When "great masters of the world were children," we start / on Friday, August 12!

All of you, hot days continue, how are you getting along?
"The time when world great masters were children" began from 11th of "Sun. of mountain" on holiday when we increased newly from this year.
We held gallery talk by Mitsuharu Inagaki (Okazaki world child art Museum curator) of possession building on the first day and had you participate in a large number of customers. Thank you!
In addition, is it homework of summer vacation? A child appreciating having pencil and paper seriously in venue…We prepare detailed episode panel for some writers let alone writer commentary in venue. Please take a look with work.
We hold child gallery tour on Sunday on Monday, August 15, 28th. We comment on work or writer, technique for primary schoolchild easily. As adult can participate, please participate in families.

Finally we introduce some exhibition original goods selling at venue exit.

Postcard (12 kinds)…For each 108 yen
A4 clear file (two kinds)…For each 432 yen
Can badge (five kinds)…For each 324 yen
Tote bag…1,944 yen
Besides, we have many items and look forward to your visit.

※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.
All prices are tax-included.