale corner after you saw exhibition.
We have many items as well as product which we introduced and look forward to.