The Saturday, October 29 / "Marie Laurencin exhibition" start!

Everybody hello. It became slightly chilly, and climate like autumn came over.
"Posthumously 60 Marie Laurencin exhibition" began in this museum. We met Kimiji Yoshizawa of Laurencin Museum on the first day of the opening, and gallery lecture held "Laurencin and Paris". It was unfortunate weather, but had you participate toward the lot.
It was story only by Yoshizawa who collected Laurencin works for many years, and had been studied.
Unfortunately talk event of Yoshizawa is only the first day, but come by all means as you hold gallery talk by this museum curator from 11:00 a.m. on Monday on Monday, November 7 during exhibition period, 21st. In autumn of art, please be healed in Museum "Eki" KYOTO by wonderful work of Laurencin.