Introduction of Monday, September 26 / goods

All of you hello!
We introduce part of exhibition original goods this time.

・ po Strike card (all 12 kinds)…For each 120 yen
・ can badge (all five kinds)…For each 324 yen
※As there is product limited in number, forgive on out of stock.
All prices are tax-included.

Besides, please drop in as you have original goods!

By the way, how do all of you usually use postcard?
We collect in individuals, and use varies when it is given acquaintance and friend as greeting card again.
As for it being to good number if we buy just carelessly as price is reasonable and notice. . .

We staff often uses at place of work.
For example, when I send documents to the other party, we attach a brief note something words and use as a substitute for memo when we ask co-worker for transfer and. . .
Email is mainstream and it is really handwritten and came to usually rarely convey something, but becomes somewhat glad of to receive when there is word handwritten message to postcard.