/ "work of Mitsumasa Anno" began on Monday, March 6!

All of you, hello!
We start "work of Mitsumasa Anno" on Girl's Festival March 3 in Museum "Eki" KYOTO.
We held gallery talk by member of arts and sciences specialty of Tsuwano municipality Mitsumasa Anno Museum, Osamu Hiroishi on the first day and had inside story and work before there being work have a valuable talk including covered secret.

By book exhibition, "mukashitotsusetsu ri paper Taro Momo" who can enjoy initial trilogy which cannot readily see series all together and original story of Mr. Anno introduces.
In addition, please thoroughly enjoy by all means in venue as you exhibit "Kiyomizu-dera Temple" and two points of "ura of estrade" from four points of watercolors of Mr. Anno displayed in the inside of car of service planned "TWILIGHT EXPRESS consummate performance" on June 17, 2017 particularly.