We do ... by / extra on Monday, May 9

All of you hello! Golden Week has been over, too…
It is during "picking Machiko Hasegawa exhibition" favorable reception holding in Museum "Eki" KYOTO.
We introduce such an extra this time!

We are really like newspaper (laugh)
Newspaper that the other side was issued how on April 28, 1950 at the time! Thing which Sazae-san was published serially in at the time We printed again.
As this installs near venue exit, please take one that you saw to go freely.
Newspaper is another one point. There is such a banner in venue.

This printed newspaper at the time again, too.
As it is in high place, you may be hard to read, but please taste atmosphere at the time☆
It is expected daylong that ha close at hand is crowded.
It may be considerably little-known spot for one week from today! Come to early eyes by all means!