Defeat / *gashin X on Tuesday, January 10; Osamu

Hello, everyone.
On Saturday, January 7 and 8th Sunday of *gashin and book exhibition creative director beat, and held gallery talk by Osamu.
Talk of two talked about calmly around work "Stone Box" using marble listened attentively to meeting places by contents which inner hot thought such as stories of pictorial record production reached about concept of work, space design of book exhibition.

We beat, and book exhibition pictorial record of Osamu design is in exit, product sales section. Please see for hand by all means. This pictorial record is photographer, bamboo You can see 19 points of works which swamp Uruma photographed in nature in big screen of A3 size. Work to see in space that is inorganic substance of meeting place and nature of pictorial record…Please thoroughly enjoy these different views of the world in meeting place.

Exhibition pictorial record…2,160 yen
※All prices are tax-included.