Introduction of Thursday, November 10 / goods

Hello, everyone. It is early, and "posthumously 60 Marie Laurencin exhibition" that began on Friday, October 28 reaches two weeks. You can see relatively smoothly for the moment. As congestion is expected if it becomes in the latter half of exhibition period, we would appreciate your going early.

By the way, at venue exit, we sell a lot of goods of Marie Laurencin. Including basic goods such as picture postcard, clear file, magnet, we offer sum picture to display work of Laurencin in room, and to be able to enjoy, nose-touching part of a headstall reproduction image.

Nose-touching part of a headstall reproduction image
(small, nine kinds)…For each 30,240 yen
(large three kinds)…For each 41,040 yen
※For order production, delivery is about the end of January, next year.

Besides, we introduce candy "ball dorropu" from a certain goods a lot.
Pine, peppermint, lemon, strawberry, mandarin orange, apple, melon, small candy of grape taste enter plastic container of round shape.
As lid has pretty work of Laurencin, we are glad if you can use as accessory case even if candy of the inside disappears.

Ball drop…390 yen

Please drop in at goods sale corner.

※As there is product limited in number, forgive on out of stock.
※All prices are tax-included.