News from Monday, February 13 / Museum

All of you hello. "Kiyokawa Asami exhibition" that had favorable reception was finally until tomorrow.
Visitor whom you have not yet seen, please see by all means!

By the way, it is news from Museum "Eki" KYOTO.
We display in top page, but rate of discount is changed on the day from April 1.
He/she pulled 200 yen from rate by the electronic money settlement such as presentation of target card or ICOCA on the day, but pulls 100 yen so far from April 1. But person having disability certificate should be 200 yen discount according to until now.
For more information, look here.

If booking rate is discounted by street 200 yen so far, it becomes most advantageous.
Booking sale of "colossal intellect ukiyoe artist who lived in the times of turbulence in springtime of youth" starts on Monday, February 27. As advance ticket becomes advantageous as for the exhibition after April, please demand at this opportunity!